Dying to Live or Living to Die

One would think that these would mean relatively the same thing, no? In each scenario you end up in the same pine box 6 feet under ground. Well maybe there are other options of what to do when you pass on. Nothing we earn in this life we carry on to the next. We work so hard to create these lives that in the end turn to dust with each turn of the proverbial hand of time. There will always be these tragic moments littered throughout time to remind us what is stake. Like a constant reminder that no matter what we do we will never make it out alive so why do we have to live these lives hurting each other. It’s like the more we age the smaller our brains and hearts become. The shortest distance between two beings is a smile but in times of terror who do you trust.

Dying to live or living to die. What could that even mean and why does it matter. Two scenarios same outcome but the journey there is entirely two different manifestations of your imagination. In one you will do anything in your power to make your life count. And the other you will just wait until your time expires. You can see the fine grey area in between. Some will just coast in these mediocre lives impervious to their surroundings and to all that is going on. In their World it is better to live numbed, socially disconnected to al those ailments that will derail them from their true calling. Only it isn’t a true calling it is just an existence. Something to pass time until they get onto the next stage.

There is no doubt these clearly defined stages that we must all go through. The older we get the more we either open or close ourselves off to the possibility. It is easy to become drones as we work our butts off to just exist. Not to live but to exist. Maybe comfortably. Not so much. Throw in some children into the mix and life becomes tough. Too tough it seems to be able to work your way through the mud. We have become very accustomed to just moving on with things in order to feel something, anything. We are exhausted and tired and the only news these days are those of hate. Bombings, assassinations, hate crimes, suicides, bullying. Who wants to watch the news. Everybody hates everybody so it serves as a constant remainder of how badly we are failing. Life isn’t hard enough as it is but then you factor in people stealing medical equipment from families struggling as is. Well what is this World coming to? What was it even supposed to mean?

One billion animals lost their lives. Doing nothing more than just living. They died at the hands of humans and natural disasters. What an epic loss for the World. Has there ever been a time where this much life has been lost at once. With that amount of energy let out into the World it would take a lot of us with open hearts to try and consume that amount of grief. The Universe has given us a chance to change the directional course of all of our lives. The loss of animals as huge as it is and as heavy as it makes our hearts it won’t feel as insane say if it were 1 billion humans. The World is giving us a chance to feel the weight of that loss to try and get us to correct our path. We are on a fast path to self destruction. That is becoming more clear with each passing day. We have planes filled with passengers being bombed out of the sky. Children with no futures. Families with no glue. When do we stop this loss of unnecessary life? How is it that we have decided that certain lives have no meaning and others deserve fighting for?

Now more than ever it is time for us to start using our voice. We are either going to die for something or die for nothing. It is all the same so the question is left to you. Living to die means you just occupy space until the inevitable comes. You let your anxiety eat at you until you can’t even get off the couch. You are isolated from your friends, your family, your joy and you just count down the hands of time till you reflect back on your life and wonder just what happened. Dying to live means you will do anything and everything to live your life with purpose even if it means you will receive backlash for doing so. You will speak your truth and hold your ground when it means sticking up for yourself and those that you care about. You dare to be the voice of reason when all others falter around you. In the land of 1000 shadows you dare to be the only light. The haunting melodies of your tales resonate throughout time as you inspire the next generation to be bold. Maybe it takes a generation. Maybe it takes two. But you dare to live differently in a World that isn’t ready for you. You know your value and your truth and the power that unfolds when you live your life in that direction. It is not enough to know your enemies but also your friends. This World was never designed to live alone that is why there is so much pain.

Pain reminds us to live our lives differently. You know to make it all worth it. At then end of the day though only you know the value system that you have put in place. We should know what makes us tick. Not our friends, not our partners, not anybody else in this World but you. You have to identify with what makes YOU happy. You can’t accomplish anything in this World without knowing that simple fact. Once you identify with that being the rest will slowly begin to fall into place. It is not by accident that I find the most success in my role as mom. This is who I dreamed to be for as long as I can remember. My fondest memories are of when I was a kid. My family was my center. All of them. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Sisters, Grandparents, Parents. I loved them all. The closer I circle towards who I used to be as I was defined by them. The happier I become.

Yes my marriage is not perfect. Whose is these days? The only grievance I think I could never move past is infidelity. I have always believed that marriage is the union of two soul tied together with an invisible string. The only way of breaking that bond is by tying up with somebody else. Above all else we respect each other as humans and as friends. Yes sometimes the weight of the World will fall on the other and little indiscretions arise. As long as we remain faithful and loyal to our family I don’t think there is a storm that either one of us can weather. Hey I am human too. I open my heart and my life to you so that if you feel alone don’t. I have felt that way too. We can correct the course of our lives. We can even dare to live instead of just waiting for the day. Yes I still get scared and I get anxiety but I take each day as it comes and always hope for better days. I fill each day with as much happiness as I can doing the things that I love and I hope in time I can inspire you to do the same. So far, to my knowledge, we only live once so why not dare to live with me and see what can happen? What have we got to lose but each other? And that is a risk I am willing to take are you?

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