Love will Find a Way

Of course my literary journey took me down the road of “The Lost Dogs”. You know the storey about Mike Vick’s dog fighting around. I have a lot of nervous apprehension reading this. To me animals are on the same level grounds as any inhabitant of the Earth. I get we think we are superior because we can communicate with each other. But so do they. Most of us are just to ignorant to want to try and understand the creatures we inhabit the Earth with. It takes a really different person to proactively engage in animal abuse. It takes a real special person who would look at 130+ million contract and decide, “Hey with all my wealth in the World why not torture these 4 legged creatures.  I could save a lot more by opening a shelter but what would that prove? In fact it isn’t enough you  dominate the field you have to exercise your manhood in other ways. Playing God to animals that never had a chance to know what it felt like to live. To lead with a heavy hand and determine that their lives were nothing more than a game to you. I was scared about what I would uncover in between the hard cover. Also though I was more afraid of not understanding how something like this could be the end goal of anybody.

Another warning just went up about dog fighting in the Foothills. That is the area surrounding where I live. So now we have people with little to no money stealing OUR dogs for their own twisted games. Maybe that is the only positive out of that storey is he bred his own dogs for his own sick twisted games. I couldn’t imagine the horror that unfolded in front of the cops that executed the warrant. They went on drug suspicions because they pulled over Vick’s cousin. His address matched the Superbowl star’s so a warrant was issued and the search was on. Who knows if they would have explored the inner depths of the forest below but these dogs had an angel on their side. The groundskeep for Vick was disgusted by the implorable standards that were imposed on these dogs. He often warned them that they would be punished for their sins. I wonder when Vick will get his. There is no sentence long enough to make up for what he unleashed onto the World. In fact I suspect that he is still a part of it to some degree. He never believed that it was a problem.

There should be no doubt or question how much I love animals. I grew up on a farm. We raised cows and chickens and lived with cats and dogs.  It wasn’t until I finally got disgusted with the way animals are treated for our own consumption. We are born into this World believing what is told to us. We almost come depraved like these animals. Unwilling and unable to think freely in order to determine our own beliefs and sanity. If we are so smart how is it that we can only get these animals to fight each other through insane barbaric tactics that would cause anybody in this free Earth to go insane. Oh yes but this World isn’t free. I think we will all be shocked when we get to the final pages of our life. There will be no reward for acting evil. There can’t be. There is no way I will ever believe that evil will win. If that was the cause it would have destroyed the Universe long ago. What we are experiencing is brainwashing to the fullest extent. If we don’t correct the selfish way we try to control others and the inhabitants of the Earth well it is our salvation that will be compromised. Nobody else’s. When your time comes you will stand alone ashamed of your sins with nobody but yourself to blame. You can be strong. You can be different. You can find a way. Your life does have a purpose and it’s not to stand in somebody’s shadows it is to come out into the light.

I have barely cracked the pages into this book. To me it is important to uncover the truths and try to understand how it is that so many lives were born into this. The idea that his man and his “friends” bred dogs from rape. Tethered them to the ground so just their noses could touch. Fed them just enough to keep them breathing. Beating, torturing and in the end murdering the weak. There was zero human compassion towards any of these animals. This was all for their own sick twisted amusement. What I understand from the reason’s why somebody would do this it is pretty much the same reason why guys buy the biggest trucks with the biggest tires. They are exerting their muscularity onto these poor animals. Like somehow if the dog that they trained and bred wins it shows how big their manhood is. It really can’t be for financial gain. Vick had more than enough money and he spent lavishly on his friends. This was simple for control over another being and then watching them fight to the death.  Yes my friends this is the role model the football hero that he will be remembered for. Not the poor kid that grew up on the other side of the tracks that believed that dog fighting was normal. He thought selling drugs was normal. He believed that he would be untouched. He knew what he was doing was wrong and had set up measure to conceal it. This man is a sorry excuse for a man but that is ok cuz he can run fast and throw a football like a hot damn. Yes this is our World. We immortalize those that live less than honourable lives and forget those that instead of forcing other beings to die at their hands they would lay their lives on the line for them.

We are desensitizing our acceptance of violence as we forge forward into an uncertain destiny. We aren’t excelling as a compassionate human race. We are further isolating ourselves from the rest of the World as we show time and time again their will be no punishment for deplorable acts. Keep stealing or dogs and feeding our kittens to the beasts. My World that you are forcing me to be a part of will chance. I don’t want to sit idly by as others decide the fate of it. Yes I may never change the World. I never expected to. What I want is to change my World. Through education and being made aware I want to try and minimize what is going on out there in the World. It is more than just hurting animals. It seems that whenever anybody gets a little bit of power it goes straight to their heads. They want to dictate to us and others who have no voice what life should look like for us. They are poisoning our World with their wanton disregard for our health. Mentally the abuse of this power reduces us to mindless drones. Why speak up because nobody is listening? Why help somebody in need because it will never be reciprocated. So now as I explore the lives of these beings that humans took for granted I do it to honour the life that was lost. All of our lives are so miniscule when it is over. We would have wished we took in that stray that needed a home, hugged our grandparents one last time, laughed with a friend who needed us. When we die that bank balance and treasures we valued so deeply turn to dust. It’s only the memories we made and the energy we spent that will live on. It’s also a lot about having the courage to stay true to who you are. Know right from wrong and know when it is the right time to walk away. Live your life in harmony with all those you come into contact with. They may not deserve it but you do. Find freedom in finding love and find peace in knowing that love will always find a way.


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