A Poetic Life

I wonder if it is a possibility to live humbly and happy. It seems more often than not we are conditioned to always want more. Like savages our thirst can never be quenched. It doesn’t matter the flavour. It doesn’t matter the consistency. It doesn’t matter how many victims will lay in our wake. The reality is that most of us will never find true peace or happiness in a life that started out with so much promise.

Our childlike mind is our biggest and should be our most prized possession gift. It allows us to engage and interact with our World around us without putting to much emphasis or thought on the future outcome. What matters is the present moment. What catches our eye and or attention in that moment is all that are World seems to be. We don’t think about the future outcome of dancing or singing or what will happen when it comes to an end. We enjoy and embrace that moment like it is the best time on Earth. The people in our immedicate vicinity getting our attention. We don’t dare anticipate the future for we really have no concept of such a word. Our cares are funnelled into that one moment making it the greatest time on Earth. Why or who tells us to believe otherwise.

I am a firm believer on education and the value and importance of having knowledge of the events that have happened. Not a fabrication or dictation of what ones wants us to believe but the actual facts. I wonder how much of that has actually been recorded and written actually holds any weight. There is no actual recordings or witness to events way in our past. We take it from the words and stories written about those that may or may not have any direction relation to the event in question. We put so much blind faith into stories that have no proof no wonder why our moral compasses lead us to stray. Can I ask you this. What different does it make in what has happened before us? Yes it can serve as a tool or maybe even a guide but don’t you want to journey in your life in the way that makes you happy. I don’t mean conforming to the opinions and ideas of those around you that make you happy. I mean YOU!

The more I come to learn the more I think it is I understand. There are moments in our life where we are so determined on the outcome that we want. We will dig our heels in and cry in frustration at the very thought or idea of what will satisfy us. We are so scared to be alone that we do do things to make us feel better. To make us feel more powerful then we truly are. Take the trolls of the World. We know what they are saying to others are lies. Why would they engage in such a thing? Well if they are attacking you specifically they are doing it out of sheer jealousy. It’s a shame to think that some would rather take you down then to be a part of your light. There is more than enough light to go around. If we each manifested our truest potential imagine how much better life would be. Trolls also do it to say relevant. If they didn’t comment the reverse of what everybody else was saying then they would have nobody to talk too. Think of how sad that reality would be for anybody. You are saying something to say something just to hear another’s voice. This can be very dangerous waters. Engage in this activity long enough and you will find yourself set ashore with no paddle. You will find that when the waters are roughest nobody will be there to save you. Manifesting our own destiny’s. We hold the power to bring most things into being.

My biggest apprehension is the power that every single one of us have. The ones with the most power abuse it. The ones with the biggest opportunity to change the World in a way that the whole Universe will stand up and take notice don’t. We cover up the biggest scandals for what reason? People hide from the truth because they feel that we don’t have the right to know. We cover up horrific sins in order to protect those in power, why? Maybe it is the domino affect that we are trying to save ourselves from. Maybe by identifying those that abuse their power by taking advantage of those beings that have no say. Take 90% of every inhabitant of the Earth. We have no say. We have no power. If the World wants to go to war then that is something we must face. So what if we stood up to those in these positions of power. How many of us actually have that power to hit that big red shiny button that will delete us all. How is it that we can trust a few scarce few to determine what our quality of life looks like. We gave them all the ammunition they needed when we prove to them time and time again how petty our differences are. Those in power can simply use our race, our citizenship, our family dynamics…they can choose any one of these things to poison our communities. With always one finger on the trigger and the other on the strings they play us like puppets against each other. That is what makes us weak. Those small petty fights we fight amongst each other not because we hate that person beside us on the road. Because THEY made us believe that we needed to fear these individuals.

Yes the Germans went to war and committed these GREAT crimes on HUMANITY. It was the German race who did it. It was the leader that they had in power that stayed in power because he had fear on his side. Brainwashing happens as does meth. I say meth because that is what Hitler’s scientists created to get his soldiers to fight amongst ridiculous odds against them. So if one man has the capacity of that much EVIL wouldn’t that mean that one person would have that much GOOD? Even if one person didn’t have that much good in them couldn’t maybe 6 billion more? The majority of us must want to live out our lives peacefully and happily amongst those that we love. We fight against each other because monkey see monkey do. If our leaders hate each other than I must hate you too. Right? Our children learn from us. We learn from our government. Domino affect.

Sure the end of the World can come in a blink of an eye. But if you blink and your eyes open and you are still sitting in that same spot then maybe you might have to change something. If I believed in those people who didn’t see potential in me I would probably be sitting this life out waiting for the next. Every time I had the wind knocked out of my sails I stayed the course and buckled in for the long haul. People are sh*tty. They always will be. Knocking down somebody else makes them puff out their chest. You don’t have to say a thing to warrant a reacting. The best reaction is picking yourself up, turning around and walking away. I can’t promise you that everybody is going to love you. Hell my own Dad sees no value in me. What I can tell you is his opinion no longer matters. Every day I get up and live my life with the purest intentions. I am good to those that are good to me (and to some that aren’t), I love my family and friends unconditionally, I give to others and my community and try to minimize the impact I have on the Earth. I know tomorrow isn’t promised so I seize the day. I do things that scare me and don’t shy away from letting those I love know that I care. The reality is the World is always going to be scary and at times lonely. Maybe though if I leave my heart open it will make the World a little bit better. I have no idea what to make of this World. We are so far away from discovering our own true purpose yet none of us are alarmed. To live in an ignorant oblivion or to be blasted awake the time for living is now there is far too much at stake.

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