A Unique Serenity Set Within Limits

What a day! What a night! Lessons learned. Most were right. Some things that one would assume obvious not so much. But then again what is obvious to some will be indifferent to others anyways. In the end it really doesn’t matter much. Most of us will waste away our true potential being too busy chasing somebody else’s dreams. It is always easier to tread in someone else’s water after they have secured the safety of what lays in wait. Somebody always has to pay the price for the risk being taken. It wouldn’t be a risk if it were easy. Also in risk takes a lot of lonely nights and restless feelings as you question it all anyways. Living your life uniquely is it’s own biggest reward.

I have grown out of childish games and rumour telling. My time is for my valuable then wasting it away in such mindless chatter. It’s mindless because nothing good ever comes out of it. I think that is what I love about travelling. Which is odd actually because I am very shy and insecure. People haven’t always been the nicest to me so you think that would make me want to hide in a shell. Having thick skin is both a blessing and a curse. I believe that inside all of us is somebody we can connect. In some way it has to be possible. Some people aren’t kind and there is always the risk. But when you interact with bullies it usually forces the ones being taunted to form an unbreakable bond. One that will last as long as both are alive. That is the incredible experience that happened to me.  Every pageant I want to blend in with the girls because we are together celebrating sisterhood. Without drudging up to much of the past all I can say is the bullying got so bad that her husband and some of his friends where threatening to knock my lights out (I am not kidding you this happened.) All over misplaced life saving medication of the doll that I was sharing a room with. What an incredibly eye opening experience. I ended up doing some sightseeing and meeting another individual along the way. Life is what you make it. I stood up for a friend and ended up making a sister. The Universe shone a blessing onto me.

So I have pushed myself a lot lately. To take chances by exploring the limitless possibilities that are presented to us. I have taken some time to recognize the signs when they come your way. I am also not afraid to dare big. We are all worthy of a miracle. Life just gets in the way. It likes to kick us when we are down and grab a hold of us until we lose all self control. Some days it just feels like everything is falling apart. That’s where dreams can play a big role tin things. Being able to think and fantasize about something that will make you happy…anything that will make you happy it sometimes has a way of making it just be. And I mean believe in them so bad that they come alive while you sleep. Your brain will keep working it’s way until it just manifests right in front of your eyes. I am a visualizer. I love to plan and match and figure things out just so. I am a perfectionist through and through.  Thinks don’t just happen by chance. Well for some of us they do but those are rare cases. Life takes work. It means getting yourself out of bed and attacking each day. Being present fully in each day not just mindlessly carrying on.

Our lives must have a purpose. Have you considered yours. How many of us actually have no idea what it is we are supposed to be doing. It’s scary isn’t it. Age plays a factor. Time is running out. It’s a high stress living game that makes it impossible to make real decision  about the things that matter. You can’t think about it too much because it is negative energy building up. Living anywhere but in the present will fill you with despair and anxiety. But every once in awhile you can’t help to dance with the idea of the inevitable. Where will I be? What will it feel like? Will I still be me? Will I be nothing? Spinning out of those thoughts it can reel you into even more of a tailspin if you aren’t where you had planned to be at this age of your life. We are all getting older and one day something is going to happen. It has too. That is the promise tomorrow always comes until it doesn’t and then it’s over. How did you spend your life? Did you make time for your family? Were you happy? Did you do some of the things that made you truly happy before it was all taken away?

Our time is valuable and very brief. We should always make sure we are living and behaving in the way we want to be remembered. There is always the risk that we can die early without any notice. Don’t you want to be remembered for doing something great. We will always be remembered for the best version of ourselves. It is inside each and every one of us to want to survive. Without enough positive reinforcement though it would be impossible to even see that possibility. We all have a trigger every single one of us. Instead of walking around with loaded weapons waiting for an excuse to go off. You know what I am talking about. We connect so superficially now in the shallowest of waters it has truly become a tough environment to know who to trust. Giving those you don’t trust the ammunition needed to load the gun. It is only a matter of time before the trigger is finally pulled.

So in the spirit of living your life uniquely. Be kind. Be the one who isn’t afraid to shut down ridiculing or abuse. Be the one that has broad shoulders and an umbrella for when those storm clouds role in. The World can be bitter and the World can be cruel but that doesn’t have to be you. The best lesson we learned is when we were little, “I promise to share and be friend.”  Simple. Serenity in simplicity. That is all we truly need.

Photo by Anand Dandekar on Pexels.com

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