My Body My Opinion (becoming comfortable in your own skin)

I wasn’t made for you. I wasn’t made by you. So in the grander scheme of things your point, like hot air, has no presence in my life. Everybody has an opinion. And rather look at themselves and be honest with their imperfections they want to cast stones. At any passing victim they think that they may shatter. What a life. What a way of being. I am going to age. I am going to beef up around the middle. It’s in my genes and my bloodline. I wonder though what difference the width of my hips are when you should be considering the depths of my soul. Don’t you want to strip it all away anyways and connect with who lays underneath. We can all have these superficial existences but there are only a few that we can be ourselves with unbiasedly, indefinitely to the end of time and our existence and for everything beyond.

Lashing out just to hurt another being just so you can grant yourself pleasure in their pain. One can’t help but to think of the consequences of such an existing. Sure your perfections are only a faΓ§ade. But what you deem as my faults I see them as being my strengths. Being able to stare down the eyes of your tormentor when you have been stripped down to the bare bone is so empowering. I guess at first though reading the words go to the gym or walk cuz it’s free it stung. But not for long. I couldn’t imagine taking an hour or two just to workout. I am constantly working out at home. There is so much to do all the time. It’s a rarity for me to sit down. I like it that way I love for my family. They live for me. Oh and sorry who are you? Some middle aged single guy without even a prospect of a family because of your vile outlook and attitude towards women.

I am 40 the opinion of others doesn’t phase me too much. I know who I am. I know my weakness and m strength. I have spent almost 15 years inside of a gym working out dieting. I know that life. I lived that life. The recommendation though could literally push another lady over the edge. How many women out there are brought to tears because they took a photo that they knew was a risk and shared it online only to be taunted. I am strong I can handle it but what about those that’s can’t. The trolls of the information super highway have taken up a permanent residence into our regular routines. We don’t know if that lady staring back at us is proud of her accomplishments. Just an FYI I have lost over 50 pounds since my pregnancy. Yes it has been 2 years but hey!! I have given up meat and most diary and my daily dose of kombucha has really been paying off too.

I wonder what gives somebody to send off a message like that anyways. Is that who you want to be. A mean person with a cold heart. Will that get you to wear you are going any faster? Or maybe it feels good in someway? Whatever it is I pray that it somehow comes to a stop. Maybe an app of some sort that prevents people from being mean to each other. Maybe the photo was insensitive to those that may have to look at it but if you don’t like something turn away. I hate that we have to feel shame in our own skin. Like we are trespassers in our bodies incapable of making decisions that to us make us happy. Well I am not. I love singing praises and I love sharing positivity and love. When somebody like this lashes out at me with their own insecurities I actually truly do feel sorry for them. There is something missing from their life that makes them speak this way to others. A true gentleman would never dream of such blasphemy.

The photo I shared was me in lingerie. Vintage lingerie of course. The colours were a beautiful teal and my robe and hair flower matched perfectly. Yes I am not super skinny and my definition is definitely curvy. I can see the pictures. I took them. I posted them so I could become more comfortable with who I am on the inside. I love who I becoming that I wanted to try and emulate that with my smile and carefree attitude. I wanted to take a stand for all of us who want to celebrate when we feel good about anything in our lives. For me it was the set from My Retro Closet. I was super jazzed from a successful Valentine’s shoot and thought I would capture the moment. I never imagined the response would be go for a walk because it is free. There are probably thousands more that would respond this way and wildly enough I am on the hunt to expose these trolls for their ignorant mythologies. Don’t we all put on our best face that we can manage for that day. Not too many of us want to attract negative energy or attention. So if I can draw out those people who think our weight, our height, our race, our sexual preference is a means to discard us from being treated with manners then my life’s purpose is unfolding as it should. My goal has always been to try and stop those from being hurt and enduring any pain and suffering.

We all just have to demand a World where we are accepted for who we are and what we bring to the table. We should stop trying to make others feel bad just because we have failed to realize our own potential. Maybe instead of casting doubt on your life maybe you should just stay still and silent and just wait and absorb. There will always be mean people waiting in the shadows trying to take you down. Knowing who your true friends are and those who have your back will help ease the transition from those who are trying to use and those who just want to be in your aura. There are some amazing people who will make all that pain and suffering go away. Their love for you is unconditional and you can feel that hit your insides with each and every breath. I am going to celebrate my body, my skin and my life in an artistic and tasteful way. I want to inspire as many as possible and numb the rest so they can make it through. The World needs to rest and we need to heal. Yes we need to shelter us from those who only want to take us down. We should let our imperfections serve as our armour therefore diffusing the enemy given us infinite power. Nobody’s opinion can penetrate your soul as you know the truth to what makes you you. If you don’t stand up for yourself first you will stand for nothing. You are worth loving for everything you are and that even includes the skin you live in.

The photo and message that started it all….

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  1. Amir says:

    You are not only beautiful but also have an awesome body as well. And if that was not enough, you got an awesomely brave mind that can put a troll in his/her place. You are totally lovable and beautiful beyond words Ruby… love you β€πŸ’•

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  2. Thank you ❀ My life isnt about vanity but living with a soft gentle heart ❀


  3. Om Prakash Khare says:



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