How Do You Determine Your Success?

How do you determine your own success or do you let somebody else define that for you? Do you tell yourself you are only competing amongst yourself only to feel defeated that maybe somebody is living a life although different you somehow have decided that they’re living a better life. How so? Who determine this weird measurement that none of us will ever measure up to. It all is determined on what you determine success to be and how close you walk that line.

Remember when we were little and all we had to do was learn to use the potty, eat our peas and to keep our hands to ourselves. They say hands but they should also say opinions and beliefs because once those begin to be added in then it just seems it is impossible for anybody to measure up. Somebody is always going to be richer, smarter, more attractive and even more popular. Why does it matter so much these things that only a few can ever obtain. Success can’t be determined by the nominal sense. That would man most of our lives are set up to fail. As we get older our success is determined by keeping a roof over our head and paying our bills on time. And if the bills can’t be paid on time the most we can hope for is paying them before everything get’s cut off so is that success?

The end goal of life is death so what is it we are supposed to be doing with all the stuff in between. We are constantly having these curveballs thrown at us that distract us from where we are going. When you feel on top of he World the Universe kicks you down a notch or too and says uhmmm ya there is no such thing as an easy life. Try it go into a store and throw a stone. Whoever it hits is probably going through something, has just gone or will be going through something. We are always on edge waiting for the next ball to fall. We hope the next one has less of an impact then the one before. Maybe that is the true definition of success or ability to even want to try to get to the end with everything that is surrounding us.

We are all filled with so much worry that we forget what it feels like to let be. In a time where we really can’t recognize our enemies maybe our success is determined from identifying our allies. The World doesn’t seem so lonely and scary when you are able to see that there are others who suffer just like you. We all do. We live in this World where we only show our faces when our lives are over pouring with abundance. To often though I am seeing this abundance come from somebody else’s expense. Everybody wants a free ride and they will sell off their soul to do it. That is why so many of us walk around engaging in these immoral activities laughing at those that have the common decency to walk away. The ones in charge of the madness are usually the ones that you don’t want to be around anyways. They tell lies and laugh at those that don’t fit in. I no longer worry about the ones who show their true colours. I am thankful to get out before their bite releases the venom. It is not that I am too old to play the game. I am just to wise and no longer have time to engage.

The best way to obtain success is to re-evaluate your definition. Not that Olympic Athlete or the next You-Tube sensation. I am asking you what do you have to offer the World? Now scale it in…what do you have to offer your world. What can you do right now to make your World better? Trust me I hate getting out of bed too. There is always something that will bring us to our knees praying for our own salvation. There are times when no matter what you do the World will cut you off and try to bleed you dry. We have to feel that pain. We have to feel that defeat. That is what makes and keeps us human. Look at what happens when we fail to acknowledge the feelings and have compassion for our fellow men? What makes your life so much more important than that lil ol man waiting to cross the street? It’s slippery out and he may fall. Does that make you wait in anticipation to see him fall. Or do you get out and offer him your arm to ensure he arrives safely on the other side. Did you know he was young once too? Probably asked himself the same question 60 years ago. Time was different then. Life wasn’t so busy. Life wasn’t so chaotic. They knew the value of friends and family. But know here he is alone in -40 weather trying to cross the street so he can make it to McDonalds in time to have a cup of coffee with the others. This will be the highlight of his day unless of course his grandchildren come over.

That is what I think is missing from most of our interactions. We have this desire to live these successful lives but that definition of success is archaic. Success to me is sitting across from a friend laughing and talking about the old days. The good and the bad. It doesn’t matter if we were a part of the same experience. Right here in this moment though my success is measure from the connection I am experiencing with you. It is odd to think that when I was a child I was so shy. People and large groups terrify me. Maybe that is why I look for the one that has nobody. It is like finding safety amongst a like heart. I recognize this isolation as we move forward in our own lives. The people who were here 5 years ago are rarely the same ones that we have now. We aren’t establishing these deep connections that light our souls on fire. We are too busy trying to navigate our own waters to stop anybody from drowning.

We need small steps towards success in order to achieve longevity. Trying to mitigate through a series of heart wrenching losses I noticed that maybe we aren’t as sympathetic as one might feel. In matter of the heart and when we feel like we are failing the last person we want to connect with is our family and our medical professionals. Why is it when we need somebody to pull us to the shore and save us from drowning there is nobody. I launched this idea that maybe, just maybe in your darkest deepest hours of depression maybe it might help to get it out. People always tell you to write your feelings down and then burn them to release them to the Universe. Maybe though if you are looking for somebody that still believes in you. You can write to me. You don’t have to tell me who you are if you don’t want to. You can let me know if you would like me to write you back or maybe I can respond to you live on my Facebook Page. The Prairie’s Passionate Pin-Up. Secrets become that dark cancer that will eat us whole. I am trying to find a way for us to absorb in that pain together so you can look at life with having a purpose and meaning again so you can one day feel whole. I have taken some mental health courses and have a friend who is a phycologist so I promise I want judge or steer you astray. It’s incredulous what happens when you are threatened with the loss of life. Dying showed me how to live and now I want to try and help you all find your purpose too. Below is a logo I had done for this purpose and will be making some business cards and stationary to go with. You are not alone. We are not alone. Try and remember at the very least you will always have me xx

PO Box 573 Okotoks

Okotoks, AB

T1S 1A7

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