Living Miserably or Dying Happy

What you want from the Universe you have to ask. I don’t mean in some passing fancy. I mean you have to be so convincing that the Universe has no choice but to stand down and take notice. Nothing worth having happens over night. Maybe for some. But not for the majority. It is like we have to give it everything we got to prove that we are so worthy of leading a life we could only manifest in our dreams. Truth be told we are all worthy of having our dreams come true. I think it takes a whole lot of honesty on our part to make that happen. Eliminate all that white noise and how could you not have an opportunity to vibrate at a higher frequency. It can’t be denied that we are all energy. And only in our truest purest form can we make big things happen. But really first we have to believe that we are in fact worthy of all that could possibly be.

Think about as a child how easy everything was. You didn’t have to worry about bills, our meals our even love. It was all boundless, unconditional. It was different back then too. More authentic, more genuine. Our realities were far more real. Honestly think about. If you are my age you can remember those connections, those memories. Curled up together on a Friday night watching Bing Crosby and even sometimes Dallas. Mom would make some popcorn and we would all cuddle. Watching one movie. Being together as one. None of this BS now where everything is so viral, so mainstream. Our thoughts are poisoned before we even begin to talk. This is our reality. I desensitized World forcing upon us this unreal expectations of people we weren’t even born to be. Strip it all away all of it and what is left. There is a reason why you were born and why you are living do you have any idea what you were born for.

You may think that what I am saying is to impossible to be true. But take a minute and think about it. Why would anybody, anybody at all have to live poor, watch their children die, experience these great bouts of physical pain. Every person has a person. Just as in life so does their death. We don’t happen by chance. Chance entails that we have no purpose no soul. Even a child born from abuse has a purpose of being. A lesson to be learned but we are become so vastly powerless to accept.

Where is it written that any one of us isn’t worthy of a life full of self satisfaction. I don’t mean glorification I mean personal satisfaction that makes your soul perk up and take notice. You more than anybody have to believe in your life purpose. Not your parents or your grandparents are anybody in your life should have a more valued opinion of yours truly. Why is anybody else’s life deemed so worthless that they aren’t able to utilize their own voice. Think of those that no longer have one. That would give anything in their power to give it a go all over again. Life more than anything should tug at your heart strings. When children die for no reasons or wildlife perish in huge numbers there must be some sort of reason to it all. This is madness. Sure insanity that rather than live a life filled with hope, passion and peace there are those that would rather destroy those that walk amongst them then lift them up to a higher place.

I always tell my husband you always have to believe in yourself first. More to that you have to invest in yourself. If you don’t believe and invest why would anybody else buy into you. Does that make sense. I always try to make the best of everyday. Improve in myself in small ways. Practice my violin, read. I usually only like to read non fiction but sometimes I get taken down another path. I stumbled upon that 30 books to read before your 30. There is a huge mix of different literary works. It has taken me to Plato and Anna and even Crime and Punishment. I am trying to open my mind to a different way of thinking. That is the investing part. Of course my domestic duties are always at the forefront but interwoven in every day I find a way to express myself creatively. It helps enhance and remind me of who I want to be. I want to be better than I was yesterday but not to good for tomorrow and humble in my honesty as I look to enhance the World. I use the word enhance because I don’t know how else to describe it. Some things I love and some things not so much. What can I say.  I am sure you can agree with me on that to some degree right?

So again think of why it is your life would have more value to anybody else than you. If we know what it is that can make us happy why wouldn’t we automatically gravitate towards that. Being honest with ourselves and who it is we want to be will save ourselves a lot of heart ache. This I can attest to a million times over. When you have a value and a purpose it makes all those little hiccups a little bit easier. Just easier. It is true somebody’s storey is a little bit worse than your own. You have to remind yourself that there is somebody always a little worse off. Kind of a harsh reality it’s true. Then all of a sudden you are the one worse off but then again are you really? Who knows. I guess what I am saying is what’s the harm? Where’s the risk? Living miserably or dying happy I guess that choice is up to you!

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  1. I’m loyal I give you my word


    1. Loyal is always an admirable trait


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