Your Powerful Energy That Lays Within

The Universe starts responding to you differently when you begin to take care of her. Not in the sense of picking up litter or saving a lil birdie who has fallen out of it’s nest. I mean the actual huge ball of energy that is all of our homes. My outlook is if you are mindful of the energy that is poured out into the World you maybe able to change the frequency at which it emits. We can see who needs us the most when we are out and about conducting our day to day lives. They are the people who have lost their smile, forgotten their way or maybe for just some reason or another have gotten kicked down so many times they don’t know any other way of being.

The World is so impersonal yet so very personal all at the same time. We all know everybody else’s business. It’s like a viral gossip ring that has no end. We don’t need to talk to anybody face to face anymore. Just keystrokes and emoji’s in the place of coffee dates and hugs. Speaking of hugs. I love hugs. Now a days though it seems so many people are fearful. If I hug her is she going to say I was hitting on her? Maybe it is best if I just keep to myself. No misinterpretation needed if I just don’t respond in any physical way. I always lead in with I am a hugger. I go in quick and see how things go. You can tell those that hate it. I always just say for one quick sec. Squish. And then out. No matter who you are we all need physical contact. It is essential to our growth and also our well-being. There is a reason why they told me to hold my son when he was in the NICU. Preferably skin to skin. Our energies would meld together and heal and bond. It was heavenly and tranquil being able to spend that month with him. Yes it was heart wrenching. But for 10 hours a day for the first 30 days we were mother and son bonded together for all of eternity.

I wonder how it is so that when we start to grow our boundaries for physical touch are determined. This is essential because people love to push past boundaries. When it comes to touching we become scared to tell our children too much. They need to know. They will know eventually so why not let it run its natural course. Your child will guide you in the direction that needs to learn. At least that is what is happening over here. Maybe it was the incredibly bonding experience that happened when we first brought together face to face. So if loving and hugging and truly allowing another being to feel you care is all that is needed to heal the World don’t you think that is something you could even do? We don’t need to change THE World We only need to change OUR World. There is a huge difference in that. What that means is that the World is probably always going to be jaded and skewed but your World doesn’t need to be.

I was always told if you have a storey that you think could impact the World then you should share it. I was also told that it could take up to 20 years to make your dreams into a reality. That doesn’t mean at 20 I can say I want to be a ballerina but take no lessons, training, etc and then get mad 20 years from now because you aren’t. This means 20 years of truly following your passion, what makes your soul sing, what makes you you. It is what has been interwoven inside of you. What lays inside of you is unique to you and it will be life changing. It will change the lives of all around you if you are just true to you. When you start living your life full of purpose and intention every day has meaning and possibilities. You take chances knowing that the only risk of failure is in not taking that chance at all. You see what can happen when you set aside your ego and lead with your heart. My ego always tells me I am not good enough. I am too old, too chubby, too ugly. There will always be somebody better than me. My heart stands right up though commanding attention saying you shouldn’t give a damn about all that. This is your life and if you dull your shine just to make somebody else feel better you are losing. True happiness comes in not being afraid to just be you. I spend 90% of my time at home. I have a lot to do but that never changes the fact that I LOVE IT. (I share that pictorial journey on my Instagram @sweetrubybluez). For me myself I do identify as female. There is no doubt in my mind that is who I was born to be. Putting on my make-up is art to me and it is a fun part of my day. I love combining colours and a few different twists and doing my hair is also fun. It is my hobby just like some of you like working out or fixing cars. Being feminine is important to me. I then go on with my day cooking, cleaning, running errands etc. I live everyday like its my last so there is no dress that is off limits. No accessories too blingy. If I am in the mood it is getting done even if I am cleaning cat litters or plunging toilets. Life is meant to be lived and you shouldn’t care who is watching.

Life isn’t perfect though there will always be up’s and down’s. You have to learn to ride the waves and always watch out for high tide. If you are not careful life will bite you in the ass like a crab hiding in the sand. As much as life is to be enjoyed there will be periods of this great darkness. Looming always over your head will be time. It will serve as this constant reminder that your time is running out. How much time well that may or may not be determined by you. I have always believed when it is your time it your time. That it is written somewhere like a storey on your DNA. Maybe DNA is a programming that first identifies the main character and then underneath that is the transcript of their life. They already used DNA to recreate a mother who abandoned her newborn child in a hotel by recreating her face. Using only her DNA. Wouldn’t that be incredible. To know each person’s storey like a movie written down forever binding them here to Earth…Imagine the possibilities of that even being true. For sure in the mean time it is best to live your life uniquely and with purpose. Always considering those that you find yourself around. If you can help heal the energy of just one. Doesn’t that make life feel a whole lot better? Like you finally found a purpose that is contingent on just you being you?

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