Materially Rich or Spiritually Poor (can you ever have both?)

It’s incredulous to think that our life, any life can hold more value than any other being out there. Think of all those that have dared to walk before you. Breathing the same air. Walking the same steps. Trying to find a reason to it all. A definition that makes sense and can be applied to all. Why do some suffer while others get everything handed to them with a silver spoon and then some. When did all these laws and decisions get passed down and who did they benefit. How come all of a sudden after billions of years of evolution we have evolved in such a way that we are incredibly desensitized to our surroundings and now it seems we are digressing. Returning ourselves back to dust like this period of time never existed. We are so out of tune with our own realities that most of us are just shells. A complicated infrastructure of who we used to be without all the commitment.

It is hard to imagine that we consider ourselves to be civilized. Never has there been a time where the overall well being of those we inhabit the Earth has been this low. We don’t want to admit that deep down we are all addicts. Addicted to the rush that life can create so we are constantly attracted to the drama. We spend less and less time trying to connect with each other. Why do we have to. There’s an app for that. A part of me just wants to run away and hide in a cabin on the mountains. I can remember growing up not having everybody right at my fingertips. We carry these technological pieces of information that serve as an anchor. They keep us distracted from actually living life. We think what we are doing is living but take a look around you.

I like to observe the life that is around me. To watch the way animals move and interact with each other and how there only intention for their day is how to best utilize their time. They don’t even know what time is. If they are hungry they eat. If they are tired they sleep. And everything else in between is just gravy. For the most part. That is the life of my pets.  There is a tranquil serenity that comes from bonding with your pets. It is almost like they can see into the hallway of your soul. I get a lot of peace from just absorbing their existence. They serve as a reminder that no matter what, life is pretty incredible. We all have these journeys to uncover and when you have the right beings in your corner anything and everything is possible.

I am addicting to my reading. I think it is incredible to think that this was somebody’s life work. That when they were writing this they were becoming all that they were destined to be. That they were filled with such passion and honest hope for their future. Not sure if what they were doing would catch on but desiring it to have an impact throughout history. So many of us become lost to time but here are others who dared to take risks and leave behind their mark. I wonder what has happened to them as they moved from living to death. Imagine a piece of literary work penned hundreds of years ago. Before typewriters. Before computers. Before bell point pens. They would pen by candle light with a quill and ink. Imagine looking upon that first penned copy. The frailness of the pages and the ink that has forever been frozen in time. Once there they sat and now no more. How can you not appreciate the life that was even now centuries after.

That is what I think is missing from life. The genuine passion and concern for those lives that came before us. There are so many you could spend your whole life time trying to get to know them all. It is impossible. I guess that is why they become a part of history. Now in this day and age we have become obsessed with records. We will forever remember these moments in time because we have become obsessed with documenting them. Maybe to try and help us understand what is happening to all of us and what and why are we all doing here. Take this virus for example. It has claimed the lives of 80+ in one day! That is HUGE! But maybe this is natures way as serving up a correction. We can’t keep overpopulating the planet the way we have been. At one time in history it made sense to have as many children as possible. They were needed to tend to the farms. But now. It just seems like complete and utter insanity. By over populating the World we are using up all her resources. She is bond to get mad and retaliate and what better way then a virus we have yet to develop a cure for. Look at it from a broader scale. We aren’t sure why this is happening (or maybe we are) but we are pretty certain it came from humans consuming some sort of animal that we weren’t supposed to. Seems like mother nature to me.

We are so cruel to each other and to all of Earth’s inhabitants. The Earth is a living breathing planet filled with life. Life that we seem to only care about if it’s our own or in the threat of total annihilation. If we were just kind to each other and learned to live where nobody was deemed more worthy than their neighbour. Think to why all these laws and regulations were made in the first place. It was never to protect us. It was only put in place to serve them.  By them I mean people in power. The rich get richer and the poor die trying. Literally.

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