Revealing the Secret Lies That Have Become Reality

Our lives are so perfectly interwoven together that we fail to see what is revealed to us right in front of our very eyes. Life in it’s simplicity has always meant to be enjoyed. Not for the material wealth that we have all been so driven to acquire but the spiritual growth that makes us feel alive. It is impossible to think that our soul destiny is to ruin others around us. To suppress them all in such a way that they become mere outlines of who they were destined to be. Take an animal in a shelter surrendered by there loving family. They gave up the best years of their lives only to find themselves confined now to 4 cement walls.  Time will destroy the memories they had of a family and times where life didn’t feel so controlled. They will replay the moments of their lives wondering what went wrong and how they lost your love. What is so miraculous to me is how if giving these chance these animals still strive to be loved. That is the end goal to them. To belong to a family that loves you unconditionally.  They say the biggest gift you can give any life is to be there when they exit this life. In their final moments when all they look for his your eyes and your touch to give them comfort most of us can’t even stand the thought. My biggest regrets so far in the years that have gone is not being there in the times when my fur babies needed me most. Again just like I had written yesterday all I want to be is the person my pets already believe me to be and the mother and wife my family deserves.

The beauty of love any love is it can save you from the darkest deepest hallways of your souls if you just let it. Not that casual love that we all seem to throw around like we actually care if we all succeed or not. You know the ones that I am talking about. The friends that claim that will be there but can never seem to be found when things get off the rails. I mean that deep soul stirring connection that can only take place when there are no more words that can be used to describe it. That feeling of uncertainty that comes when you part your ways hoping that their lives will amount to something of great proportions. That the only victory comes when you see the smiles of those that you love as you know that for at least in this moment they are at true peace and happiness. It is not so much as the physical appearance of being happy but that tranquil space in time that is absorbed while in their presence.

What I love about the World Wide Web or social media is the ability to connect with those that are far away. Yes I used to think it was so intrusive knowing our every business with people who could care less about whether we were succeeding or not. Being so accessible though opens up your World to a whole knew concept of being. You can create a World that is not so toxic. What I have learned over the years of blogging, reading, Pin-Up, competing is that we have this incredible opportunity to change our immediate World and it can be something for the better. We can control our thoughts and habits and they way we conduct each other on-line. We can create a safe community in which to lead by example for our youth or we become these monsters that do just like those in power do. Abuse their power to make the weak feel ridiculous. What is headline news in the World is in fact just a bunch of political garbage where they are using us to win their wars.

We are all connected together with this invisible string that is being used to puppeteer us. Our definition of success needs to be redefined. It shouldn’t be how many bodies you can climb over to get to the top. It should be about how many people you helped get ahead of you to watch them shine. There should be more of a feeling of success when we get together to create a positive thing. Take my love for pageants. I have found a tool for me to connect with other girls from all over the World. Our love for all thing vintage, girly and outlandish is our common bond. Our fear and insecurities creates a bond similar to those bonds one created in high school. Without the internet I would be waiting for letters, phone calls and maybe the occasionally visit when finances permit. Now with the ability to go “Live”, video calls, everything that social media is and can be brings each one of us closer.  We don’t have to pretend like our Worlds are so small or that our voices can be heard. Our voices can be heard amongst the right kind of people and that is what makes our essence so infinite, so timeless. The kind of stuff that echoes throughout the infinite wisdom that was once our mind.

We can lead by example or we can allow ourselves to be lead. Like drones flying into the afterlife you can not deny the impact you will leave on the lives behind. Or the ignorance you will plead on the lives that came before you. Just like Joaquin said in his acceptance speech I will attach a link after this post, “We as humans are the most selfish beings out there. We have this misguided illusion that we are the center of the Universe.” Of course this is not true. it couldn’t possible be. Not one being or entity should have be regarded higher than anybody else. Let his words resonate your being and baptise you in your inner truth. You have the power within you to make changes to your entire being. Having the confidence to stand out of a crowd is no longer vanity it is a need. We must change the way we hold ourselves in high regard and fall humbly to our knees. Until we rectify the damages we are doing amongst the living we will never be forgiven amongst the dead.

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