Two Stepping with the Devil

There is no denying the actuality of our life line being incredibly turbulent. No great feet was ever meet with some incredible time, patience and perseverance. What I began to notice the longer that I try to hang on for the ride is that there is always this natural instinct of knowing what is the ideal thing to do versus what can cause us even more inner struggle. There is pushing yourself beyond your own personal limits and there is pushing you in a direction that you have no business being down anyways. That is when the negativity grabs a hold of you and will keep you as their partner till you are able to break free and never look back. That’s the thing you can glance but never begin to step back in that direction. These are the games that destroy. Instead of rejoicing on the demons that we beat we decided to try and befriend them and help them out into the light. Their strength only comes with your inability to see then for who they really are. Wolves survive because part of their game is dressing up as a sheep. You can tell there existence though if by anything by the stench left in the air. These people. These people it is ok to try and not to save. You can’t save them all. In fact strive first to save yourself. Unfortunately for this dance you are best waiting on the sidelines. But don’t wait forever to save your partner. In the reality where we only live once leave the dancing to those that have no cares for tomorrow. For the rest of us there is work to be done.There is safety amongst sheep because in numbers, we can’t all be subject to the immediate torment that has fallen our heard. Each one is equally a target as it is hard to know just how strong the internal struggle actually is. You can only sit there and observe, waiting. Sooner or later their weakness will be observed and that is when you can pounce and make them your own. Sheep don’t like to show many emotions they just like to graze, enjoy each other, enjoy nature. Standing in complete serenity they are at peace. Until of course they are left unattended and the mean spirited wolf comes out to play. Hunting and preying on their exposed weaknesses. These are the types of people that I try to stay away from. I used to be loud and boisterous and my humour was a lil dry. Now I reserve my true self for those I trust because in these humble moments when your truth is exposed you open a locked door for the wolves to come in and rip you apart in the darkness.I can always tell when there is something that another is insecure about. Watch their hands. They will tug, play and fuss over one particular spot over and over again. It can be their shirt tails, that wispy peace of hair. Maybe they are constantly tracing the outline of their lips to remove any traces of lipstick. Without knowing they have exposed heir insecurity for the day. Those weakness are the gateways for our inner being that day. They will make our break how we move forward. One wrong jeer or just will cause that person to spin in ways you can’t even imagine (unless of course it is you caught in the tailspin). What is stopping you from altering the course of their day and stopping their demons from pulling them darker in despair. Imagine. You are feeling at a loss with yourself and you are just not entirely sure. You buzz around your day feeling insecure and not noticed. Standing in line waiting for your afternoon caffeine fix you notice the woman in front of you. She looks frazzled, uncomfortable and maybe just maybe is that a tear in her eye. You notice she keeps touching her lips. It’s a brilliant shade of pink. Imagine all of a sudden from behind you you heard, “I love that pink on you.” That’s it. That’s all. Maybe a smile as your eyes meet and you try to say I get it Doll it’s ok. Why don’t we do more of this. Every time I look like I need a friend I get the opposite. You look like sh*t. Have you gained weight? When was the last time you slept? Alright there. All things that I am well aware of. It always seems like when it rains it pours. We have become each other’s worst enemies instead of each other’s best friends.The road one travels on will determine the obstacles they face. If you chose a path less travelled you will find very little in the way of getting to your goal. Providing that your end destination is in fact your own and not one of somebody else’s. It is ok to have relatively the same outlook to life. How could that even not be in the realm of possibility. We have similar needs, desires and wants. What is different is our tastes, drive and determination. Never expect the results of a strong heart with a weak determination. We can help each other in our most dire times by providing the support we need to identify the wolves waiting to use us as prey. The only true intentions you can trust are your own. They will guide you through moments of darkness. In those moments of complete darkness though, those with a true heart will reveal themselves to you. Not because they are laying in the shadows trying to pull you down, no. It is because they have spent a lifetime dancing with their own demons. They have spent time perfecting and learning the dance when nobody else was watching. They know the despair and feelings of uselessness that suffocates you. Being blind within the darkness is not the problem. Being ignorant to it is. The only light you need to combat those that want to see you fail is the light that is found within you. Not everyday is perfect. Not everyday can be. We are all subject to the same trial and tribulations as our neighbour. To believe that some live perfect while we suffer is a misperception. Only we can determine how long we dance for and who we let lead. To know the dance is to love the dance it is the song in your heart that changes.

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