Leaders, Heroes and Myths

The interesting concept of each is that by pure definition alone each one should inspire. A leader can’t become a hero until they selflessly give of themselves. Much in the same way that a hero doesn’t become a myth until he takes his last breath. And even then it could take many more life times before his life tales become such. A leader does exactly what is being said, he leads. Just because you lead the masses it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a hero. Some would say that the likes of Napoleon and Hitler were heroes to their countries. But if you take into account the amount of life wasted as they tried to conquer communities with the evilest of intentions.

There are a few different type of heroes. There are ones that do heroic acts such as saving of ones lives or there are those that are reborn with a specific message to teach us. Think about the last great heroes of our time? Can you even name one? It is hard to think because we confuse heroes with celebrities. We confuse the two because in our mind making the most money and having the highest social status should be all that matters. Popularity seems to be what is at the forefront of the younger generations mind. You can’t be a hero until you selflessly give up yourself to the World and so many of us will never be able to live in such a waay. There was a time in history that even childbirth was equal to a hero giving up his life in combat. The rational behind that is your life changes after a life is born. Your roll changes from one of selfishness to the preservation of life. Not your life. Your child’s.

Myths are lessons to help us mitigate through our pain. We need pain in order to feel alive. Life is meant to have these ebbs and swells that we never quite will understand. As fast as a smile happens upon your face your entire core can be rocked. Without the tales of our ancestors long ago how will we have be able to see the difference between us. Should there be differences. In a technological advanced world where families and leisure are put on the back burner chasing the all mighty greenback. The more I think the more I realize that there is no way that this is the intention of life. Even with evolution and the various revolutions it seems ludicrous how ridiculous our definition of life has become. Maybe that is the price of engaging in so much war. War is the offspring greed, power, hate. All things that make us reach to the outside World in disgust. Instead of looking internally for the eternal answers we have decided to try and take it by force.

Money, power, fame…all things that you can’t take with you. All things that you will never be remembered for on your judgement day. If our life’s lesson is to learn how to selflessly give ourselves to our neighbours then we have and will continue to have a disconnect with all that we should be manifesting to be. So once again I ask who is the last hero who has walked the Earth that you remember. There are small heroes in our day to at lives in our communities. The ones who give so much of themselves that their whole being is compromised. The people who work with homeless animals for example have the highest suicide rates in the country. On one hand they provide a life to these animals that humans have turned their back on. They will see the most depraved acts that humans are able to conceive. Their souls will hurt and they will lose faith in all of mankind. People and the over entitled ways will be the downfall of the World. We can’t operate on this level of heartbreak. To assume and act like all living beings aren’t worth the equivalent of our lives seems like an insane notion to me. Just because we talk amongst each other. Rarely and when we do not intelligently. Look at how we bully and act around each other. We are nothing more than immature little kids throwing tempter tantrums until we get any resemblance of our own ways. We will pay for what we have now become accustomed to. We are doing more damage in years then they have ever done at the turn of last century.

So a hero you might ask who selflessly gives of themselves in order to make the World even a teen bit better. Risking anything and everything to make the World even a slight bit better for the generations to come. What seems insane to me is how we are trying to eliminate important people and information in history because we are now beginning to disagree with their stance. For example we are removing statues of John A MacDonald from Victoria Hall because we are ashamed of what everybody was excited for and proud of back then? Now we are saying that everybody’s lives at that time are insignificant? Don’t get me wrong the way our Indigenous People were handled back then would never be tolerated now. But to now refuse to teach his life like he was a martyr is kind of being an extremist in the opposite direction. Altering any time line no matter the content will be detrimental to the preservation of life. As we rape and pillage the World of all of it’s natural and unnatural asset it will leave us not only a dead world with a hole in its’ heart but it will leave each and every one of us unfilled and living without a purpose.

Leaders, Heroes, Myths all serve their purpose in all of our timelines. Our ignorance to their existence just makes living even that more painful. Until we learn that there is more to life than money and fame we will always be left filling unfilled. Why wouldn’t we want to learn from our fallen brotherd and sisters from the past. Their lives matter, we matter, all lives matter. Till those missing pieces come together we will always struggle internally for eternity. Where once ignorance was bliss it is destined to be our downfall. I try to remember not to be greedy as I head out onto the world. To give to those in need any excsess as I strive to make my world a little bit better place.