The Biggest Lie Ever Told

From as far back as anybody could ever remember. In tales and fables long ago. The Goddess was always the subject of creation. Long before it was told that it was God. In my readings my mind gets provoked. Almost awaken to a different way of understanding. Why is it we are so quick to believe that the creation of this Earth could be anybody other than a woman? A woman is the only one, no matter the species, is able to create life, nourish life and feed the generations to come. In all mythological tales it is the mother who always watches the hero grow. Usually to prepare him for his greatest quest. The one where he is in search of his father. The one who he believes can help define who he is supposed to be.

We call Mother Earth a mother because we know that she is the one that nurtures all life. She loves and protects each being and even though evolution is making us forget her beautiful nature. It is up to each one of us to realize her beauty and help to watch her grown. Imagine watching your own creations fighting amongst each other. Killing each other to the brink of extinction only to grind up the rest in some sadistic ritual. Hero’s are born. Born from a woman. Why is it now in society we treat her so poorly. I am not talking about nature now I am talking about the physical being of one. The one who gives the next generation life. We treat her like garbage allowing our women to be beaten, raped and even sometimes murdered. A woman who gave life is now paying the ultimate price in death.

No wonder why it is the biggest lie ever told and why some who be want to keep us from uncovering the truth. That a greedy man more consumed with wealth and power wanted to destroy our creator. Our mother. Now think about that. What is more important than love and compassion in the eyes of a woman? We see each other for who and what we really are. We want to believe that even now when times have failed us that there is still a chance. That there is still a way. I don’t hate men. NO quite the opposite. I wish that they could take a few steps back and understand what I am trying to say. A traditional man’s role was to be the provider. To be the protector. To be the hero. While keeping all things going at home was the goddess. Preparing the home, entertaining guests, raising the children. Yes it was the woman who would make the ideal creator. We wouldn’t be driven by this ancestral war that is forever going to plague us. Now who has to gain from this long term fighting. Century over century the fight for power? Does that make any sense? Who needs to be the most powerful in a game chicken? Nobody gets out alive so why is supposed to be like this.

For a couple hundred years women was missing from virtually all tales in time. Imagine when the beginnings of a man dominated history starts to take place the mother just seems to take a back seat. In comes the mighty warrior fighting for his country. That’s the turn. The obsessive need to puff out ones chest to show the other who had the biggest kahuna’s that day. What I will give men credit for raising all on their own is that liquid burning pile of greed. The type that makes you sell your first born and run away from your family. All of a sudden when promises are being made the Universe begins to shift. In it’s place is this aura of darkness that needs to keep being fed.

They say true euphoria only comes when you find what you are looking for deep within yourself. There are so many stories they want you to believe to keep you from finding your inner bliss. No wonder why the Universe is so confused. When you are continuously being fed lies in order for one to prosper sooner or later the foundation will crack. The World doesn’t feel right. Like something is missing. That is the loving embrace of a mother that we all so desperately need from time to time. Look what we have done to our creator. We have ignored her for so long she’s scared to show her true beauty. She gave us some of the greatest creations and we destroyed them and ate them for dinner. For every ailment that has ever plagued us she has always made to leave a cure. What if though in our madness and fight to get to the top that we murdered her. Spurned by our desires to overlook her as the entity. The one who nurtured us all first and foremost who gave us all our first and took away our last breaths. She loved us unconditionally even though we continue to destroy those precious beings she continues to bring forth. I wonder how much we can afford to lose before she once again takes it all away.

The greatest lie. The greatest evil. Will always come from the lips of men. They are the ones who moved forward content with annihilating anything in their way. Where once we used to give thanks to the beings that were providing us the key essential nutrients we needed to survive.  We take everything and anything for granted as we forget to appreciate any thing. We rape the Earth of all resources just like we allow the continued disregard of women as their own species. With the #metoo movement thrusting forward into the media one has to ask how long we will let these barbaric Neanderthals steam roll over our existence. Minimize our worth and steps throughout history. Every step of the way we have been put into a position of always being less than. Even the scriptures of the bible speak of Eve being born from man. I understand that as a concept but why would somebody be born from a rib when it makes more sense to be born from within. We forget who we are and who we are destined to be when we minimize our worth in the food chain.  We are only “one little microbit in the great magnitude” of life. Think of that. If the “Big Bang” happened 18 million years ago or whatever it is that they say. How is it that our lives should be anything more than they are right now. The greatest lie ever told was the one that makes you believe that you are bigger than you think. Yes your life is of great importance if only in this moment and nothing more.

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