Libido Done Well over Credo Done Right? (and other prime minster concerns)

Without the introduction of sex I think most of us would be able to live out our true destinies. We rely way too heavily on the idea of union that keeps us searching, running towards another partner. What a mess we are making of the idea when we find our other half we will once again become hole. But imagine just how far desensitized we have become. We use our genitals more often then we use a handshake. There is a frequency missing in the World as we all move towards a unfulfilled way of being. Some of us have found ourselves lucky running into our other halves. Others lie to themselves and their family because who likes to be embarrassed and admit that they are destined to live alone.

Can I ask you something personal that you don’t need to answer, but maybe silently in your head, how often has thinking about your libido got your off task from the goals ahead. Hopefully we have all experienced those nights/weekends/weeks where you are locked away in a cave with that person who makes you feel like every piece of you is being charged. After it is over it becomes you. You are one with your energy and you feel amazing. But now it is all you can think about. When is it going to happen again? It better happen again? The missed calls. The dates. All the psychosis that gets build up. All  could have been avoided by sticking to your own lives credo.

I have one. Be the girl who makes others smile. When I gravitate towards being her nothing else matters as much as the feelings that are going out into the universe. There are so many great scholars, thinkers, philosophers that can help us achieve the great inner peace inside of us but for some reason inner reflection is never as tasty as the poison we consume going down. I think to some degree we are all guilty of sitting with a situation for a little bit longer than what we should. But I have always maintained that there are pro’s and con’s to every situation. Ultimately I would love to live on the road. Me and my son. Maybe a few chosen pets. I could want to take my son around the World and show him what it is REALLY like. There are so many storey’s and fables that have made it into text but I think it’s more of a can they put there money where the mouth is. Where’s the facts. Let’s see it let’s move from it and let’s move on.

I always talk about what if I was Prime Minister. If I was Prime Minister I would donate that house they live in to charity. Make it into a museum and preserve our heritage our history. Like a time capsule frozen in time. Get my Winnebago and my pets and hit the streets. Politics was supposed to be for the people. They have no idea the people they are even trying to fight for. We are killing our country from the inside. Sound’s familiar eh…Trojan Horse pretty sure Brad Pitt can’t save us. What do I know anyways. The only thing that I know for certain is we definitely can’t go down this way. We are each other’s worst enemies by making it possible for the average citizen to survive. It doesn’t matter the country. The way we live is nothing compared to how our ancestors did. Yes we can talk about how so many of us our now alive.  Maybe we were meant to cure certain diseases but prolonging life at any costs…are we angering another energy somewhere that lies ahead. Anything we needed we should be able to get from the land. That is how so many of us survived before and I mean way BEFORE. Were we really destined to destroy the planet. Is maybe this some sort of party game for Aliens somewhere laughing at our stupidity.

Your true calling will sing to you in the most harmonious of ways like you have never heard. That is how you will know that you are finding your way on the right path. There is level of distractions everywhere that come from all sides because when you reach divinity you will finally be set free. In a world where pain is supposed to be the ultimate feeling of whether or not you are alive. I wonder if that is just evils misguided way of keep constantly preoccupied with our own minds ego as we wait in the corner. Hoping praying that maybe the next song will be our dance. The sickening thing is you can feel their presence. The whole that can make you complete but like the other side of good comes this playful side that still wants to taunt you and drive you into madness. It’s a dance that prepares you to ensure that you are ready because all though it is the side that completes you it is also the side that you had removed from the first place. So I know for a while I have been humbled over miserable in the corner. I have come to terms that the one who delivered that TK punch may never want me. Not in the way that I have always wanted him.

To transcend forward with out ever knowing or to keep one foot back just in case. It is hard to live in this imperfect ending when you heart is always trying to seek. Where once it all made sense something are not so clear. What needs the most focus and attention is the love and light I need in my own life. I may have not have been so gentle in the years prior. But I am learning how much better life feels when you let things be.

“The only one who can heal me is the one who delivered the blow. Love is the burning point of life and since all life is sorrowful, so is love. The stronger the love, the more the pain.” Joseph, Campbell The Power of Myth.

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