Corrupt Power and the Continuation Within

Since my passion for reading has exploded I have read just over 60 books this past year. That number seems so small when you think of all the literary minds that have graced us with their presence throughout time. To capture a snapshot of what life was like for them during the time that they existed I value like no other. My passion began out of my desire to become the best possible version of myself possible. That one day my son would have questions and I would need to prepare myself with my answers. Not wanting to misguide or to say “I don’t know” I find myself in a worm hole that is really deepening my mind.

My journey throughout time has taken me to some incredible places, times, countries and even experiences. The book that I am reading now, The Mosquito, is a journey throughout the ages outlining the fall of civilization at the hands of the mosquito. Long before their were Empires and Kings there was this pesky nuisance that we have grown accustomed too. This insect really has no purpose in our timeline other than population control. Our population control. Throughout history it has ended great wars through the spread of disease. Flying around undedicated since the time that dinosaurs walked the Earth. Most leaders would perish of yellow fever or malaria. One such empire, Caesar, who was to be stabbed over 23 times had the plan in his mind to uplift the marshlands and cultivate the lands. If he had done so his Empire would have been sparred. The mosquito though unknowingly thrived upon his death.

The only consistent theme throughout time is the desire for more fame and power. In history there is very little tales of love and positivity. I guess why would there be. But judging how we are mere shadows of our ancestors it seems that in their absence we have grown worse. Not everybody of course. But enough. There are enough of these entitled self righteous beings that ruin the World for the rest of us. Epidemics will always be something that we are meant to endure. Instead of feeling lucky that we get to live these lives filled with purpose some of us go down a complete different path. These people think it is ok to ridicule, tease, bully, maim.  Whatever they need to do because that is what was common throughout history. Groups like the Vikings and the Vandals tore through nations with the sole purpose of killing, raping, looting, destroying their fellow men all for the desire to be rich. Rich for who? And at the cost of life? These groups are littered through history. Somewhere in our DNA line it is written that not only do we need to survive and evolve but we need to thrive and be more pompous then ever before.

Please tell me I am wrong. Out of my desire to prove to myself that life can be worth living and not all humanity has failed us you reveal a lot of facts that become hard to absorb. The idea that a life span was only 20 to 25 years for centuries. That a woman who was granted motherhood would have to watch 4 out of 5 of her children succumb to disease only to perish herself the following year. Now we sit and wait till almost 100 years to do what? What for? Yes of course I want to live as long as possible. I love the feeling of love, life, joy…but now my question if their whole life’s purpose equated to only 25 years what have I done in these past 15 years to show my life has more value then the one before.  With all this extra time wouldn’t it make the most sense that we have this opportunity to really make a difference to our being. That not only can we enhance the feeling of life by actually absorbing it and feeling it. Why have we gone to a place where we want to feel numb. Numb to the point where we can’t even call what we are doing living. If we are too busy to live for ourselves then who are we living for?

I wonder why it is that every leader seems to only live their lives for themselves. I had used the term great but that would be a false statement. A great leader lives for their people and would rather do right by them then to line their own pocket books. Look at our leaders in place right. Most of our leaders have ground our cities to the ground. Economically times are strained and tough. I never understood though why it is these people we pay to make decisions for us use our money for these lavish trips and dinners. Does anybody else remember when deals were made at the kitchen table and then drinks. Why is it we need to spend a few thousand dollars to schmooze with people when the real schmoozing comes in when we welcome people into our home. Oh that’s right because we can’t do that anymore. The traditional home is either broken or burned at both ends. Most parents have to work, children have daycare, sports, activities. We are so busy that what used to be so great about America no longer exists. I really don’t know too much about politics but in time I will get up there in my knowledge. What has always confused me though is these high salaries that they have. If you could see that the people in your city were suffering as far as having government programs and benefits cut wouldn’t the leader we want is someone who would say…”you know what times are tough for EVERYBODY so just like my people I will also reduce my wage.’ Not this oh ya homeless rates are going up so is suicide and mental health because of unemployment but let me take my family to the Great Wall of China for a great selfie. I maybe a housewife with too much compassion but I would rather have somebody like me fighting for our people then those that think they have already risen to the top.

My reading has opened a wormhole throughout time. There is a definite pattern here and an underlying message. Whether or not I ever find it I will never know. What I do know though is there is a lot of inner peace in realizing that billions before me have walked down the same journey. The evolution of life and the continuation of corrupt power. Maybe one day the whistle will be blown. Till then I will find serenity in the pages as I continue throughout time.

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