The Legendary Dick Pic

Why is it that grown men everywhere initiate a conversation with their most prized possession. Their dick pic. So many women (and men too) have these pictures sliding into their inbox like they just won the lottery or something. I am sure there has been one person that said oh wow that is a nice d I better reply and hop on that before he changes his mind. But in a World with so much porn available at our finger tips I wonder who is guilty of leading the man in this charge. How did it happen? I am sorry millennials but this looks like it may have originating from your time because as a child of the 90’s the most unwarranted correspondence we got was a note saying do you like me check yes or no.

Isn’t that funny to imagine. Teenage boys of the 90’s with their parents camera’s taking pictures of their junk to entice the person of their affection.  I would not one to be the grandmother picking up the family vacation prints. What would have happened to all the polaroids. See seems that was the last great age of creative thinking. Growing up as a teenager there is not too much proof of our adolescent nudity. But nowadays. What a shame that during this time of the information super highway we are using it in ways that will outlast any of us here on Earth.

Try googling the history of the dick pic. There isn’t much information to go with. People talk about their experiences or how to take a legendary picture the stuff that myths are born out of. Nobody wants to admit that they came up with this idea in the first place.  Come to think of it. It must have been a women suggesting it. Send me one of yours and I will send you mine. Men either really love their penis or they hate it there really is no between. You were born inside the right body or you weren’t. But if you love your dick of course you want to show it off to the World. To you that is the thing that myths are born out of. Women everywhere would sing your praises if they only knew. I mean it’s yours. It’s capable of great things…isn’t it?

Now in the land of unsolicited dick pics I have to ask…is this all you have to offer? I mean is this the best you have. Your most attractive feature? So many men start with this one picture like it is going to captivate our attention for all time.  Most women hate that the initial conversation resorts straight to pictures. There is no imagination. No trying. It’s the reverse of the wam bam thank you mam but when I see one of those pics I am reminded of why I don’t even want to apply. It’s not because of your picture. I have seen them all before. You have seen one you have seen them all. Yes every once in awhile there will be one that will take your breath away but I mean it’s a picture of a hard dick. That really isn’t too hard to do is it? There has been no attempt to make it presentable just a quick click send and then you wait.

Now imagine a woman. When we are trying to send you a picture to get your attention we spend hours upon hours with our hair, make-up planning, outfit planning with our girlfriends and yes some of us hire professional photographers. We plan for days, weeks, hours trying to take the perfect picture for you and all we get is a snapshot of an unkept bush and is that cheetoo dust on it? I heard it said once that if you hold it taut at the base that it will make it look a few inches longer. To me it just looks like you are trying to push something through. It looks awkward and uncomfortable and not something I want to ride at all. Sex and intimacy are so impersonal these days. In a position where one is completely nude and at their most vulnerable we ignore the beauty of the body in front of us for instant gratification. No longer do we explore what the other being has to offer. We have desensitized the way we feel and attract each other. It has no longer become about attraction but all about the physical release. In a World that claims to be so far advanced it seems where we are really lacking is the exploration of physical intimacy.

In a time where sexual energy is mass produced and easily accessible it is no wonder we are falling short in our development of such. We have created a World that if you don’t get your way you either take it by force or berate the other till they conform to your will. In a World where the men are sending these pictures and hoping for the correct response I wonder exactly what kind of response they are hoping for. If they had something to offer their partner that amounted to something more than inches they wold try sending something else. No woman anywhere is attracted to your dick (maybe a few). Most of us are to the way you treat us. In a World where being a gentleman is as common as washing your hands you would have a woman melting in your hands much faster if you were polite. That instead of calling her uptight and a prude for not accepting your advances maybe talk to her and see what she is about.  So if all you have to offer is that dick pick you took 5 years ago in a bathroom where the lighting made it two inches bigger. Maybe just maybe save yourself the time. Instead of sliding into DM’s everywhere maybe take a good inward look at what it is you have to offer. If all you are is the 6 to 8 inches that resides in your pants well I don’t know about you but I need something more. Trust me if you have seen one you have seen them all they don’t change much. Show me something that the next guy doesn’t have…that would be a picture worth seeing. In fact there is a whole sub culture surrounded by taking attractive dick pictures. Just go over to to see exactly what I am talking about. In fact that is where I got my image for this post from!! So men if you are going to take a picture. Do it right. Do it in a way that has never been done before. That will truly captivate our mind!

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  1. mercutio says:

    I’ve tried to do precisely that, something maybe a little different, working with what I’ve got and not by any means mistaking it for all I am.


      1. mercutio says:

        It may seem trite in the midst of everything going on right now to comment on such a topic, so please excuse my escapism. That’s all my blog is so I come here in that sort of mindset


      2. I understand. I write so I can feel some sort of tranquility.

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