Six Things That Are Holding You Back

If we could try and influence our own life path by simply just being kind to ourselves wouldn’t you want to partake? What is it that you are scared of? Success, freedom, happiness. There will always be things that are out of control that are working towards keeping us set in our ways. The Universe relies on a certain pull in order for the Universe to go round. You can’t deny the facts. We as humans have been extremely terrible. Not only to ourselves but too each other. In the grander scheme of things we have allowed this negative intense pull to control our destiny. Never truly looking forward and only dissecting the past in ways that make us feel like as a human race we haven’t destroyed everything we touched.  Maybe I was asleep during history class. Maybe it was because in my youthfulness although intrigued by history I was still more concerned with my social life and all things that becoming a woman entailed. Or at least what I believed it to mean. I was so self absorbed in myself that I failed to see just how corrupt our leaders were and how they tainted us all throughout history.

The Earth has always appeared to be extremely racist. Hiding behind religious beliefs we allowed us to control how we were as human beings. So if we are going to banish John A MacDonald for being a racist then we should also erase Christopher Columbus from time too. He was well known to abuse and torture the indigenous people he encountered. Throughout time anytime we saw a new race of people we decided to demoralize them, stun them and try to erase them from time. I still have trouble wrapping my head around our current monarchy. All the war that was started and boundaries made were to keep them rich and us poor. Imagine a World where instead of trying to annihilate those we encountered we wanted to learn and see what they were about. Every army as they raided the cities they conquered raped, abused, stole and burned to the ground any little piece of their existence. So now I need to know if we were brainwashed so long ago and it infected all of our ancestors how can we try to gain a little bit of normalcy back into our own lives. In a World so conditioned towards power of control how can we start to gain some control back into ours? Here are 6 fairly easy ways you can forgive the errs of the past and learn to reign in some of your control.

#1 Your Ego:  For those of you that think that you are more entitled to a life well lived then your neighbour then you need to check your ego at the door.  The greatest of all gifts that we have been granted is the ability to feel compassion to our fellow beings. All beings. Your ego will make you believe that you are better than everybody else around you. That you and only you are worthy of that promotion, the title, the fame, the fortune.  When you have an over inflated ego you fail to recognize your surroundings and those that you are trampling on. Sooner or later you will find yourself all alone with just your poisonous thoughts to entertain you.

#2 Bad Friends: This maybe quiet possibly the easiest and hardest to do at the same time. Some people are just naturally bad. You can tell right away who they are. They are self absorbed, conceited, when they aren’t talking about themselves they are bashing other friends. Their whole world revolves around them. They are always the first person to get mad when you don’t support them but they are also they last person to support you. The only reason why there is even a resemblance of friendship between the two is because overall they can see your value and they continue to leech off your good intentions. It is best to cut the cord and cut it quick. You don’t have to go into all the details with anybody. They just aren’t your style of people.  Enough said move on. You can’t turn a bad friend into a good one. Once they show their true colours there is no going back.

#3 Negative Thoughts: We all have these. We are not good enough for anything that we love and want to try. We know all of our own weaknesses and we play into them like a fiddle.  I have no idea what makes us doubt ourselves as much as we do. There is only this one life in this time that we are existing in so trying anything short of your best would be a great mistake.

#4 People’s Opinions: Those nasty opinions that people have. Yes sometimes we ask for other’s advice but we should always take it in and value our own internal thoughts above all us. Not what our ego is telling us to do but our soul.

#5 Being Materialistic:  We have this unhealthy addiction of what we perceive to be success. In all corners of our life we are conditioning ourselves to want more. We want to be more attractive then those around us. We want the best of everything. We all have an unhealthy obsession that drives us to want o consume as much as possible. WE are all on display and with that nervous apprehension that is what makes us reach for obtaining the best of everything not realizing that what truly becomes the best is what lies inside and not anything that can be held or given away.

#6 Unhealthy Addiction:  Anything that truly wastes time and takes you farther from the person you are destined to be. Any wasted second spent without realizing your potential will take you farther away. Some unhealthy addictions will rob you of time, people and money. Addictions know no limits as they will cut you down at the knees making you scream for mercy to you are granted clemency.

There is no mistake for a life well lived. Not one that requires you to acquire a certain amount of possessions before finally feeling fulfilled. Your fulfillment comes just from seeing your smile being reciprocated. That once you get a hang of eliminating these 6 habits then you will truly begin to live free. It isn’t a race to see who finishes first. It’s a race to see who can live a life well helping those in need along the way.

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  1. lemmontage says:

    Yes. There is no past. The past is gone. Only the present matters. The present is what we use to make decisions that give us the future we want.


    1. The past is good as in myths in legends to teach those a different way of thinking…but lethal because we like to stick ourselves to what was instead of what should be.


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