Materialistic Fate and Ruin of Mankind

We live in the land of excess. Where it was believed long ago that the more you acquired the longer and more vital your life line would be. We always disregarded those we didn’t understand. Disposing of them as we deemed fit. Using them as servants to realize our dreams. Only to trash them come morning as the next shipment of well rested beings hit the pavement with their feet. Loyalty? Who needs that. Never has there been a period where possessing that quality has been rewarded. Reading through history I want to believe that somewhere our life’s purpose did some good. Somewhere through those grains of time most be a tale where your heart doesn’t feel like it’s being ripped out of your chest only to be eaten by those lands you insist on co-inhabiting. Except for there were no real. The whole point since the existence of mankind was to rape, steal, terrorize. I have yet to find a chapter in the history books where we became enthralled with the people in our presence with a genuine desire to learn and acquire their traits. Realizing that there was value in their existence and customs that would take us far beyond the means of the concrete jungles we inhabit now. If you dig deeper throughout the pages in history you will see that we have not evolved at all. As a species we have digressed backwards in such a way that the only thing promised now is our eventual demise.

The only thing that I have trouble understanding more than what we are doing to each other is what we have already done. If we are so quick to rewrite the tales throughout history where we overshadowed those we were living on land before us why isn’t the rest of the World following suit. Why is it always the middle class that suffers the most. Isn’t this what all the fighting was for? To provide a life for your people? Not only a happy life but a prosperous life in a New Land? We were only doing as we were instructed from our monarchy so why is it only us that needs to foot the bill? Empires were built on the invasion of surrounding cities with beliefs that didn’t coincide with their own. Reading through the pages and realizing that long before ISIS and Al Qaeda hit our shores the Royals were invading their lands. Hundreds of years ago before the Christian faith had taken hold invasion were being made and all non conforming Christians were slaughtered. How come now when it is done for the exact same reason we call it terrorism? In Hollywood we write these tales of retribution where the son goes and seeks out his revenge in the name of his father. He ends up being a hero. A group of Muslims does this to honour their God and maybe there is a little bit of hate being fed from the rape, abuse and humiliation from the past. No deed goes unnoticed. Mother Nature and the Universe doesn’t work that way. You reap so shall you sow. I am not justifying either one groups actions. Both to me or unforgiveable. Europe has never made any moves to ask for forgiveness. Who knows what secrets they hold in their vaults. They have secrets worth dying over that is for sure. The royals will always be a family that seems to be untouched. In today’s day in age knowing what we know does any one family deserve to have that much power? Haven’t we proved that the Earth is round and that we are all deemed to have the same fate? I shake my head.

From the very beginning we have polluted our youth’s mind. We have created this World where we need to look out for those right across from us. Neighbors are jealous over another neighbor’s assets. Family members fight because somebody is deemed the favourite. A child screams over wanting the newest pair of shoes. Family’s go without while other’s have more than meets their needs. So now I need to know with so much excess why are their people still without. Check out our landfills. There really is something to be said for one’s mans garbage is another mans treasure. We should stop filling our land fills with what we deem as garbage in filth. Our landfills should only house those items that can’t be decomposed or recycled. Objects that can be used should be donated. There is no need to profit off of those who have nothing. Imagine how much hope one would get knowing that their fellow man believed in them. I am not immune to the idea that life can strike us done faster than we can blink an eye. All it takes is one addiction, one wrong choice, one bad relationship and that too can be me. I understand that the reason there family has given up on them is because there family has given up on them first. Not because of any other reason than survival. There is only so much we all can take. We aren’t meant to absorb to much negativity. To much negativity in small regular doses will destroy a normal man. Imagine a man on the brink of an edge now you have a major breakdown.

I wonder what it will take to break the chains that bind us to our past. Until we are fully able to release that hold we are bound to make the same mistakes. Evolution has brought us to the here and now. Of course our ancestors from long ago lived a more barbaric existence then we could ever imagine. During times of the great famine people were known to do the most heinous of acts. As an example legend had it that a man killed and cooked his pregnant wife in order to survive. The actions of our past can not sustain our future. There will always be hate until we reset the hands of time. Return what was stolen. I am not meaning land I am talking about family heirlooms and memories. What good do these items have sitting in a righteous vault. Times have changed people have changed. Dissimilate the bulk of materialistic power and the World will take notice. Allowing the thrown to still be sat at will leave this country in ruins. Until we learn to co-habitat with all of our fellow men we will all have to live broken. Such is the materialistic fate and ruin of mankind.

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