Mother Nature’s Course Correction

In times of madness we can see our true colours begin to fly. We are ignorant to those that are in are presence as we can only keep in mind one thing … our desire to survive. We sell our souls to the devil at the first sign of mania and never look back. With a serious life threatening pandemic threatening all of our shores we still refrain from looking to within. How can we ignore basic facts. Don’t travel, wash your hands, avoid going out if you exhibit any of these symptoms. We know that the young, the elderly and those with a compromised immunity are at greater risk. Read the words that the forgot. Our past, our future, our heart. Those who are compromised are usually more compassionate. They have been ravaged from sickness before but nothing like this. They will do whatever it takes to stay healthy. They will wash and wash and sanitize and try to stockpile for the family. And us with virtually no threats. Well we act like a pack of vandalizing hoarding the supplies most needed. Those are the *ssholes we get to share the planet with.

Throughout history we have been littered with war, famine and disease. It is an inevitable outcome of doing business. A course correction is needed however Mother Nature can’t directly correct what she needs. We need to take notice of our surroundings and those we inhabit this space with. Robbing the innocent of all means of survival is just as selfish as if you gave them the virus in the first place. We should give all of those working to fight this our support. We should listen to their advice. I can’t help but remind myself that 40-45 million people on this Earth right now are direct descendants of Ghangas Khan. That is one tyrant in history that now has ran his blood into our mainstream. The conqueror who keeps on conqueror. Not to mention every other tyrant through history who raped and left his seed in the aftermath of destruction. That is a lot of self righteous entitled seed thinking that is over and above the average human we share our time with.

Can you honestly say though that there wasn’t something that was supposed to be coming our way. We have done far too much to the Earth to have her sit by and allow us to take any more of her beloved nature and beings. If what they are saying is true and this disease started from the deplorable acts made upon animals in order to become more viral, healthy and eternal. Then unfortunately we do reap what we sow. But now the onslaught of human life that is now at risk will once again remind a nation to correct their course and seal and inevitable fate. I don’t want to die. I want my family to remain healthy. My parents are healthy. My dad still doesn’t talk to me. I have a lot I still want to do in this life. However not to sound ignorant but if I listen to what makes sense (I give up on our leaders because all they are doing is leading us to self destruction) maybe me and those I love will be able to live to see the World begin to heal.

Now that we all seem to have more time with our cities going under lockdown maybe we can look deep within. Life almost happened by magic. All of a sudden we inhabited this body and life as we knew it began. We lived in families, with friends and schooling. Some people travel but it was mostly for work or because they were superstars. We would wait for entertainment to hit our cities so we can all gather in the streets as one giant family. When you dropped your children off for sports parents stayed. Most parents were even friends. They would all sit together and cheer and celebrate at each child’s successes. We would all go out for ice cream afterwards and laugh and plan our weekends. Mostly spent at the lake but sometimes there was camping.

I will never forget when I learned though that the World can be cruel. That life wasn’t promised and yes it can be taken away by anybody. There was the morning when I woke to find my Grandma had been airlifted for surgery on a brain tumour. And then their was the People’s Princess. Growing up I watched her evolution. She taught all young girl’s everywhere that we are all worthy and capable of being a Princess. That sometimes your good heart could overrun those who wanted nothing more than control. She was the epitome of good grace, poise, humanity…there is a reason why Mother Theresa cried at her passing. There was a rumour that on that day it was the only time she cried. As a woman with strong faith you know that our future is in God’s hands. On that day however she couldn’t help those tears. She knew that not only was gone but she was murdered. Robbed from all of humanity to serve a greater evil purpose.

Look at the reasons why any leader invaded. It wasn’t for us their people. It was for them to acquire more wealth, more power. Ask yourself what would make your life more bearable. So in a World where we are ho


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