Further Feed My Madness

The more I try to uncover it all the more none of it makes sense. I am becoming so confused in my own reality it is like I have gone mad. To say it is from isolation is a path that I have been on since we moved out here. Just me, my boy, my pets and the occasional guest. The lack of mental stimulation if only from conversation alone would far be the reason for the hole rot in my brain. But maybe the hole isn’t from rot at all. Maybe it is an opening to a deeper understand. One that comes as fast as the tide. Which now my mind drifts to wonder, has the tide changed at all since the energy levels of the Universe has reversed?

The reason why we have opposites because we are all one and the same. Pieces of one entity. That is why we are capable of feeling another’s emotions and energies. The interchange between the two is uncanny. From all angles if you consider the start of it all. When that micro-orb or whatever decided to divide it always started just from one. Then the mitosis occurs and humans are born. Always though starting from that just one. Or maybe two but as you see what I am trying to say that in the very grander scheme of things to say that you have not evolved from somebody before would be saying that you are not one of the Earth. To all have the same beginning would mean that we were all pieces of the same. So to hurt another is to hurt yourself. An eye for an eye. No wonder why it is getting so hard to comprehend what is happening in this World. We hurt and harm each other like it is no big thing. Only to be reunited in the after life hating each other. Recognizing the level of hate and evil being spurned from ones eyes we are once again banished to another life battle to see if this time we can figure it out.

We are so much more than death than we can ever realize. We have the choice of which directional path we want to run on. Remember though to harm another is to harm yourself so in essence you haven’t learned a thing. There is something to be said for kindness and compassion. Do onto others as you would have done onto you. To confirm with my thinking that maybe are all one in the same I think about the way diseases and viruses have eradicated our communities, countries and nations anytime we tried to expand to far out from our centers. I love to travel and I love the beauty of the rest of the World but maybe that is why it is so enticing. Why are minds get so polluted with thoughts are so grander than ourselves because that was the misconception all along. We can laugh and play and make the World oh so incredibly beautiful but we all forgot one thing. Evil walks amongst us and they want to tempt our fates. In order to reconnect with each other when this is all said and done we have to play nice with the pieces of us that are running out amongst the living. Honour each piece like a beautiful treasure.

The more we are hateful and spurn off each other. The finer the pieces will be. The smaller the puzzle the more agitated we become. The peace though is in knowing that eventually they all fit. Think of somebody you have loved deeply that is no longer here. Don’t you want to believe that they are there waiting for you on the other side? If that is the thinking then the idea must be that our energies are attracted back together. That we are once gain together. That we are once again one. If you don’t believe in anything like that after you take your last breath than this post isn’t for you. But I have known some incredible people say goodbye to those that they loved far to soon. To say that that piece of them never existed would be denying the existence at all. My hope is for my friends who are experiencing this kind of loss is their strength is coming from their energies already being reunited. Waiting to carry her home.

So do you love yourself enough to actually love your fellow man? One day you will know or feel exactly what I mean. Yes there is evil but those aren’t your pieces. Some pieces were designed to confuse us all. To prevent us from feeling that true tranquil peace. That only comes from having a true understanding that we are in fact one and the same. To do anything else just makes me shudder. Those who think it is funny to hurt another. To lie, cheat, steal. The reality (your reality) is when you do any of those things you are truly only hurting yourself. Even though you might not feel the direct hit you will some day. You just made another piece or ripple if you may. That ripple or tear in the fabric of reality will have an affect in a way that is yet to be determined. Because if there is any sort of truth to what it is that I am saying then I already know what it is I need to do. For me myself I think I have either gone a lil mad in the delirium of my own mind or maybe there is lil rip into my own reality. There really is know way in knowing so for this I may have to wait. To further my readings and understanding into a deeper philosophical sense, will further feed my madness. Which I am sure I am bound to forget.

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