To Succeed or To Survive

Amongst the tranquil noise of silence I walk the streets aimlessly. Not because I know where I am going because there was nowhere I could go. I wanted to believe there was still something worth fighting for. Looking back now though we should have all seen this coming. Our vain attempts to outdo each other has now become our demise. Where once there was laughter and singing in the streets comes the looming dark clouds of uncertainty will we remember or will we forget.

Our entitled privilege let’s us believe that this will passover. We survived plagues, economic collapse and World Wars why couldn’t we survive this? Yes we as humans will survive but our compassion towards each other is dying. Imagine laying dying as those around you wrapped themselves up in plastic to say their goodbye. What we once took for granted we now long for. We never considered our rammification of far outliving our needs. It was never about needs but those sick twisted wants that allow the rest of the World to see the segregation of class.

What have we been fighting for all these years? World trade? Economic and financial freedom? A safe place to raise our families? Or how about the general need for compassion and just freedom? Did anybody consider the lessons that they sacrificed their lives for? We say don’t compare those times to these but how can that be? Soldiers sprayed down an entire nation with DDT to fight a plague they were just trying to understand. Pouring toxic chemicals freely trying to convince us they were right. They were told to stay home while this was done. Freedom once again lost and sacrificed.

Maybe we never truly had freedom until now. Our homes and families became collateral damage as we struggled to put money away for holidays instead of putting our money away. We are all guilty of feeling like no harm can come our way. Until it does and we have no coping skills. Bound to those that annoy us and question our insanity.

So now amongst the audible silence of the streets that have no name we are stuck with the stranger inside us. We have no idea what makes our heart sing or what it will take to set our soul ablaze. We were so focused on surviving instead of learning how to live that we forgot to get to know ourselves. Adjusting to a new normal with only ourselves to stimulate our imagination it is like watching the World stand still. We relay new information like it was our tale to tell. None of us really truly knowing what it is we need our want.

I never wanted to become a stranger of my own company. Sitting though amongst the silence while the rest of the World sleeps I can hear the soft whispers coming from somewhere deep. My past and memories try to bond me to the things I see but can not feel. Taunting me. Reminding me. That I was once loved. Once loved by another but never by myself. My toxic thoughts and impurities keeping good intentions at bay. It was only when I was humble that I began to discover who I am.

It is not enough to mechanically work through goodwill intention. You actually have to become your goodwill, your intention so it runs deep inside you. Subconciously you will begin to think of others and less about yourself. We have long been told to take care of you first before others. Think of a time when there has been a life worthy enough of living that just did that. Imagine how different our World would be now if we put the needs of others ahead of our own. Instead of destroying those that were different from us we would have wanted to understand. Their cultures, their beliefs, their reasons for living or all one in the same.

Who would we be today if slavery, racism, degradation of woman, suppression of basic rights never happened.   What if we instead of baring arms at the first sight of shore we came with an intrigue and curiosity to explore. Why didn’t we want to explore the possibility of learning from those that we found. Why was the answer to murder and enslave and prevent social development and prospects. Our bloodline has been diluted to where most of our ancestors our guilty of social tyranny and disrespect. Huge mistakes have been made in the forever quest of World domination. Maybe it is us who needed conditioning all along. I am not saying that borders never should have been crossed. More I wish we opened our arms and our hearts instead of wanting to rule the World.

Now here we are banished from each other like school kids who couldn’t play nice. All there is now is silence and the ricochets from the past that are holding us back. We were never an enemy of each other. We were conditioned inside the womb that the unknown is the enemy. When we don’t know it is passed to be aggressive and on high alert. Let no man pass unless they know the secret word. Just so you are aware though the word changes though depending on whose lips they shall pass. To play nice amongst each other is like forgiving ourselves for who we are. We are no more aware of what lays inside of us than we are our neighbours next door. To think that our lives any lives is worth sacrificing our future for is insanity. We have been repeating the same mistakes since man has learned how to walk. It doesn’t take just one person to change the World. It takes a whole army. The problem that we are faced now is that what we are trying to change is older than we are. The Earth and all it’s inhabitants have a value that no man could ever be made aware. The race against the clock is for our own extinction. We watch carelessly as one by one the species begin to drop into an abyss that we can never get back. Deep within the chasm though lays the silence that will overtake the World. To ignore it’s message is like laughing at your own reflection. The only damage done is to you and you alone. The rest of the World will find a way to survive. That is in fact what drives each and everyday isn’t it? The will to succeed or the will to survive each valued in there own sense. One will rule the World the other will rule your being. The choice is yours to succeed or survive. The rest is up to you.

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