A Righteous Path Towards Destruction

Our misguided source of self entitlement has corrupted us to our soul. Somewhere on the time line we decided that profit over life is the be all end all to this game of life. We sit atop our perch dictating to those below. The game that we got caught up in was no more than a relentless quest of power that was not supposed to be a part of the grander scheme of things. One only has to look at the compassion expressed amongst other life forms to see that this is true. Once natural predators in the wild all of mother nature comes together in times of great peril. One only has to look at the wildfires that ravaged across Australia to see that this is true. All life tried to help those that were engulfed in the flames. It is incredible to think that an animal would risk their life to preserve another but that is what we saw time and time again.

It is hard to determine whether or not we are living on the right path. We are forced to believe that we are doing and how we are inhabiting is the righteous path for all. But now as seen through the eyes of those who are suffering and will suffer at the hands of this virus one only has to consider the origin to understand where it is we went wrong. More to the origin of this mutated virus you can also see the timeline throughout history trying to warn us of our past mistake. The World was never meant to be conquered. We were meant to co-exist with the life forms that we share this World with.

Consider the Indigenous that inhabited this land before we came to uncover a route to China. For what? Economic expansion and wealth. That was the goal. There was no intrigue and wonderment when it came to seeing another species of man. A species of man that loved all the Earth and it’s inhabitants. That would practice sacred rituals before the hunt and even in death they would thank the animal for their contribution to the cycle of life. There was no reckless or self righteous account to the murder of the animal that they were about to consume. No they knew that the bounty that they were to enjoy should be celebrated and thanked. That the life that was given up for their survival is something to not be lost on full bodies. They knew by taking care of their surroundings that they would be rewarded. There is no known record of disease to take these communities until the white men came with their incestuous demands to succeed under all means possible.

Rare is it to find compassion in your fellow man. Imagine the nature that ensures our survival and peace of mind. Everything we need to survive we take for granted for and taint. We pollute in ways that should put us all to shame. Instead of learning to live and embrace the land that we were so thankful for. We engaged in HUGE acts of defiance against mother Earth and all of it’s inhabitants. We should all feel ashamed for our continuous role in our own demise. With no fresh water, air and organic food we are quickly sealing our fate as one of the most righteous self entitled creatures that has every inhabited the planet. No wonder mother nature is trying to wake us up.

There has always been debate over the ethical treatment of animals and how they are prepared for us to consume. We no longer say a prayer and give thanks for the bounty we are about to eat. We feel that we as a superior race are entitled to it. The origin of this virus came to the murderous fear that was instilled into these animals as they took their last breaths. The fear would have been thick as the feces that was on the outside of their bodies. Imagine knowing that your fate would be sealed by those laughing and pointing at you in your cage. We will never be able to determine the thoughts and process going through these animals minds. We will try to convince themselves that they have no feelings and feel no pain. Have you looked at an animal? I mean truthfully looked into their eyes and searched their depths of their souls. To try and tell yourself that animals are incapable of feelings is the very problem that we are faced with today.

What I always was intrigued by was an animals ability to get a good read on somebody. They can tell before that person even reaches out their hand if they are somebody they can trust or not. Just because we are able to communicate with each other doesn’t make us a superior race. In fact our ability to lie and pretend like things are no big deal is something that is taking us over like wildfire. Where animals have developed a sixth sense we still remain stagnant in our own demise. Animals have evolved probably to a higher plateau then we can even imagine. Without words they have found a way to communicate through their behaviour and the way they conduct their affairs. One only has to disappear for a week only to be snubbed by their beloved. They want to sleep near you because you are their pack. They sense when you are feeling discouraged or just generally need them to be present. They are not absorbed by their own obsessive need for fame and power. All they ever wanted was a life with you.  Animals have long uncovered how life is bittersweet and amazing all in one breath. To be able to love selflessly and unconditionally even after we as humans have broken their heart. You can see it in their heart as their animals drop them off to a shelter. With no words or understanding they are locked inside a cage until they come face to face with their own death.

That’s just it. Most of us are a self righteous lot of assholes that care more about feeding our greed then those right in front of us. We see it in the way we keep defying all the World Health Orders. We somehow have convinced ourselves that we are above all this corrupt power and health. The idea that there will be a complete World wide imposed lockdown is something very near on the horizon. In order to contain the spread of this disease it just needs to be done. We need to take more time reflecting on this Earth and our self righteous attitude towards. Mother Nature will not waiver in her relentless quest to wake us up. One only has to look to the natural disasters and course of this disease to see. If we try to keep sleeping through the madness we run the risk of never being able to wake up. The only choice we have now is whether or not we chose salvation.  Do right onto others and all that jazz. It can all start with just you.

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