To Infringe on One’s Soul

In a World filled with so much uncertainty one only has to look at the pages from the past to see this was a tale once told. In The Modern Critical Interpretations of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” or mind is opened into this realm of possibility. Moral law is the indestructible will of man to achieve his humanity. Which boils down to pride, power and endurance. Imagine in the 1950’s boasting about all things that were to come. You would have no idea of the ramification of such words if you knew. If you knew that this would be the turning point for all the World. Well there have been many turns that we had ignored or taken down another path. We never truly cared to share the Earth with anybody. In a World that would see it’s population boom one has to ask where do we have room for all these people and their ego.

Foreshadowing the direction that the World is heading the play is a symbol for the fall of all mankind. Gone is the single income family that works together in raising their family and keeping their home. Where once land and property would be handed down to the next generation we see the diminishing value of holding onto such things. Our own vain attempts of getting ahead become clouded when we realize maybe we don’t have a clue what any of that means. We lost our inability to dream when the rat race ensued. Making us believe that our wants should outweigh our needs. That we would rather work ourselves to death then to make death work. So many work tirelessly to keep their families fed only to find themselves succumbed to ill health or even possibly the inevitable.

“What was a illusion of the mind has become a socially conditioned addiction reinforced by everything we buy”. When the economy about to take a dive we instantly think about our immediate gratifications. What will it take to sustain our selfish desires in times of great hardship. Gone are the humble ways of the past as our fight and flight sensors kick into over drive. We pretend like things are somewhat normal as we amp up our presence on social media. We want to open the windows to show others how strong we are. That we are able to weather the storms no matter the severity. If only we were better prepared for the potential insanity that was nipping at our heels. It is hard to know what is right from wrong when all we care to do is recite paranoia for facts and then insist that the same facts are fiction. How are we supposed to find our way in all the hysteria when there is too much information that is under our fingertips.

So how can there be a lesson to apply in what is going on in today’s current time. There is always a lesson to be found in the Worlds of others. When somebody has taken the time with pen to paper you can be assured that there words will have meaning. In, “Death of Salesman” Miller was talking about the crumbling of the American Dream. Where once it was enough to be young, energetic and full of zest there comes a time where the World evolves in such a way that the undeveloped mind can’t handle the change. As the protagonist goes from being at the top of his sales guy with two viral boys a dedicate wife and even a mistress he dances on that moral line. Trying to keep up in appearances that time has robbed from him.

Pride keeps us from accomplishing a lot of our goals in our life time. What we perceive to be pride is actual our own insecurity of failure. We often forget that part of the excitement and mystery is the actual fulfilling and working towards the dream. It was never about the actual ending it was always just about the journey. To have something that you believe in so bad that makes your World a better place.  This is something that we should all have the chance to experience. In my life my ending is constantly evolving. What has never waivered was my desire to help those that are less fortunate than myself. I had no idea that the journey was going to take my life down a catastrophic path. Not so much my life but our lives. To see what is happening around the World is absolutely insanity. The idea that any one human could forgo the advice of our government is craziness. The only way that we can gain control and move forward is to have this period of time taken seriously. This all boils down to moral law. Some of us have taken the idea of self righteousness and entitlement to a new extreme.

To watch the hoards of people who are advised to social distance still come together in a public place is maddening. They have confused ignoring your fellow men with the 2 meter rule. We think that as long as we aren’t smiling and engaging in conversation that we must be following the recommendation. What it is right now is a recommendation  will soon be enforced. There will be screams of social injustice as our basic rights of freedom are being withheld for the short term. This is to preserve the human race. This is to try and minimize the loss and suffering that can come from those who are infected. This is to reduce the spread of this disease that is on track to wreck havoc on the population of this planet. The idea that some are taking this lightly is oh so aggravating for those that are. It somehow seems unjust to be able to say, “I told you so.” From every which way we have been warned and yet some of us still play. “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole World and lose his soul.”

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