Wanton Waves of Entitlement

How quick life can change. In a blink of an eye a new normal. The new normal being anything but. Any time you get to see the true colours of the person next to you fly will bring on a new set of insecurities that will make just the thought of getting out of bed seem like a monumental task. Things that once seem so trivial seem so out of our reach. To say that things will ever get back to how they used to is like pretending that this didn’t even happen. The World as we knew it will forever be changed.  All we wanted was a World we could conquer and destroy. Isn’t that what we have been doing since we founded these shores anyways. We never wanted to discover what we couldn’t see. We wanted to annihilate anything we didn’t understand.  Anything we didn’t understand was wrong, evil, born of the devil. Who would have guessed that those that were infected by our wanton ways of entitlement may have been the only ones that knew all along. That the value of life all life was something to e reassured. It was not enough to feed your bellies but to give praise and thanks to the circle of life that kept their families fed and alive for another season. We saw their compassion for the World that they were a part of as weakness. Forever in time there gifts to this planet will remain.

Did you ever think what it would truly take for you to be happy in this World. We thought that working and getting up in the morning was the secret to success. Stuck in our hamster wheels with little or no direction the scenery and purpose never changing. We desire everything and nothing from the World on a continuous basis. As fast as we give praise to our good fortune we have no choice but to swear at our misfortunes. I always knew that the World turned on the misguided beliefs that we thought we were all worthy and entitled to something more. We laughed and cursed in the same breath at those that tried to save us. Who needed saving the most was me. As those I admired started to show their ugly side my heart broke even more. Witnessing those that believed that their value of life was higher than anybody else’s we see the wanton disregard for any and all life. We aren’t learning from our mistakes. We are conforming to them if only to appease those that carry the torches. The World has gone mad in a way that we have never witnessed before. Usually our insecurities have spilled onto other shores. This time though, the polluted incestuous air has over run us with the impure of intentions.

Does one even know what is considered news these days. Every day is swallowed up whole by this contagion. We care no more for what is happening in our streets only to tell those in them to smarten up and go home. The only news is about who is infected and how it came to be that they carried these viruses to our shores. Just like in a weird tale from long ago our original North American descendants are the only ones who can possibly tell us what to expect next. They watched their numbers drop as boat loads upon boat loads of Europeans hit the shores ravaged from malaria and other tropical bound diseases. The Indigenous inhabitants had no idea what was about to hit their communities. A silent air borne killer took their villages and showed no mercy as they preyed on all. If Karma was able to I am sure this is how she would get back at us an laugh. Leave no good turn unnoticed as there was nothing but evil malicious intent back on those days. Look how we justified our actions by hailing to the Queen only to spurn her as hour mother country when the earliest settlers greed over took them.

There is so much we have always taken for granted. The simplistic beauty of life. We tried so hard to conquer the World through travel but really all we did was watch the World crumble as we did so. I fear that the life we grew so accustomed to and that we took for granted will be a thing of the past. I grew up in a time when HIV/AIDS was gaining in mainstream. It took our heroes and turned them into these shells of a man that we would never understand. We would never know the full struggles as they were handed down an early life sentence. Imagine staring death in the face and saying not today madman not today. As those we loved were infected we went to a place where we were terrified of being infected to being terrified that we would lose somebody that we loved. That though was entirely different. We believed that it was transmitted from close personal touch and began to move accordingly. Luckily for science they were able to prove how it transferred and life as we knew moved on. It took a lot of people we admired though taking a stand with those we loved to show that it took more than personal touch to be infected.

With an airborne virus though. That changes everything. Who is to say that 2 meters is enough space. We test surfaces and matter to try and determine just how long it can live for outside of its host. But is this fact or fiction and has it morphed again into another silent deranged killer.  For as long as I can remember we have been told to live each day like it’s your last. Get the most out of each one and dream into the next. My dreams and my wild imagination is something I had always turned to. Being able to transport myself to a different place in time has always been a source of strength. Imagining pageants, car shows and fundraisers has always been a big part of my day. Now as our futures become something that we can’t even comprehend going forward I wonder just how to go about getting the magic out of each day. The only source of comfort that I have in these moments is these sense that we are all in this together. There is not one of us that will come out ahead. In time we will see those that have stood in humanity’s way but not until the cloud of dissention has dispersed. Greed, lust, envy are all keys to opening our own personal hell here on Earth. Soon we will see just how many portals have been left opened. All it took was just a few showing their intentions of being impure against their fellow man. I think that is the source of the great negative energy threaten to divide us. What a time left with too many uncertainties. The only certain truth is that there will be a new normal but only after a day of reckoning. When the masses awake from their slumber and see the errors in their ways. We will see the healing manifest itself interwoven into the tiny threads of survival that will motivate and impact us all.


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