What a Difference a Day Makes

It is incredible to think that in one split second our day can come from bad to worse or hopefully from good to great. All without blinking an eye or getting out of your house. Everything that you have taken for granted now burns a whole in your heart wishing. Wishing that instead of doing what you believed was in “your best interest” that you considered somebody other than ourselves. We are all guilty of saying no to dinner plans, social gatherings, family reunions or anything else that seemed like it would be there tomorrow. Always putting off what we can do today for tomorrow. Tomorrow has a habit though of never showing. Tomorrow likes to keep our minds focused on somewhere other than the present moment that we find ourselves all in. We never sit still long enough to appreciate the lives we have been granted. It is one of those feelings often over looked because as long as we are living in breathing the World is my oyster right?

We are all guilty in moving in ways that we thought would serve as more of a benefit then anything that could evolve into something that matters. The concept of time lost on most as we find ourselves in places we never thought possible. Aging now is a luxury that escapes even the most privileged. Only yesterday we were taking even the most trivial tasks for granted. Some would even curse throughout their days about how bad they had it or how much they hated to live. It is crazy to think that when our basic human rights are compromised how different our song sounds. In one day we had our basic rights compromised. For no fault of our own we are now being forced to pay the ultimate price for somebody else’s sins. We are paying the ultimate price with those we love most. Those who work tirelessly to try and save us also live each and everyday in fear. Where once we were these egotistical beast we have now been reduced to rubble.

Just leaving the house can me life and death for son. With an invisible silent killer on the loose everybody becomes the enemy.  Where once we lived vicariously we now life in fear. We have no choice but to be skeptical of every single movement. Words losing all meaning as we sit on the sidelines waiting for even the slightest glimmer of hope. Instead of coming together in a poetic way to try and save humanity from both a physical and mental state. We see countries still fighting, countries divided as we try to put a value on human life. That is what it has boiled down too. Depending on the person who is sick will determine on whether or not they receive the cure. If there is a cure. How could any leader, any citizen stand idly b as the people they love perish in this all time battle for power and control. Once again the innocent are the ones who get to pay. All disposable after falling into the wrong hands.

Living with such an uncertain future has most of us living in a panicked state. Unsure of what the outcome may be we have no control now over our dreams and future. How can one visualize their 5 year plan when there might not even be the next 5 years to celebrate. Our brains are taking this toxic hit that we may not ever recover from. With so much fear building up inside of all of us we are delusional to think that anything that we remembered could ever be restored. How can it ever be? We will never be able to sanitize or keep our spaces clean enough to ever live in serenity again. Factor into the news that keeps building up around us that we failed to acknowledge. We run the risk of a “Sleeping Beauty” syndrome that will affect us all. If we fail to recognize that we can’t control the state of another being then this pandemic will never be controlled. If we fail to see that the World can not be restored to the free movement that we once enjoyed then we will pay with our life. Think of all the carriers in our mist that have no side effects. The ones who have self isolated until they were told to leave their houses and then bam here we are all over again.

Our World is changing but it has also evolved. The survival of every species relies on a helping hand from mother nature in order to acquire the necessary tools to weather each storm. The reality that this virus or any virus can eliminate us all would be unheard of. Or is it unheard of. Dinosaurs once existed but evolution made it so that in some form there species survived. The life that we have been accustomed to is changing and it is up to us on how we want to handle that change. A lot can happen in a day. A lot has to happen in a day. People are born as people die. We find cures as fast as the diseases find us. We lose hope and then faith is restored. In times of great sorrow such as the weight of the World that we are all experiencing all we have is each other. Although not in the physical sense we can still show basic compassion for every being that crosses our path. This morning before I crawled out of bed I made sure to enjoy the presence of each tiny lil being that came to me for a snuggle. Taking in their warmth and being lulled by their song I was thankful for their presence in my life. Although they didn’t have a choice of becoming my pet I believe backhandedly they all did. They express their true happiness and thanks by showing me an endless supply of love. In their eyes too a day can make all the difference. Where once they were abandoned and left with no home we took them in to give them boundless love. Maybe in time of great sorrow it is the love that can be found amongst the living that can make all the difference. We can control the impact we have on not only ourselves but each other. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to at least strive for the best life? At least just for one day?


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