So Much White Noise

There is so much white noise throughout our lives it causes our senses to be off. Where once we could recognize if something felt off we have learned to quite down our sixth sense in order to try and fit in. I know I have always tried. Before we can even learn to communicate properly we are constantly being told no. It seems like somewhere it has been hardwired that we are already doomed to do the wrong thing. That though would be determined on who it is considering that what you did was wrong. There is no right path to live on. The only true course is the one that brings you contentment. That inner light that radiates from within. I used to think that only I could feel the energy that came when I was being true to myself what I found out yesterday though is feelings definitely can be absorbed by the other beings that you come into contact with. What I found yesterday is your energy can be felt amongst two beings and that exchange is incredible.

Two nights ago now we got the phone call. The phone call that somebody we loved was handed down their death sentence. Amongst the chaos of the World life still moves on…or stops in this case here.  What was communicated to us was that they would only have 3 months. That what was surging through their veins literally came on so fast and furious there was no means to in affect try to minimize or stop the impact that this was having on their life. As the rest of the World was engaging in a battle to save their own lives, ours as we knew it was forever going to change. In a time where touch has now become forbidden the idea that our goodbyes would have to be said behind glassed panes was heart wrenching. It made me realize that before we were told to slow our actions and stay at home you can truly feel and see who was taking your existence for granted. All those people that were always to guilty for even a phone call. I am one of those. I am still one of those. My life didn’t change too much since the quarantine was imposed. I always saved my energy for small burst of greatness while out in the community. It is incredible draining to absorb the energy of others. Especially when their toxicity is off the charts.

In the absence of public events and community feelings my soul needed to feel alive. It was more than the animals that shared their lives with me. I wanted them to feel that I was happy sharing my life with them. Animals do chose their people. You can see it in the way they move throughout their existence. Are they happy? Do they play? Do they have friends? Is it unrealistic to think that these animals just as I do want nothing more to be loved. Isn’t that the feeling that we all most want. The feeling of total acceptance for all of our inadequacies no matter what. Why was it dictate to us that I had to be people? Have you ever felt totally loved and accepted by your fur babies? There is a way to communicate with them if you just try and understand.

When I went on about my day yesterday finishing laundry I saw our grey tabby sitting alone. I couldn’t resist his sweet little face. Sitting down in front of him I closed my eyes and petted him slowly. Trying to feel the exchange of energy between us. I couldn’t believe as I lost myself in that space in time I felt the spark of energy exchanged between the two. Time escaped me as the only joy that I felt was in that current moment. He responded to every one of my touches. Meowing, stomping his lil feet, figure eighting in front of me in a complete euphoric state. He was happy and in that moment I knew that he knew how important and valuable his life meant to me. Isn’t that the way we all want to feel? That our life has value to somebody else. That our existence means something?

Losing track of time I had to pull myself away. Going up the stairs I was followed by the tabby and of course another one of his friends. As we neared the top of the stairs I decided to try and see if that feeling could be created. Sitting down beside a different cat I closed my eyes and pulled myself in. As I reached out to touch him there was another spark transferred between us. I know what anybody would say or be thinking but I have you know my room was hardwood. There was no pent up of kinetic energy that could happen because well there was no energy other than the life in front of me that could be absorbed.

Underneath all that noise that has us confined to our house I found a serene simplicity that I knew made all the difference in my World. I knew it was the corrupt style of thinking that altered all of our paths. That over sense of entitlement that we all have that tells us that our lives should be regarded as more important than all others but why? Every living thing on this planet contribute s to the life cycle of each other. We depend on the life forms in order to bring new life. We are all guilty of mass producing life to contort it to our own needs. We have to consume life in order to be life. Does that make sense? Plants are life but because they are stationary we tend not to see them as such. Animals are life but because in our minds they can’t express their emotions then they are not as high on the food chain. Who developed this hierarchy of life that has corrupted our thoughts throughout time. For as long as tales have been written men has enjoyed their reign as predator supreme. That is a title I would never want to adorn. I don’t want to be known as the predator. I want to be known as the saviour. I want all life to know that you are safe to live while in my presence. That I promise that amongst all the white noise that your life means something to me. Now with so much that we are learning from the World I now see that even by conforming to the wishes of the masses I will never be happy. My happiness comes from residing underneath all the madness where all life is important. My dreams of reaching the stars is as important as my dogs desire to catch that ball. We are all free to express and live our lives as we chose providing that we honour and value the life that we share our time with. Underneath the white noise I found a song that my heart recognizes in order to awaken my soul. It is incredible to think that during a time of such uncertain unrest and chaos there is still the ability to strive for better days. Without knowing what lays in wait for me at the end of the path I am able to move freely down it in the mode of transport that fits us all. Underneath it all there is peace. Peace that resides inside me waiting to ignite the World on fire.

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  1. lemmontage says:

    Yes. We are all connected to everything ❤️


    1. ❤ forever and always ❤


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