Natural Instinct or Will to Survive

The real conspiracy and our real fear should stem from the fact that as a society we are so fragmented that what is now happening will forever and always be out of our control. We were lead down a path where we believed that filling our own selfish heart with wanton desire and wants would lead us down the path to self righteousness. We have been lead astray by people we believed in all along. Shadowed by our own securities we fell as easy prey to any outsider looking in. We allowed those in charge to become more like dictators ignoring the real and true passion behind the meaning of life.

I love to engage with my Auntie about hot topics of the World. Her opinion and insight is who I trust the most in times of great divide and misunderstanding. Although at times I don’t like the Words that she expresses as it directly contradicts my own thoughts but she has a way of opening my mind to keep on pressing to understand. It is hard to talk to anybody about this virus. We don’t want to allow our minds the possibility to explore what is really going on. Can it simply be something that originated from bats or is there something more sinister going on. You have to open your mind. You have to push past the idea that we are too scared. I am scared. What if this is a bioweapon that the Chinese lost control of. Is it possible that this virus although originated from bats in fact didn’t come from that market? Is it possible that they chose the lease educated part of their country to lay the blame on as they would be to ignorant to known anything else. Has the World covered up the biggest leak of a containment out of fear of outing themselves to the rest of the World. Is there such a thing as New World Order that has allowed this to go this extreme using us their citizens as the collateral damage that they never seemed to care about in the first place.

The only thing that is not being controlled is our ability to have free thoughts.  Which are those really free all things considering. We don’t want to express ourselves freely out of fear of offending somebody. But who are those somebody’s and why do they matter? Where one our family and doing right by them was the greatest life accomplishment now all of a sudden our family lines are diluted and we are so more fragmented now then we ever have been before.

It seems the only country that may have had the upper hand on what was soon coming was Russia. Now think. When was the last time we heard anything about their country. They have been on lockdown since December and their leader announced almost immediately that if it was traced that you are the reason somebody else was contaminated with the virus then you would face prison time. To knowingly affect somebody with a virus that has the power to kill makes you a murderer. Who better to hand down a World death sentence then the original tyrant of our Asian successors. We are long overdue for a tyrant amongst our mist. Somebody more than our Iranian neighbours that we love to blame for all of the World problems. We can’t pin this on them. While they were busy fighting off the rest of the World a virus began and started to take over.

It is more than something that can kill us. For those not infected it will erode your brain. You will begin to believe that what is happening to the World is a gift. There will be silence and freedom in the streets by Mother Nature. Life is still moving but our families remain stagnant. We are no longer to access valuable tools required to formulate our own decision. What I love about print books is the content can not be altered after printing. What stares back at you in black and white are the true words of the Author. The typewritten typo’s will confirm as such. Now when it comes to our beloved e-books all the content that is giving to you can change. The Words can be altered. The subject altered to reinforced the beliefs of the day. Book burnings throughout history can reinforce this ideology. I will never be ok with curling up with a good computer that is attached to the information super highway. I would be far better off talking to a patient with dementia for facts then relying on one of those treasures.

What should matter the most in these times is the preservation of our family dynamics. We are encouraged during this time to stay home. Some of us are. Others disregard this warning as propaganda. It is truly important for us to keep ourselves safe. If there is something more sinister going on then the mutation of a few genes that has now crossed itself over to humans and is now killing us. Or did humans have a hand and offer some encouragement. Whatever, wherever, whoever this virus is we need to eliminate it. It will only become the start of World War 3 if we allow it. Allow your mind to embrace the thoughts that come into your mind. There is a book called “The Gift” that highlights our ability to tune into our 6th sense. That dark alley that tells you those two men in the shadows are probably going to rob you most certainly will. We take for granted the kindness of strangers and that is how they always seem to win. When you are pure of heart it is hard to imagine another being hurting another. But now here we are. Listen to yourself and your heart. Don’t allow the polluted one dimensional thoughts of the media waves corrupt you too. Once the rest of the World grows tired of being supressed and dominated maybe then two our numbers will grown. The last food for thought I will leave you with is if you think your government is a dictator or sheep. You can see in the mannerisms of our government in Canada that he was once a sheep. You can see how this has affected his being. He is rocked to his core trying to protect his people. Where once he was the first to come to the side of the President he is unable to do. His genuine fear for his people indicate to me that there might be something else going on that we aren’t privy too.  Yes it appears we may all be sitting ducks but at least for the time we should be sitting with those that we value most. I hope most will put their phone down and focus in on what is important. There is real no way to know for sure all we have is our natural instinct and our will to survive.

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