Everybody’s Business

We live in a World where nothing is sacred or private anymore. Always on display we would hope that we would conduct ourselves in our best image. The image that burns throughout history. Identifying who we were in this life and who we represented through it. We forget with so much information right at our fingertips the news that should be most important. Maybe it makes us feel more relevant then we are. Being able to speak of those we hardly even know just to captivate the attention for another minute or two. In a World with so much access how is it so difficult to separate fact from fiction. Do we even care about facts when fiction is what sells. We have been romanticized by Hollywood for far too long. At first it was a source to entertain and stir about feeling of the heart. Know it is to awaken the dark evil that lay in wait. There is never enough gore, enough blood, enough torture, enough abuse to sustain us. Maybe because our reality is beginning to play out like a straight to VHS movie. Funny isn’t it how Hollywood movies are still being streamed for $20 a hit to try and recover their losses. Please tell me though. These in these movies going straight to our TV’s. Are they really taking a loss. At the end isn’t this another great tax deduction that will see them lining their pockets when the next tax season comes around.

We leave it to the poor to send out messages of hope. Actors and actresses still rarely come into view without their full face of make up and perfectly coiffed hair. Yes, yes this is the image I prefer myself in too but I do it more for the art and entertainment it provides to blend and see colours transform in front of my eyes. It isn’t for the outside World but for me to smile a lil throughout the day as I look at the new wing out of my eyes are maybe the way my hair seems to capture that perfect wave I have tried years to capture. For as long as I can remember me and my sister have dressed up to not only entertain ourselves but our families during gatherings. I wish I could have fore saw what the future held because I probably would have stayed closer to home. We always take for granted those that we think love us unconditionally. And they do and we do but in times where the World stands still I piece of me wishes I was still living in between my Uncles and cousins.

I always thought my happiness was determined by what other people thought about me. The way I dressed or moved around. I have no idea where I came up with this notion that we were always on display or that it even should matter. I became a stranger to myself amongst outsider’s opinions. I never understood how somebody’s physical appearance or stature could be so offensive to another. It is not like they are asking you to join in on their life. They have found what makes themselves happy and all they want is to live their life as such. I miss the simple days of not having my head shoved up other people’s asses. That’s where most of us lived. Shoved so far up somebody else’s behind that we can’t even hear our own voice anymore. People are toxic. Not all people but in today’s World it only takes one. All it takes is that one person to take a look at you and key in on the one thing that you take the most pride in. The easiest insult will always be on weight. Our weight is so hard to control. We eat when we are emotional, bored, tired, happy…food is our way of comforting ourselves from the inside when we don’t know how else to do so. Nothing beats a nice home cooked meal that Grandma used to make in a World that is so out of control.

In a World where so many noses are brown and everybody’s opinion is more valuable then their neighbour how does one even begin to find their own serenity. Serenity doesn’t come from knowing everybody’s business. It comes from knowing only your own. Why do you need to fill your mind in heart with things you can never control. You can give your input and hope that maybe some will take heed but at the end of the day you can only control you and you alone. Why would you want to be a dictator on somebody else’s life.  Just as you can prevent those from getting too close who don’t work in your best interest you can move on and set up limits to protect yourself from next time. You can describe your interactions with people as you do businesses. Thing of used car dealerships. We all know somebody who will say anything and everything to win you over. They don’t care what is fact as long as it seals the deal. You have the cut throat business types who don’t care what they say as long as the end result is them on top. You have the franchise’s that use the name of those they know to serve as validation of who they are. Just as you have the locally run businesses who are genuine and care more about the interaction and experience then they do about their profits and the impact they have on the earth. Finally you have the non-profit that will give themselves tirelessly to those in need. They will be taking advantage of but all is forgiven when they make the difference to just one.

We all impact the World in the ways that we deem best for ourselves. We don’t think much of how we portray ourselves while out as we try and conform with the masses. To blend in or stick out is in everybody’s mind. We think that by blending it will help with our survival. We forget though that our survival depends on those willing to stick their neck out and take a chance. No battle has ever been won by remaining with the original plan. In a World where everybody knows everybody’s business maybe it is ok to just quietly fade into the background. What is the point to speaking when nobody cares to hear what is being said? In a World where everybody’s business is known maybe it is refreshing to have a thought that not everybody knows. Maybe it is ok to voice an opinion in order to generate new fresh ideas. Now more than ever we need to hear the opinion of those that have sat on the side lines. We are forever taking in to consideration the business of those leading us to our own destruction. Maybe it is time to listen to a voice we don’t recognize. Maybe that voice is yours….

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