What it Means to be Human (7 characteristics we all need)

We all have a different idea what it means to feel alive. We conduct ourselves in ways that put a fire in a soul and light up the night sky. At least that is how we should be living. It is hard to imagine a World full with so much wonder as we strive to live out our path in a way that will be remembered. Hopefully remembered by our own beings as we move through our lives to a destination we can’t even see or even imagine. Life is incredibly hard at times when there seems to be nothing left for us at all. For me myself I have come up with qualities or characteristics that I feel or super important when welcoming anybody into my inner circle. There are the crude expectations of what it means to be human. Almost like a minimal requirement for some. My list is no way all inclusive maybe a minimum at best. Our most chilling quality is our ability to adapt to most situations. I say chilling because it is during this adaptation that we see the inhuman side. When we can put a price on a human life (or any life for this matter), when profits and wealth exceed the desires of the living we can see the human side becoming less human as our drive towards sinning fuels us forward.

  1. To be kind. We all can benefit from basic human kindness. Thinking of others before thinking of yourself. It doesn’t make you weak to do this. It actually shows great strength of character. To know what you need in order to survive you cast it aside in that moment in order to help another living being. When you are kind it means so much to the recipient of your actions. In selfish times when we have to be thinking of ourselves in order to survive it is nice to know that there are still people out there that want to give of themselves first knowing that in the end they too will always be taken care.
  2. To be humble. Vanity is one of the biggest soul killers out there. Everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. Physically speaking we all generically look the same. It is how we conduct ourselves in the presence of others that tell the tale. Nobody should ever feel inferior in the presence of other living beings. We have all been blessed with an opportunity to live our lives to our best abilities. It is a shame when we feel that our existence should mean more than anybody else’s. When you live your life that way you miss out on so many incredible people.
  3. To be honest. When you lie not only are you betraying those you are lying too but also yourself. You should never be ashamed or hold back from your truth. We all have our own unique ways of interpreting life. As long as we are forthcoming with our words then we have nothing to feel shame for. How can we expect our lives to be anything different then the train wreck we have gotten used to if we aren’t honest with ourselves first.
  4. To be your best friend first. We should treat ourselves the way we would treat somebody we love. Especially now in times when the only company we keep is our own. If you don’t find yourself interesting or somebody worthy enough to spend time with of course you will spiral into a great depression. You should never grow tired of your own company. In this time of a pandemic outbreak where most of us sit in isolation if you don’t like the person looking back at you then incredibly heartbreak will ensue. Not only for yourself but those that love you.
  5. To be compassionate. In order to fully understand those in your vicinity you needed to be able to understand where they are coming from. I am not saying from a hypothetical view I am talking from an all encompassing view. If you never felt what it feels like to lose a spouse, sibling, parent or child it is incredibly hard to fully understand how they could possibly feel. You don’t need to know exactly how it feels. All you need to understand is a small fraction of what it is that they are going through. We can never walk a mile in their shoes. The best we can hope for is a glimmer of compassion towards those that suffer. For most we can’t imagine it because it is our own biggest fear. We don’t want to go down that path until we absolutely have to. If you can lower down your walls and let hope rush in then the World will seem a little less harsh.
  6. To have grace. We should move through life effortlessly and with next to no interference to our fellow man. We should be courteous with our interactions to strangers and we should carry ourselves with confidence knowing the true intentions of our hearts.
  7. To be magical. Who would we be without the ability to dream big and reach for the stars. Our ability to imagine our lives full of amazement and wonderment will inspire and encourage those to see the simplistic beauty with each and every breath. There is a calm to be found in the quiet corners of your heart when you bare your soul and look inside. We all have this ability to believe in something greater than ourselves but it gets dulled by others optimistic pride. We don’t have to live out our lives feeding somebody else’s addiction on being better. We can feed our own destiny with childlike eyes and dare to dream the impossible.

Life and the World that we are used to is constantly changing.  Evolving to fragments of our former glory we have cast aside our true being in order to glamourize what it means to be alive. We are so much more then the clothes we wear and the cars we drive but we have long forgot that about ourselves. We truly have lost the definition of what it means to be human. We were born to be kind, compassionate, humble…we were born to thrive amongst each other’s company. Our World is lashing back at us for everything we took for granted. We are so much more than money can ever by. The problem now is we have no idea the currency we are exchanging anymore than we remember what it means to be human.

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