Existing with the 7 Sins

We live in a time where we fail to recognize the lives and lived before us. Yes every once in awhile we have a day of memorial where we take a day off of work to do the deeds that once again consume us. To many of us go on with our days like we know the secrets to be told. Maybe in essence we all do. The secret to life lays inside of us. The journeys of those before us help light up our way. We can’t ignore the past nor can we dwell there. To be able to identify the pieces that make the most sense to us right now…or do they even make sense at all. We have lived for thousands of years destroying each other. We only care for what makes us happy and the rest can suffer. There are tales of entire kingdoms being dropped to their knees because of the King and his intentions. Take King VIII, he spent years trying to get the church to overturn his marriage so he can have sex with a mistress. Not just any mistress but Miss Anne. Imagine. Having the power to manipulate those beneath you (literally) in order to change the outcome in your favour. How can we trust any intentions after that?A true leader. A real man in power wouldn’t want to kill those in his presence. A real leader values the opinions and wisdom of others knowing that we each are capable of making our own decisions. We don’t contort facts in order to have them read the way we desire. How many other facts are hidden in this amount of lies and betrayal? Maybe the only truth we can believe in from long ago is the idea behind the 7 deadly sins. At the end of every man’s rope is one of these sins being used as bait.  Think about lust. Lust is the easiest way to destroy any heart, rip apart families and weaken even the strongest. With coquettish ways every being with an impure heart can entice those into their grasp. Once any one of these sins has gotten a hold of you it is hard to make your way back.Take greed. Greed destroys us all. It makes us want to be better than every person and every being. We always want more. Like a starved orphan we reach for anything that we can get. We don’t care about the quality or content. As long as it is something we can hold over another beings head then we are satisfied for the time being. Every thing that man has designed has been to out due the last. Even our diseases are learning from us too. Designer everything unless we can get it for half the cost. There is no value or pride anymore in anything we do. Just this vengeful lust to be better, to have more, to be the most important to everyone around us. There is no sense in keeping quiet when we can be the loudest.We have all held envy in our heart for something or somebody we didn’t have or wanted. It is alright to admire and enjoy the pleasure of another’s company or wealth.  Too much of it though and it will corrupt your entire essence. Showing weakness in an already cracked façade. We truly are so very beautiful and special in our own unique way. If we weren’t meant to be we would all look the same. Just like in a snowflake that are rarely identical us too get to shine and be free to go on our own path. I wonder what makes us obsess to proportions that we can no longer manage. Too much of anything and we all begin to lose control. Our envious hearts will always lead us to our own downfalls. The grass being greener is only an illusion. There has to be a strong, committed heart that realizes your own self worth that allows you to see you for who you truly are. To admire those in passing is something we all tend to do. To see the beauty that lies deep within though is something we shall all strive towards.Gluttony and sloth are so no commonly intertwined. With the whole generation surrounded by Netflix and chill how can we not gorge ourselves in the simple pleasure. Food has become so easily obtainable that we no longer care or count the calories we consume. We hoard food in epic proportions and not even the food that we can brag about. Combine with our motivation to do the least amount of work possible for the greatest reward of course we are noticing the extreme ugliness that we have cultivated for all the years. We have fed these sins without knowing, or maybe we did know all along and it boiled down to not caring. With so much information being thrown at us why do we need to look any further then what is being shoved down our throats by the information super highway and social media.Pride and wrath always run hand and hand. Some of us carry ourselves with this over sense of entitlement. We think that everything we touch turns to gold and those that don’t recognize…well in true King Henry VIII fashion off with their heads! Nothing or no one feels wrath harder then somebody or being who doesn’t get what they want. We are all guilty of it. We will fight tooth and nail to get our point across and use fists of fury in times when they don’t. When I say we it is a general statement. Life has become so confusing too so many because we are not able to access facts. Life wouldn’t be life without trial and error and the ability to make our own decisions.  We all have instincts that we are born with. Over time we either find ways to believe in ourselves or we by into the hype why we shouldn’t. There are lessons to be learned in the history of our existence that we know have the time to explore. We may never know the reasons of what drives us. I don’t think life was ever meant to be like that. There will come a time though when your life’s reality will begin to make sense. Be it the simple joy of watching your family blossom or the simplicity in knowing you tried the best that you could. After every storm passing there becomes a calm. That day will open up to all of us if we allow it. To recognize the powers that are trying to bring us down serves as armours in the periods of time when we need it most. Have faith in your life and your existence knowing that this too shall pass.

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