If the Truth is Out There

I remember as a child asking my dad about religion. My senses told me there was something more to just our mere existence. Life felt bigger than what was intended, or at least what I could see right in front of me. My closest friend was an advocate for Church so I needed to know, where did we stand. Our family dynamics are an integral part of who we are. Handed down throughout time are the ideologies and beliefs that our ancestors found success in. Our DNA serves like a lil imprint throughout time that connects those in our family. Who knows maybe in time know that we have obsessively been recorded our lives, maybe know we will wonder across a reincarnation of ourselves. You know if that is in fact what happens to us after life. What happens in death. What is the next scene in the playwright of our lives? We have to be more than just what life looks to us. We have to be. There is no way that this is all we got in this small blip in time. So Dad, where does my family stand on religion?

My Dad’s opinion was one I valued greatly. Of course why not.  He was he patriarch of our house. Worked hard, played hard. Was a very active member in our family so of course his beliefs were mine as well. I remember him saying that we were pacifists. That we believed that all that we needed to survive in this life we could get from the land. Be kind to others and if need be look to the 10 commandments. We were able to have a discussion about church and religion but I never got into any more detail than that. That meant that out of all the religions I didn’t really belong to any one. So know I wonder about religion and where it came from and what it all means.

I think what we believe in here in this life is not entirely connected to what we believe when it is all over. It doesn’t make sense to be tied down here forever to things that just hurt so bad. When it is all said and done I think we will be happy to have the pain stop.  We are all holding something in our heart that make it hard to breath at times. We want to believe in something, anything but the true reality is no parent would ever want to make their child suffer so that eliminates the need for God. To have one man, one being, one spiritual power command we follow him into some spiritual enlightenment doesn’t make any sense. I am all for religion and church in that it brings great like minded individuals a chance to come together. But my firm belief is that we are all created equally in thine own image. We are all copies of each other struggling has best as we can. We are humbled in our own salvation that is found within our own hearts. Coming together in love and to connect is where we should all be. No religion. No God would EVER deem any being higher than another. No matter what country, what colour, what sex, what deformity. There is no God out there that will tell you. That will command you to kill another being.

I have no choice to go through history. The more I read the farther I get pushed back. If the Earth is 6 billion years old then everything started from somewhere. Where is that start? We are older than Catholicism, Christianity and whatever other Designer Religion we have for the day. Somewhere, sometime, somehow humanity took a nose dive that we have never ever recovered from. At the center of it all is this putrid greed that continuously feeds are egos. Telling us that we are better than everything. Shake your head. Shake those cobwebs. Now sit down and seriously think. If you believe there is nothing after life than go ahead keep on going on but if you do…Well let’s figure it out together and conquer. Not like you are thinking. Let’s conquer our own thinking. Our own way of being. There seems to be an overrun of toxic energy being allowed to run rampant out in our communities. Right now inside you bring it all out. Bring you all out. Try and understand what it is that makes you sing and go for it. It was never about fame or fortune or having the most riches. It was just about getting to the end and watching your grandbabies grow up for as long as you could.

Imagine how much time was wasted in history trying to get others to bend and contort to your will. So many wasted lives trying to survive a World that was never meant for us. I understand the importance of Kings and Leaders and whatever it maybe. My Aunt explained it well. Throughout history the strongest men survived and had the healthiest wealthiest families. So yes of course we would want to have the healthiest, strongest, wealthiest leaders. They were important to successful infrastructures of our countries etc. Leading is key. Dictating and being a tyrant though. That is where the lines have crossed. At what point in history did a leader of good faith turn into one of opportunity and bad fortune. When did greed take away all common sense and plant the evil seed. When did we decide that our lives had a value system and who was in charge of the valuation? None of it truly makes sense. Aside from the amount of suffering we all face. Trying to support the knowledge I have acquired over the years with more facts. You can’t push back to far throughout time because there aren’t lots of documents to support. The thoughts in my head is just at what point in our history of men did we find it necessary to believe in something greater than ourselves. Who was that person? What did they think? Who were they? We are more than Adam and Eve and we didn’t just fall from the sky. Who was that first person that walked on this Earth and why? Nobody knows that. We will never know.

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