Continual Rebirth and Evolution of Spring

So today is Easter. Just as we have handed down our traditions we see a funneling of brainwashing that has occurred throughout time.  Google the origin of Easter. There will be tons of references to the resurrection of Christ. This all makes sense given that Spring is the time of year for birth and regeneration of our foliage and return of the Wild. Just like anything in life worth anything there is nothing quite like the tranquil thaw of winter into Spring. Before all the rush of trying to be better than each other there used to be a simplicity in coming together to show off your wares in the Summer and Harvest Fairs.

Maybe that is why instinctually I have been longing to garden. Planting seeds like never before in the hopes of a great harvest. Dreams of being able to pickle and can the vegetables I grew from a seed seems to be the little slice of heaven on Earth I have been longing for. Just like the roots taking hold in the soil I feel this strong connection to those that I have lost along the way long ago. The whispers from my past not haunting but guiding me forward in an eager way. I lust at the idea of maybe finding that tranquil happiness that comes from feeling fulfilled. The oddity though in what I am experiencing is a feel happiest with nothing at all then I have ever had having everything. The happiness that fills me heart has all been put there because of thing that I have done. Skills that I acquired along the way.

I have come to a peace of where I am at in my life. I am incredibly thankful for the blessings that I have and there are many. I am also fully aware that you can’t take what is front of you for granted. In a blink of an eye it can all change. Earth shattering life events happen to some incredibly great people. There life keeps going until the one day that it doesn’t. Every step forward is necessary to honour those that no longer can. No matter how ugly the World seems in this moment it always have a way of making you rethink everything. I could sit here wasting my 40’s wishing I was in my 20’s. Then waste my 60’s wishing I was 40 and my 60’s wishing I was 80 and so on and so on until I am dead. And then what? Nobody knows. Oh how I wish we did. Wouldn’t we all live a little differently if we knew. If we knew what could be would we rush towards or run away. It would impact the way that we live our lives currently though. So ignorance is bliss in that regards. I suppose.

So Easter. Spring. Rebirth. Can we work towards shedding who we used to be in order to cocoon into something more. Do we always have to be bound by the limits imposed on us or can we say to hell with it all and march forward. It doesn’t matter to anybody at all how great you become or even how you define great. Look at where we are right now. Nothing matters. What we took for granted yesterday brings us to our knees today. We had the chance to live by our rules but we perverted it in such a way that we lost that chance. Remember when we had free will. The semblance of free will. Dancing around disregarding those we didn’t understand because we didn’t have to acknowledge the existence of anybody else we deemed below us. And then we were all brought to the same level. Ignorance now will be the deciding factor of who shall prevail. Whether or not we want to believe what is going on in the World there is one thing you can not and that is damnation in your heart. Out of fear that our next breath can be our last what is stopping you from shedding what has been poisoning you all along. Remember in “Friends” when they were talking about having the fear move you forwards. Quit your job in order to find your career etc. Well it is here. Fear is in all of our communities getting comfortable in our hearts. We don’t have to let it rule over us though. We can command what we do next.

My resolution into the change of the season is one of great hope. I hope to bring life into my space that is happy and bountiful. That all that lives within these walls feels safe, happy and secure. I want to take the time to nurture the relationships I have within in my family. With all ages and creatures that reside. I hope to learn more about gardening and providing the building blocks of life (such as food) to those that I love. I want to take pride in my home and my community as much that I can. With all of this said most of all I want to keep blossoming into the woman I was destined to be long ago. I value those that value me and I want to ensure that they feel the same.  Over the years I have learned what is important and what is frivolous. I used to love watching my reality tv getting lost in others drama. Now I barely have time to sit down and watch a show because there is so much around the house that is needing to get done. Even myself. I made a promise to myself long ago to invest in myself too. I have long believed that you have to take yourself seriously before anybody else will.  Nothing worth having in life is easy. You reap what you sow and I am committed to learning all that I can. I love learning about all that I can about who and what I can in order to help me evolve as a person. Isn’t that the point? The Continual Rebirth and Evolution of Spring…that has a nice ring don’t you think?


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