When the Rules Don’t Apply

Waking up from my slumber I can’t deny the inevitable. My tear stained pillow tells me that I spent the majority of the night crying. Don’t worry though. My tears were done in my subconscious mind. In my dream like state I am free to let what is rotting through my inside out to dance. The sick feeling that envelopes me in each and every day put aside in the moment of insanity. Or is it my sane mine reminding me that we are all able to feel free. At least for a moment, outlined in our subconscious.

Last night as I watched my neighbours in the surrounding streets gather. A direct F u to the Canadian government who showed us how serious we need to take this pandemic. What they did tells us that we are a just in the throws of something that they deem to not be life threatening. Maybe it is because they sit a top a cure that we are not privy too. How can we trust a government who is content in playing Russian roulette with all of our lives. Our beloved seniors being the ones that are at the greatest risk. They are the ones who know the games. They have seen the worst of each other brought about poor economic times. They know what is in store for us and how hard we will struggle. They have the information that will put our souls at rest yet we can’t get to them. Our seniors today are the children of our past. Our children today are our seniors of the future. They need each other during this time to see that life moves on. Life finds a way. But here we sit being told that we all have the potential to be contagious. We all have the potential to kill laying within our genes. This killer like the ones that lie inside our prisons are the same. The virus was sent to alter all of our lives and kill what we remember to be normal. Nothing will ever appear normal again.

We all lie content in our hones (well I do anyways with the exception of those I see around me outside disobeying the order). It is crazy to think that as we all sat here sharing memes and laughing about how unlucky this Friday March 13, 2020 would be we had no idea we would wake in the morning to the whole World being stopped. Once again we were hit even harder as everything that reminded of how being normal felt began to close. New normal were imposed. We watch our neighbours to the South get treated like a cruel game where there are only one class of winners. Those winners we are yest t even know. We don’t know the people that they have deemed worthy to save. And who are they and what are you saying. With all the swirls of conspiracy gathering around us it gets hard to know the truths. All we want is the right to live. Not even to live these lavish lives. We just want the right to hold our young and comfort our elderly in these times of uncertainty where the only certainty is mass graves that will hit and reside in entire countries and communities.

Let’s talk about the wealthiest families for one second. The ones that hold all the puppet strings and are far more content watching the rest of the World dance then to try and find a way for us to live together. I am talking about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Duponts and the Bushes. Imagine having all this wealth and from atop your mountains of cash you laugh at all the paupers who struggle on a day to day basis. You have the power to become the ultimate saviour in the World’s eyes and yet you would rather be reminded as a self centered self righteous entitled bitch content in watching the rest of the World be brought to their knees. It’s ok though. They will save millions of us in the end. They only need so many to keep their pockets lined with bills. Everybody else. The billions upon billions who are just a drain on the economy though. Well I guess we will see in time what will happen. Why else would they initiate a soft economic opening. We have all became modern day slaves. They found a way to make us do their minimal work to stimulate trade and the economies while they sit in splendour watching us from afar laughing.

I guess my suspicions were already at an all time high after reading about the monarchy over the last 1,000 years. Here is the confusing part. If these 5 families are the most powerful families in the World why isn’t their any mention of them throughout history anywhere. They want us to believe that they all came into their wealth since the turn of the 18th century. What an incredible impossibility that would all seem. That amount of wealth sure wouldn’t happen over night. The acquiring of assets of that kind of stature would also take more than a few lifetimes to acquire. Why wouldn’t there be a mention. Why don’t they want any praise or acknowledgement from the rest of the World for who they are. Greed doesn’t like to be celebrated. Neither does the acquiring of wealth from less than socially acceptable needs. Don’t you know feel like just some sort of pet that they allow to have freedom when they pick and choose. We are all hidden away in our homes like hamsters watching the literal World stop and friends and family become bankrupt. Their livelihoods robbed and all sanity put on the back burner as it becomes more obvious how little control we actually do have over our own lives. Maybe I am off in how to feel these days but this has never felt like freedom to me. Get a job so you can work yourself into an early grave and pay taxes along the way. Don’t keep too much cash to yourself because we will find a way to take it all and make you all restart again. hello truth I see you know. This stimulus to the economy that we get to pay back. Well does that help. We all are being blessed with that super fun student loan that we never get to pay off ever. Call it the living expense portion of our debt. So on top of all these small business trying to get to where they once were we have the people having to pay back a portion of there earning until what? It is paid back and we are back on track. Thank you for the blip in the radar Universe but I think I am about done with this game you insist we all play.

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  1. lemmontage says:

    Please, stay inside. Be safe.


  2. I will but still….


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