Going to the Dogs

What a day to be alive. We are all told to stay put in our houses. Only go out for essential services. We some of the World complying the other half is holding up their middle finger taunting this virus and the people who exploit to show us something real that we can hold on to. We are visual learners keen only to see those less fortunate. Even in times of great sickness and fear we all still want to peek in behind closed doors. Yesterday as we went for our family adventure walk of 2 dogs, my toddler, my husband and the 6 month old pup who is now 80 pounds and scared of his own shadow. I can not even tell you what it is like to hold up his leash and watch this poor pups knees knock right before he urinates all over the garage. I can’t help but feel that we are the reason he is this way. Somewhere in our own mania we forgot to set this poor pup up for success and where just a few months ago we were laughing at this scared lil pup finding safety in my arms at the vet I can’t help but think that we may have damaged this poor boys mental capacity before we even got him off our front lawn.

Witnessing this sweet boy and his insecurities made me realize that I needed to do more in his upbringing. Yes in one sense he wasn’t my idea but now here he is a member of my household. He deserves the best possible life no matter what the circumstances. How does one go about properly training a pup when you have a multitude of things happening within these four walls on a daily basis. Part of my commitment to myself was a continuous path of learning and developing my passions. I wanted my days to feel fulfilled with passion. One of the ways to watch my passion for life blossom was to keep on expanding my knowledge and the only way I knew how to do that in lieu of obedience classes was of course to read. I remember when this pup came home. He was only 7 weeks and we had picked him up from a less than desirable breeding situation. I say less then now because based on what I have read I am certain that what he is practicing is not normal.

We read somewhere that we weren’t supposed to go on long walks until he was older. Something to do with the growth of the joints and the development of his bones at a young age. Somehow we missed the whole point of walks and it’s importance. COVID 19 has changed the World for even our pets. We have no idea the social implication that will arise from this. Yes in one sense our pets bring us great comfort but what I know for sure is every species needs to feel like they are alone in the World you and me included. Anybody who maintains anything other is just fooling themselves. Going for walks and play parks is just a part of their living experience. Watching (his name is Brutus) him leave the driveway for the first time was only made manageable as he followed the two dogs that we had already that he look for guidance. He wasn’t confident but eager. There are so many smells. The World just opened up in a huge way and of course it was going to be an overwhelming sensation for him. I tell you though there is nothing like watching the 6 of us just go for a walk around the block. You have my husband and the two Corso’s in the lead. My son shuffling along in EVERY water puddle in his baby blue crocs and of course our little terrier who is pulling like there is no more tomorrow. It has to be done. We are a pack. This is our dog pack and we need to do everything in our power to keep their minds enriched and be rewarded with their companionship.

Knowledge. Any kind of knowledge leads to a deeper discovery of self. When it comes to saying I finished a book it comes from reading cover to cover leave nothing out. Even the parts that don’t apply to you read them anyways because it opened my mind up to a new way of thinking liberating me in a way that I knew I needed somehow but wasn’t sure. Under the heading of too much information and it makes me a little embarrassed to say that I read and it opened up my mind but it was the whole section on dog breeding. It basically outlines how marriage and breeding used to be even for humans. I remember a time when courting spouses would like at their potential significant other’s blood work. The book identifies the importance of not reproducing unfavourable traits. We as humans should have maybe looked at this more and practiced it more closely. There are other mammals that bond together for their whole lives. Dogs are not one of these. Yes there will be a coupling of dogs that breed together for their whole life but sometimes that doesn’t necessarily mean they are living out their years together. It means two humans have decided to profit off their union and do deplorable acts in the name of greed and profit.

Did we go there? Did we actually just go there? The thought crossed my mind about the human orgasm and if it applies to animals. Did you know that mating dogs need to be tied together for 20 to 30 minutes after their union? This allows successful fertilization of the female. Imagine being tied to the person you just fornicated with for 20 minutes? This is a necessary step for their species survival but not for us I wonder why? Then the thought came to me. We as humans are so incredibly selfish in nature. We already see it in the decision of not bearing children into the World. The reasons for not having kids is always the same. Money, power, travel, I am too selfish. If sex didn’t feel good none of us wold engage in it. We stay with people we love with little to no physical interaction because love can not be defined in a single physical act. The squealing pig who’s orgasm lasts 20 to 30 minutes doesn’t stand against a log rubbing themselves all day. There are other things to get done. Give a man a good orgasm and he won’t leave the bedroom for a week (at least he shouldn’t). Most of us turn to mush when we engage fully in our tantric ways. Each species has it wired inside of us to survive. I wonder how ours turned to this perverted sensationalism of outliving each other instead of finding ways to live together. I don’t know where men were laid astray in their fulfilment of power. As in the book it says spaying and neutering is an essential part of a dog’s well being if you plan on not breeding. The same should hold true to humans. If you are hell bound on your reserve that the World is better without a piece of you living on then you too should consider this piece. Without the crazy surge of hormones flooding your mind on the continuum you might find a more productive way of being. Feels like to me the World would be better going to the dogs. They are in a better position then we ever have been.


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