Every Girl Needs to Feel Like a Princess

Imagine entering an online contest where the whole basis is asking for likes. Hounding your friends, family, small businesses, people you don’t know. All are fair game in order to get to your end goal. Some though have seen it as an opportunity to terrorize and torment those that they maybe fear or don’t understand. I use the word fear as it is the only thing I can think of that would justify one’s thinking and behaviour. As grown women most of us have developed a thick skin. We can see people for who they are and what they offer and make moves accordingly to protect ourselves. But what happens though when the recipient of the attack is our children. Just like in every contest it is all fun until somebody loses an eye but in this case it is more like until they have their heart ripped out.

I have always dreamed of just keeping to myself. Keep my nose in and my feet on the pavement and don’t allow the others to sweep you away in their madness. Over a course of a few months though I have been witness to some of the most stomach wrenching behaviour that a true woman would be disgusted with. Here I am in the wee hours of the morning disgusted with the behaviour of a few who decided that it made the most sense to light up the torches and grab up their pitchforks and terrorize the essence of a sweet little girl. I am confused in the idea that a small child has any idea of the political and financial gains of an on-line contest like this. My heart is sad knowing that this little girl cried herself to sleep. We are all stuck at home doing the best we need to do to survive and I already know that as a mother if you were to make my little girl cry. Well there is no fury like a scorned mother and I totally understand the fury welling up inside. To run a contest based on likes then kick those out who are ahead of those that you want to see win…isn’t that the catch?

I watched two friends who I respect with my whole heart get put into check and now a small sweet lil child. For a grown adult to try and steal the magic from this little being well that speaks volumes to their character. I wanted to sit on the sidelines but I guess I need to jump into this ring and say what is right. Bullying is bullying no matter how you sugar coat it. Nobody should blow out ANYBODY’S candle to make theirs shine brighter. So let me blow mine out right now so you can see this has nothing to do about me but everything to do with this toxic World we all keep contributing to. What it seems to me is that there seems to be an extreme hate for those that automatically draw out the responses in another human being. These people are humble and see themselves as your equal. As an outsider though this is what I see. Their light shines bright enough to reach the heavens. Their heart is pure and their intentions are selfless. They would give you the cardigan off their back and the shoes off their feet if it would brighten up your World even for one day. They radiate this pure beautiful energy that makes other’s envious and in some so jealous they will do anything in their power to bring them down. My friend who I adore was far exceeding in the likes department. She is drop dead gorgeous and a firecracker in spirit. She works on our frontlines and rescues animals in need. Her heart is pure so naturally people want to support her. When it looked like she was going to win they accused her of cheating. Directly/Indirectly they basically  I think back to that contest and laugh. Her photo was the only picture I liked and the only photo I shared. It’s not because I don’t love the other girls but my vote doesn’t count if I go ahead and like all the other pictures.

With my friend “disqualified” I had a sour taste in my mouth from this on-line contests and now I know why. Once again just yesterday the exact same scenario came up again. So and so must be cheating because she has so many likes. Or maybe it means the mother was campaigning hard for her daughter. the idea that people would pay just to win a contest is Ludacris. I know it is done but come on now. What I know from my many years of living is that the person pointing the finger needs to look in the mirror and see who that finger is really pointing at. When you cast shadows you always have doubt. You even begin doubting yourself. Your poisonous mind takes over your evil heart. I can see that now. As a grown woman making a child feel like their existence is obsolete I know that somewhere, somehow your brain has taken a check out.

I may not have hundreds of friends that I can turn to when needed but what I do have is a Pin-Up Community that saved me. They saved me from the people like you who are constantly telling the people like me we aren’t good enough. You tell us that when we succeed it must be because we cheated. That we aren’t worthy of the same accolades that you are. That it is ok if our dreams are crushed and our hearts are broken as long as yours stays intact right. After the day I had yesterday to see the true colours fly was really a kick in the stomach for me. You see right before this all started to happen my small dog ran out of the house. There I was dressed up in Christmas Pin-Up running after my dog all over the neighborhood. He’s a runner. He introduced himself to 3 people and nobody stopped him. He cruised by 2 other people and nothing. I was crying and trying not to be too excited as that really can make them run then in the distance I saw him squat to poo. I have never ran so fast in my life to catch that lil guy. I got to him in mid poo. As I held him up in away this wave of naseau came over me. There in the front law I started getting sick. This yellow bile spewed out of me as I crumbled to the lawn. My head spun as I clung to this poo’ing dog. I couldn’t help but cry. I knew then that the World had forever changed. People watched as my dog ran into the streets and then probably video’d me as the crazy Christmas lady got sick in the neighbour’s yard holding her dog while he poo’s. I wanted to get up but my legs couldn’t stand. Lucky for me my husband was driving around the neighborhood looking for us. He picked me up and took me home. Humanity failed me in the sense that all they had to do was hold that dog. Maybe it was out of fear of this virus (watching me get sick would have reaffirmed their actions). I can’t hold them at fault but seeing what I saw and hearing of what you did after. That shattered my beliefs in humanity. She was just a lil girl filled with the same little dreams that we all once had. Why did you have to try and steal hers too?


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