Let Stupid Take Stupid Out

What is your theme for this pandemic. There has to be a phrase that you catch yourself saying more than others. For me it is totally “let stupid take stupid it out.” It is strange out liberating these 5 words out. Your neighbours aren’t social distancing.. let stupid out. A whole family goes to the grocery store see you later stupid. It somehow oddly releases all the power that anybody has over you. I am not saying go around calling everybody stupid but if the cap fits where it.

We can only control ourselves and that phrase is just a reminder in just that. No matter how we try to influence the decisions and attitude of others we can’t. For me consistent exertion of what appears to be a lack of brain cells will have me closing the door on the possibility of us ever having a real conversation. I am a realist however. I know in this world of 7 billion people there is no way to perfectly isolate ourselves from each other.

What I can do though is isolate myself from stupid. Imagine being so stupid to brag about a cross Canada vacation in this day. For the last two days my friend has been bragging that he is taking his young daughter and wife across Canada. They are being paid to take an RV to Ottawa from Edmonton. Uhmm Hi stupid thanks for showing off…I think but please tell me. In this day where summer is basically closed to the general public how do you think it is you are going to camp anywhere. Campsites are closed, san stations are closed, public restrooms are closed. You are telling me your wife is ok to take a 10 day trip with no bathroom other than the great outdoors and no shower? Your plan is to make a trip with no access to fresh were to keep your family safe. In this time where there is a shortage of sanitizer there is no way you can possibly ever cleanse your entire for 10 days. You laugh that you have a secret but if you are going to be bathing in our water and relieving yourself out on public highways…Oh man somebody call Jeff Foxworthy because there is nothing more redneck than that. I see now why I have still yet to meet your family. If a grown woman supports a mans madness to risk her family then well…let stupid take stupid out.

Now my favourite kind of stupid is the everyday stupid. The stupid that we need to tell not to eat tide pods are inject yourself with cleaning supplies. If we actually need to tell people that are forgoing the lil skeleton on the label that ingesting this poison is bad can’t we just let stupid take stupid out. Why do we coddle those that are just a mental drain on our news feed. What is next? Saying a bullet to the temple doesn’t kill as long as you say it doesn’t Or a noose doesn’t tighten around your neck when you jump. In a World where people are so quick with their razor tongues yet so ridiculous with their intelligence not only does stupid need to take themselves out with last weeks trash but they also need to  leave their opinion at the door. Every morning I struggle with the idea of having people like me and now I see how ridiculous all that truly is. I always wanted to say the opinion of others doesn’t matter and now I can say with 110% confidence the chances of me actually valuing your opinion is slim to none. Unless you are somebody of high calibre who doesn’t take the sick twisted pleasure of watching other’s crumble. Don’t think that you have been successful in making the World blind to your charms. Actually what you exude isn’t anything close to charm but an evil toxic pollution that you have been spilling since the time you have learnt to talk. Think about it. We all know somebody who has been watching us from the sidelines hoping that we would fail. Not only do they want to see you fail they want to watch you fall and knock out your two front teeth forever altering your opinion of yourself and the outside World.

I don’t want others to be hurt unnecessarily but this is the collateral damage that we all most learn to live with. We need to turn to those that are also aware of the ignorance of others. The opinion of those that cut us to our core before even learning anything about who we are in the inside are those we need to eliminate. The journey of life isn’t isolating. It is surrounding yourselves with those that don’t realize your true potential. The ones that don’t realize your worth. There are these incredible people around us just waiting for their turn to bask in your light. They have watched you from the sidelines to wound up in your halo to come and bask in your warmth. They don’t see your cracked exterior anything other than this incredible perfection that there eyes have laid upon. In times of their own isolation they turn to your light to guide them home. You have no idea how much you are valued to those that have been waiting for you to notice them. The right people will always wait. The right people sing your praises when you aren’t in the room. Although watching you from afar they have been studying your essence and have pulled great strength from your presence. Oh yes I cry. Yes I feel these moments of great desperation that resonate sadness and isolation in amounts that I feel will suffocate me. But all of a sudden through the darkness my eyes catch a smile in the horizon. That smile although bright hides a symbol of strength and power. Their smile reminds me that we all have a battle, we all know a stupid, we all fight against the letting of stupid out because we want to protect our fellow men. We are women. We are strong. We have found safety in a few and power amongst many. It is ok to let stupid out and lock the door behind them. Don’t let them back in. Once somebody blatantly disrespects your intelligence and their own it is the only thing left to do.


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