The Not So Nice Neighbour

I scream but nothing comes out. Staring up at my neighbour yelling at me telling me to keep my dogs quiet or else I couldn’t help but feel suffocated. It is not like I meant to wake up or be the most hated member of my neighbourhood (that is according to him). I already spent every day hoping somebody will notice me and it breaks my heart that the only reason why somebody does is to let me know how I am failing as a human.

Have we Lost Our Way?

“To err is to humane, to forgive divine.” If we could give ourselves the gift of forgiveness we will begin to heal or own hearts. So often the broken pieces came from our own hand.

Fearless in my Wonderlust

The way we intimidate our minds makes us our own greatest bully. The greatest accomplishment we can muster of all time is when we believe in ourselves continuously. Nothing great ever came out of a mediocre man. We only have to look out into the mainstream to see this as being true.

Existing with the 7 Sins

We have lived for thousands of years destroying each other. We only care for what makes us happy and the rest can suffer. There are tales of entire kingdoms being dropped to their knees because of the King and his intentions

Everybody’s Business

We live in a World where nothing is sacred or private anymore. Always on display we would hope that we would conduct ourselves in our best image. The image that burns throughout history. Identifying who we were in this life and who we represented through it. We forget with so much information right at our…

Simplicity in the Madness

For whatever the reasons we weren’t given the luxury of having somebody walk with us through life. We get these moments where we get to glimpse in what it would feel like. Those little moments although bring us great joy suffocate us with the weight of their pain.

The Uncertain Lust of an Untamed Heart

I wonder why it always seems to be that we lust after what we don’t have. We can have the newest handbag but a new hue hits the stores or a sling back has now bee made into a closed toe and you have to have one in every colour. Friends and boyfriends are the…

The Problem with Perfection

If no life is perfect should we give up on trying. It is the dance that counts and the seemingly effortless way you make all the chaos feel like magic. It is knowing and accepting that although each day is filled with promise there will always be those days that never seem just right.

Finding My Way Home

I have spent so much time trying to understand my own morality. It is all consuming when you start obsessing with the meaning and life and the possibility of straying off course. With so much going on in the World around us it is almost impossible to have faith that everything is unfolding the way…