The Right Pair of Shoes

The right pair of shoes changes everything. I am not just saying that. I have ALWAYS had shoes. I have worn many a pair. Some have permanently scared my feet in ways I can’t even explain. I think it was years walking in cement serving in heels but it has been a very long time since I have felt sexy in shoes. But then I found a pair that I want to live in and feel sexy in. It happened!! Since I put them on my feet I can’t take them off. They are hand carved tiki shoes with leopard print and vegan straps. They are from Lucky Loo Shoes and they are to LIVE FOR!! I say live for because you are going to want to live in them. They will somehow go with everything and nothing and put an immediate smile on your face and feet!

Everyday I take photos for my Instagram kind of as an insight to my life. I think I have a pretty greatlife…at times. Don’t factor in the husband and I do. Today I had to try on my brand new Lucky Loo’s so I co-ordinated them with my outfit. Well lingerie. Then outfit because they just made me feel so glamorous. I love feeling like a woman and these just did that for me.  As a mother of a 2.5 year old, 9 cats, 3 dogs (one who just got neutered today), 4 budgies and my skinny pig it isn’t very often I feel like a knockout but here I am feeling like a stone cold fox looking for prey. I should mention that my hubby walked in on my rocking my “Rockin’ Tiki’s” and matching lingerie and not a word. AND our son was asleep. Either way normally I would take offense but the right pair of shoes just makes you say, “Frankly dear I don’t give a damn!!” and turn, pivot, sashay one more turn and strut away.

I am in LOVE with how I feel in these. I feel like I can and will conquer anything the World and Universe wants to throw at me. Just throw me any Loo’s and you will see me conquer the World and then some. Material items we aren’t supposed to allow them to take this type of forbidden hold but I can’t help it! This is more than walking on sunshine this is like walking on rainbows and buttercups. Light as air with a strap to give you that extra needed support when your head reaches the clouds. The air is so much fresher up here. It was a dreary, rainy day but all of a sudden the clouds have parted and this beam of sun has made it’s way through. Yes, yes and more yes these are a feel good in everywhere type of feeling. This just goes to show you how much you can control and alter your mood. Find what makes those lips curl and dance to it!!

I get it now. The right pair of shoes give you the confidence you need. Standing on your own two feet it makes sense that the foundation you start with is solid. You need to feel comfortable. You need that support. Like a warm hug and reminder that you know what!You girlfriend can and will do anything. Get one foot in front of the other and go. It doesn’t matter how long it takes if you enjoy the time it takes getting there. Too often we are too quick to want to see the journey over. We want to get there now immediately!! But eh. The right attitude and confidence and nothing will ever phase you. I think of the amount of courage it takes to travel to unknown destination to meet people you hope have a similar mindset and heart and I think how much fabulous it would have been to have something that not only would turn heads but initiate a conversation.

Isn’t that what it  is all about? Having the confidence to meet those you never would think of. To spark conversations and light souls on fire and all could be possible with the right conversational piece and I hate to say it again but EEEKKKKKK!!!! Here they are on my feet!! The right pair of shoes makes you think of the World and smile! Whatever that show is for you, you must know what I am talking about! Don’t you? Is this my quarantine brain trying to tell me you need one of each in every colour and do they come in a gardening shoe? I love how I feel and I love embracing my femininity. If all I get to do is admire myself when I look in the mirror then I will consider it a life well lived. A conceited life but a life that is. That I no longer need to care about the opinions of others. I feel like this invisible shield has gone up around me. Oh ya? You really think so? Well I have great shoes so….NAHHHHH!!

One day when the World returns to some sort of normal I will remember this day when I tried on my first pair of Lucky Loo’s. All my deepest, darkest quarantine moments this one has been far my favourite. To imagine a life now without them I could never. The future events, pageants and car shows that I will attend and hopefully grace the stage with wearing one of what I hope will be many of these incredibly comfortable and beautiful shoes will keep my forever hopeful that a return to normal will be in our horizon. Until then I will continue to strut like John Travolta in “Staying Alive” until my next pair of Lucky Loo’s arrive. Stay Kind. Stay Safe. Stay loved xx

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