The Right Attitude or Just the Right Coat?

What would you do differently if you were told today was your last day. Would you wear your favourite cardigan, shoes, dress one more time. Would you waste away the day in bed surrounded by your pillows and blankets trying to shelter yourself from the outside World. What would you do today if tomorrow was not promised? Tomorrow isn’t promised so you have to live for today.

You have to saviour those moments that take your breath away for just one more second. Squeeze the lil toes or paws of  your babies and loved ones and make sure to remember just how everything felt just so. Would you cherish the gift of one more day or would you squalor it away in fear. I think almost it becomes hard to imagine what that would feel like. Not a life sentence but one of death. To fear every second as it turns fearful for what the next one could bring. Can you look back on the days witah a smile or do you feel just a tad bit of shame of what you could have achieved.  How do we wind down our days or do we want to keep spinning up to the top.

Today as I walked my doggie I wore my fabulous Liz Claiborne faux leopard print jacket. I like to walk along the paths through the trees or even sometimes down some residential side streets. I like to switch it up for both of us. Never the same route twice. It is our little slice of heaven throughout a chaotic day. Both of us get lost amongst the sea of needs that always seems to be overflowing. Today being Mother’s Day and a tad bit gloomy I wanted to dress in Mother’s Day cheer. Dress in a white flower pint and pink wellies and my hair in a polished poodle doo we set about on our walk. Of course there is side smiles and sometimes even a smirk but I would rather be remembered as being the crazy eccentric lady who embraces life who open arms and the biggest smile no matter what the day throws at her.

We have clothes for all occasions. Even the deepest dark corners hold the carefully sealed cloth bags reserved for special occasions. What could be more special than living your own life. To get all dolled up in pink and glitter looking like a cupcake threw up on you. As long as you smile and have a sashay in your step that should be all that matters. To be the one that stands out in the crowd to serve as a beacon for others. That is what made me fall in love with the people of this community. It is not just my Pin-Up Sisters but even the Badass Brothers that give you that shoulder and at times come to defend your honour it would be a shame to lose all that. I guess for me in losing is the lack of social gatherings, fundraising and overall community good cheer. My community is incredible with keeping us community driven and upbeat. Now these days…

With so much uncertainty I think I will dust off any and all pieces that I may have been saving for a rainy day. There is no shame in wearing your most prized possession. What is the sense in loving something so entirely to have it lose all lustre in the depths of nowhereness. I love dressing for the life I love. The one where company could stop unexpectedly or where you may need to bake dozen upon dozens of chocolate chip cookies for a sale. The high school dry grads and all the summer sports that brought us all together. Where do we go from here how do we recover. Our on-line presence picking up speed as we no longer care to look in the rear view mirror as we are all full speed ahead to wherever the future may lead.

So what would you do differently today. Would you wear anything differently? Would you make an effort to connect with an old friend or just enjoy the serenity that could possibly come in your own mind. The things we take for granted right now will not mean the same to the next person who possesses it. Why not enjoy it now. For what it is. For what it means to you. To be seen and be appreciated as a possible work of art. To tell the stories that inspire and dare you to dream your wildest dreams. Life and all of it’s uncertainties do bring on some of the greatest feelings when we learn to embrace them for what they are. Think of the confidence you feel when you wear your favourite shirt. Like my son when he wears his crocs for days without taking them off or his favourite shirt. There is no denying there is something that just gives us all the confidence in the World and then some. What is yours?

My confidence comes from within when I embrace the things in life that bring me joy. Loving my animals and nature bring me so much happiness and joy that it makes perfect sense to embrace the ever flowing love and colour of animal print, paisleys and flowers intertwined in a beautiful feminine fashion that makes the wearer feel like a princess for a day. I don’t want to feel shame for embracing the old traditional values of a housewife. Nothing makes me happier. To be a strong confident mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and woman I know that I would move mountains for anybody that I care about. I don’t want to fade away into the background when I have so much to say and so much love to give. Times are tough for us all. We can all use a little bit of positivity and reassurance from time to time. Mine comes from when I do my hair and make-up. Sometimes when we get the confidence to peak right through the shade we can feel this overwhelming sense that maybe we are acting to over confident and self assured. We question who it is we perceive ourselves to be to the World. That all fades away with the right attitude and right piece of clothing.  Why wait for a rainy day when you can live your life rightnow?


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