Pin-Ups a Representation of All Woman

Sometimes you got to dig deep and have a little hope and a lot of faith that somewhere along the way you will feel a sense of purpose. Sometimes we try so hard to impress other people or live to other people’s expectations that it becomes almost impossible to find any sort of happiness.  That spiral we seem to find ourselves from time to time. Sometimes it feels more like we sit in the eye of the storm. Perfectly balanced we feel like nothing can touch us. A little too far in either direction and all of a sudden we are left spinning out of control. Today was a Monday. Time to implement everything that I have been thrown into over the years and just make it all count.

Torment is only that if we allow it to be. To allow our mind to wander down a direction or path that will lead us astray. It is physically impossible for us to turn back time. It has never been done proven or else wise. We have this huge responsibility to dust the weight off from the day before and leave it by the wayside. There is no changing anything that has happened so no sense in living there. I also got captivated with the idea of seeds and the fact that they are transformed back to life. Just the dried up insides of what it is to become. Seeds get planted in soil and are nurtured and are brought back to life. It is impossible to have a see without the fruit of another coming to an end. In that context life just would come full circle would it not?

I live by the idea that I want to dress for the life that I want to live. I am not scared of getting anything dirty. I would rather have the best day in a well worn dress then look in shambles having the worst day. It is pretty hard to feel down when you feel like you have genuinely made the effort of putting an outfit together. At least for me I love that. Makes me feel like an old traditional lady. the biggest compliment will always be that I remind people of their grandmother. There is no bigger compliment than being compared to the World’s greatest ladies. Grandmother’s are wise, poised, polished. They have the old school values of dressing for life. Does that make sense? I kind of think that if today was my last day how would I like to present myself. The answer is always looking fabulously. Why not right? We only have one shot so let’s get glammed up as possible.

I think that is where I am going with my everyday style. I love everything that it means to be a woman. The old school value grandmother type. Eccentric, outgoing, who embraces her style with a confident attitude and with always a warm, welcoming smile. I just have more of a bounce in my step when I dress for myself instead of others. I think this is what age does to you. I too used to adorn flannels and sweats but as time wore on and I wasn’t getting the life results I wanted it was time to evolve and come into a better sense of style. I loved dressing up but now it was time to make it more of my life.

Heading out the door with my beehive (I need to perfect this do. I loved Amy Winehouse. Her life and her ending bares a weight on all of us whose lives she ever touched. Something about the beehive makes me want to listen to her smooth, sultry voice and remember a time when I too was just coming into my own). My neighbour waved hello. She laughed at my red boots and told me that it wasn’t raining. Uhm like ya duh I know hello lol She asked if I owned any runners to which I replied  well ya but none that would match this outfit. She gave me the side eye and I just smiled. I like to dress for my life and nobody else. To me I would feel worse in suits when I could cruise around and feel great. Colour, cut, style it all just makes the body feel good. Dress for your life not the one you live in. I love my alone time with me and my lil pooch. But today. Today was different. With the biggest grin and strut coming from us both we received so many compliments and not by who you would think.

So many young girls loved the flower in my hair and the big ol shiny red Hunter boots. Throw in a lil pooch and every little girl looked at me with magic in their eyes. That right there was the all the best compliments rolled into one. To see the look in these young girls eyes that life could feel like a work of art. That there can still be magic even when you are adult. That you can feel inspired to stand out in a crowd even though maybe sitting in the shadows would be easier. To here these girls say how much they loved my outfit…and my little dog too I realized just how much of a positive roll model that I can still be. That we can teach our children to dream and see the magic that is still alive inside of each and ever one of us. That we can be who we want to be and dress how we want and demand respect and admiration from all. When we dress we represent so much more than our own true beauty. We are a reflection of every woman that was, is and will be. That we can take the parts handed down from us and either cherish them or evolve them into something that seems to fit. I love being a girl and the world it has opened up for me. I think I have a responsibility to myself and all women to shine as bright as I can possible. We only live once why not do it dressed to the nines.


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