Nightengale’s Don’t Believe in Fairytales

There are lots of reasons why it should always be ok to believe in magic and in fairy tales. If we are all made up of energy derived from a single cell wouldn’t it mean that somewhere in the four corners of your mind you can imagine the possibility of both coming true. Why not daydream to a place that makes you incredibly happy. The type of happy that resonates through your day. Yes if you believe in magic you also have to believe in the ghouls and trolls around you because in these new age forests there seems to be one lurking behind every tree.

Life will never be perfect. Never in our wild dreams can we ever expect our life to suddenly become a new reflection of the past. We still allow ourselves to be tortured by our own self first. Our ego’s and mind’s will tell us everything we think that we are but these are lies and or own insecurities that come from deep within us begging to be set free. If in one instant you could change the way you are thinking I am sure it would be this. To be our own worst enemy or our very own best friend. We should tread more gently with ourselves for we understand our struggle the deepest. To think in such a way that shadows over another only shows just how far you have yet to come. Like I said not everybody has good intentions. Those who don’t usually show their imperfections in their own armour first. We shouldn’t talk down’ to others and we shouldn’t talk down to ourselves so the best thing to ease our own minds is a safe balance of the two.

Maybe balance is the wrong word. We should show compassion for all those around us. Even those in the simplest life forms. Don’t allow somebody’s struggles or imperfections over take your own. There are those that will be quick to lash out and anger. Contort the truth to feed their desires. Not everybody has good intentions. We have been warned of that.  How many chances does one person get? It would determine just how much growth that they have actually gone through. If they are the same and have done absolutely no work than chances are you are in for the same treatment as before. I personally have no time for games. My family is my World. I need to honour all the lives that surround me as all the lives are equally important. Mine is too. I just can’t substantiate one that should have more significance over another. Life in all it’s abundance is incredible. Don’t you just want to sit down somewhere and enjoy the view. The life. Everything that it is. One day it will be no longer so why not seize the day and let it take hold.

I am not ignorant but wanting to try and live in the most bliss. I know there is great evil that has walked amongst us and still tries to hold our hands. To turn away though from all the lives and stories that have ever been told. To turn a blind eye to our history and all those lives lost. We all walked this Earth at one point and in my eyes we all deserve at least a little respect. It would be impossible to fully lose myself in so many tales of life. But I love to try. When I read about the painful struggle of one I am quickly reminded of how precious my life is. To still have an opportunity to do the things we do now, somebody else paved the way. The idea that they were once at their peak of their lives to now be rotting in the dirt. I am going to be joining them one day and then that’s it lights out.

Why not spend the time left happy and carefree. As long as their is no harm onto others or even on to me it’s my bliss so why not try to capture it. In a sun ray or even a moonbeam it doesn’t matter to anybody who it is I portray. I am me unique, creative and funny in my own way. I love to honour those lives before me by learning as much as I can. About the times, economy, literature…I even fell in love with the feel of presenting myself as a done up lady just like they used to do when courting back then. I love the idea of reflecting the time spent in the parlour getting ready. Casually spending your whole getting ready for a big banquet or ball or maybe even just a date at the ol’ malt shop. Yes I have my era’s all confused but the point is wherever you feel inspire there is no harm in trying to reflect that in the life that you live now.

I love engaging in activities that nurture my mind and encourage me to realize my own potential. Reading for knowledge and pleasure and music to calm my mind. Just recently I discovered a love for gardening (even though so far nothing has really done too well). And in that I am finally getting my white picket fence. I also woke up feeling crazy inspired and sewed a new top. No pattern just a hope and a prayer and some leftover fabric from when my little Schmoo was a baby. I find these days because I am finally feeling a little at peace my natural instinct has just been kicking into overdrive. I feel like all the new plants I started will finally result in something. Not to mention this crazy knowledge of sewing that is saying it knows no bounds. I am excited for life and living my day’s in the era and time that feels like a dream to me. It makes life easy. It fills your life with passion. I can’t wait to see where all this is going or maybe it is all just a dream

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