The Abuse of Knowledge, Love and Being

We have abused our power. What we believed to be free will was an actual absolution of our ability to live a life free of ridicule and torment. All negative emotions we have allowed to pollute our being for only a short period. By period I am considering since man took their first step. We have only become these self absorbed creatures for a couple hundred years, fast forward till now where we absorbed so much we have become inside out.  There is no sense of self anymore. Not in the mass quantities that there were before. We screamed for knowledge. We believed knowledge to be power but knowledge is what tainted us in the first place. With being able to see just how cruel some can be to each other we allowed it to slowly infect us all.

It starts slowly but as we begin to move away from our centers you can see the negativity seeping in. You may start by critiquing yourself or others but sooner or later it has been how others define you. It is not conceit that binds you. In fact it is far from that. You don’t see yourself as the prettiest or greatest in the room. You see yourself as an equal. You only get that way by the company you keep. Maybe it comes with a whole lot of self reflection but it easier with the right people in your corner. I feel like this most of the time. Maybe it is because I have just took a deep breath inwards to try and understand who I am. I know that the greatest love of my life is my son. There is no way I could ever tarnish myself, soul or image knowing that those little eyes will be looking up at me. Hopefully most of our lives.

Reflecting in and all the people that have touched my life and passed on I have to believe that they are still somewhere. Whenever there is a blessing that comes my way I can’t help but look up and smile. More often than not it is the goosebumps that come and remind me that they are still with me. With their imagery in my mind I have no time to waste with fools. Those that think they can pull the wool over your eyes to fool you. Sometimes I can’t help but tilt my head to the side and side smile knowing that I already know who they are about. I don’t need affirmation that my soul has drained from my body to save myself. I am weary as I am of the skin crawling on the back of my neck. The soured intentions of one can be felt by all if we could all just sit quiet for a moment.

There was a time when the sanctity of family was everything.  We demanded the freedom to love in the way of our choosing. Divorce became as normal as changing our socks. We screamed for equality without truly understanding the depths. Equality should have never been defined so black and white. We dissected our humanity in ever means possibly. We hid behind every perverted way necessary in order to take away our own free will and thought. Would a sane person hate somebody because of a physical identifier or the beast that lies within. Wouldn’t you rather have a sane bunch of virtuous beings on your side who were moved by basic human compassion than a bunch of narrow minded thinkers who get off on your pain. That is what happens when we define ourselves with such minimal means. We never should have defined ourselves with the sanctity of marriage. It should have been the family dynamic as a whole. The greatest sin is an unloved child and no innocent being deserves a start like that.

Superficial answers is what fuels every single war. The war within ourselves. The war amongst nations. It all starts with something inside telling us we are worthless. You think any tyrant had a good sense of self. I doubt it. A true being worthy of divinity would never see themselves in a higher light than any other. That includes the way we torture and keep animals for our own consumption. If we demand kindness don’t we need to show it? At any and every opportunity that presents itself. I humbly open my heart to the possibility that maybe life is not meant to feel so much heart. That is there was a power in ying and yang you can’t close yourself off to the possibility. If one door closes than surely another would open. If you don’t open the door then you are trapped in a room. If there are no windows then there is no chance for anybody to see or for you too see. Don’t you at least owe it to yourself to see what is on the other side. Maybe it is another room. Maybe this room has windows. If you don’t at least take the first step to save yourself how would anybody know that you need to be saved.

So can we defend love? Do we have any idea what the meaning of love means anymore. We constantly engage in mediocre affairs for no purpose at all. We forget that a true connection between any beings takes time, patience and even to some degree loyalty. To have a pure heart only intended for another. To not tarnish your meaning of love by keeping yourself entertained with those that never had a chance of winning it anyways. We think that we always need the company of another to keep us sane. Isn’t it the actions of another that drive us insane? We don’t know how much we hate something until we are forced to watch it be done over and over and over again. Or your heart? Why just give it away in the hopes that maybe this one may just work out. Don’t you want to feel their presence from across the room without even knowing that they existed. Why search over a span of left and rights if you just take a second to appreciate your life and absorb it all in that a whole new world just may open up.

Not only have we abused or quest for knowledge and love but know we are abusing our sixth sense. Once you feel the cosmic energy sparked between two beings you will never settle for anything less. You don’t need to waste your time with mediocre as you wait and work on yourself from within.

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