Does Your Oyster Have a Pearl?

If there is one thing that is consistent in my heart is that I am in love with life. All life. Not just the one that I have been blessed with or those that I am blessed to know. I am enamoured by the way life has this way of always continuing to be. Sometimes I can contort my thinking into such a way that I believe that this is just the start of something to come. Something greater than ourselves. Can you even wrap your head around how incredibly small and insignificant you truly are. What you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. It is the love that you show each day that will burn on. Nobody tends to talk about those that have taken a seat and let life play out for them. In fact it seems that although they have mastered the ebbs and flows that is life the have an air of confidence that just drives you in. When you have truly mastered what it means to share your life with all the beings than the magic that is held within itself will start to ignite.

Imagine taking such an inactive role in the life around you. We are all guilty of it from time to time. There are so many different ways to think but yet we chose to allow our difference of opinion to lay inside. We think it will  make our lives easier somehow. That’s what leads us to just follow others, usually to do something that will tarnish our souls. How many nights have I spent drinking way too much, spending way too much only to regret everything by noon the next day. Why would I do it? I did it because I wanted to fit in. Somewhere along the madness of life I was convinced that you shouldn’t be alone. That it is not ok to sit at home on a Friday or Saturday and you must be seen to be seen if that made any sense. Social media was just taking off and if you weren’t with somebody you were a nobody. The pollution of my soul was born.

Staring Death in the eye and living to see another day I knew I had to make it count. It was more than acquiring titles and sashes or being the most popular in the room. When you get he chance to meet your maker a whole new you comes back reborn. Sure for the first few months I was just trying to absorb what had happened and make sense of it all. There’s grief, shock, depression, a realization of true friends and of course admitting to yourself just how far you had strayed. The shock will never leave my body. That dance we had together was probably the most pivotal moment of my life. In that moment though life became the gift. We get a chance to come here and experience love and do great things that will warm our heart and yet we choose, well how can I put this. When I think of where I was about to go and the life I was about to leave behind I am not sure how to feel. Without truly knowing what is on the other side it is hard to say which is more valuable. All I can say though is whether we are living or dying wherever we exist in that moment is all that should count.

We as humans have become so incredibly selfish in the way we handle each other. Think of all the oysters in the sea. Out of all those oysters some will be granted a pearl and others will not. On the outside they all look the same but there is something that is inside that makes that oyster special and unique. If you were an oyster without a pearl does your life get better with or without the oyster with the pearl. There are really only two choices. You can be jealous of what you don’t have and shun away the other. Who do you really punish in that scenario? Or you get a chance to be surrounded by something great and have your life blessed in return. We aren’t all born with pearls inside. Some of us have to work damn hard every step of the way. In the ways of the oyster. It didn’t matter to man if you had an oyster pearl or not. Chances are you are either getting eaten or harvested for your bounty.  To the pearl harvestors what happens to the oyster after the shuck? Do you just throw him away?

You can be rich or poor or anything else in between and I am still going to talk to you like an equal. Years ago when I used to walk to work there were these two homeless men that sat under the bridge. We would always chat whether I was coming or going. Whatever they needed within reason I would try to provide. You know though looking back so did they. There was a time when I was walking to work and I was crushed with some devastating news. Being fairly new to the area I didn’t know many people but these two. I saw his smile first. I could never understand how is teeth were so perfect and white yet he so down trodden. As I got closer he saw my tears. Immediately he stood up and came to me. The first thing he said to me is I would love to give you a hug but look at me. I don’t know what hit me first. The wave of emotion spilling over me from my news or this man with his compassionate heart reaching out to me all dirty and sun worn. I couldn’t help but fall into his arms and let my tears wash over me. Thankful for just the feel of basic human compassion and comfort my heart was stilled with his embrace. How thankful I am that my heart doesn’t cloud over with the idea that we are all different. In that moment I could see that we are all one in the same. Looking for a heart any heart that can hear the words we can’t say and fill the void in our hearts.

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  1. Interesting read. I love the reflection on life finding a way to go on – a thought that has always helped me to… just keep going ❤️


  2. Thank you 💙💙


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