When the Sun Rises Life Starts Again

I have been out of bed at 3. I know some of you curse the idea of being awake at such an ungodly hour. You toss and turn and curse and do everything but drift off to Neverland. This morning though I tried to wake on purpose. I wanted to witness the rebirth of the day bringing with it the promise of a fresh start. Just like how Rumi had written all those years ago. It’s incredible actually as you listen to each bird awake in succession. They aren’t annoyed with the sun rays cresting over the mountains. They sing to us to let us know that a new day is here. Another chance to fill it with beauty and promise. I wonder why so many of us greet the morning with such contempt.

As I wait for the sun to once again warm the Earth I think of that saying, “Only the dead come alive at night.” No wonder we have always viewed darkness as being so isolating and I guess in a sense it is. Even the Earth needs to go to sleep sometime so why is it when the Earth needs to rest we awaken her with our noise and ill regard for her well being. What does that say to us? Those that would rather hide under the cover of the bleak blackness only to curse the start of each and every day. Mother nature has interwoven her magic into each and every day yet we shun her by replacing all that she has given with technological crap that even the Earth won’t take back. Our landfills will surely surpass our liveable mass. It has to. With no reversible means of actually doing what it is sustainable you have to ask just exactly what was the purpose of it all.

We were given this incredible ability to love. To love each other and the beings that surround us. We don’t have to do to much more than that. We can learn and appreciate cultures and other beings by exploring their ways and habitats. We don’t have to curse those that live differently but maybe a celebration should be held instead. When we can come together with true peace and happiness in our heart then we have truly been reborn. The strength of a man can’t be felt by his fists. In fact it is felt by the actions he did not take. To be able to look those that taunt and torment you dead in the eyes and walk away well you may see a coward but I see a hero. Nothing has ever been settled with violence. Those that engage in violent behaviour will never cease to understand the delicate nature of humanity. Yes there are times when our hands are forced upon us. Sometimes for no rhyme or reason we are challenged to engage in unfathomable action. Be true to your heart and those that you care deeply for. Lies bond you back while the truth will always be the key to setting you free.

So now as I sit and wait for the sun to rise I think about how it is we came to be exactly who we are. We all believe that we have to have our 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night fall. Anything else seems strange and unreal. Like our workers we do shift work. They go to bed just as most of us rise. Their World feels upside down but why should it? Where did all the rules come from that we had to dance during the day and hide at night. What happens at night that we aren’t supposed to see? Are we not allow to see that pivotal moment where everything that is covered in darkness and death turns another day to want to live. Mostly everything shuts down at night except for a few predators preying on those that sleep.  Everything turns back to when we lived off the land. Our crops and animals all turned with the hands of the clock (or for most the crow of a rooster) and they would work tirelessly to sunrise to sundown. No complaints. That was a way of life. That was the way to life. Imagine those lives.

I have to touch on the Diary of Anne Frank. I read just a short summary yesterday and of course her life weighs heavy on my heart. Originally I had requested her Diary from my library but with all those skews nd options I ended up with a junior novel that summarized her life and the way of life for so many German Jewish citizens. I do not know where you are in your life right now but I can tell you where you are not. You are not a teenage girl forced to live without basic human compassion out of fear of who you are. Not for anything that you done but because you were born. More to that imagine being hunted and I mean HUNTED like an animal. So where ever you are in life you didn’t have to stand in a line and be herded into a gas chamber for your last breath. You didn’t have to live in agony as you were forced to work with no food and no water. Imagine being separated from your family just because somebody else hated you. And not you your culture, your beliefs, your family. That fear that each and every one of those blessed beings had to feel while they waited for their judgement day for out weighs any bad day that I ever had. If I sit her and wallow in my own pity for what my family, my husband, the lack of love or compassion I think I have. Well even my worst day would never feel like their best day in one of those camps. I know my smile will never take away their pain. But maybe somehow they can feel that I honour them. Here in this moment when the sunrises and life starts again.

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