We Are the Definition of Insanity

I felt this deep rooted darkness run over me these last few days. Like I could almost feel a shift in the Universe about to happen before it did. I couldn’t stop reading Rumi. His poetic words rocking my soul preparing me for what was about to happen. What was about to shift was this feeling of a chaotic nightmare that would chill me to my bones. I can’t imagine living in able World where we are ignorant to our past. That we haven’t learned anything over the centuries. That we allow hate to course through our veins like it is the only thing possible to pump.

I didn’t really know what racism was growing up. It really wasn’t an issue. We were all people. At least that is what my dad said. My Dad being of Russian background always probably felt uncomfortable back in the 80/90’s amongst people of colour. Not because he was judging them but he was the one being judged. I don’t remember where I heard it but back then it was believed that all most Russians were racist. Digging deeper into my history though there was not even a hint of it coursing through our blood. Our whole move to Canada was to avoid fighting in the war. Where once again people were being murdered in incredible volumes regardless of age, sex, health, origin. Somebody decided that based on your outside characteristics you were deemed worthy to the World. How many great minds did we prosecute through history. How many opportunities did we murder before they finally became aged. Imagine how much more incredible and beautiful the Universe would have been with all those lives lost saved. We can save the next generations. If racism and hate isn’t learned at the home and is learned outside then let’s rise up against this insanity and make it stop. Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the same results. Whatever these people in power have tried to do HAS NOT WORKED over thousands and thousand of years. Through it all out and start again. Times have changed. If a police officer has murdered a man in broad day light after taking an oath to serve and protect then I think this is obvious. Bring back the death penalty or make him rot in jail. Nobody should know the ins and outs of the law than an officer. Make him pay like you would make us all!!!

I just read the writings on a vandalized building that stated, “When our turn comes we will make no excuses for our terror.” Their time will come. You can’t have this magnitude of suppressed people screaming for this long with nobody listening. I have seen people write about how ignorant it is to destroy businesses out of retaliation. As a white woman living in Canada safe from all this violence (for now I cop was just outed in BC so I am sure there are more to follow) here is what I see. I see people for absolutely no reason being terrorized every day for who they are. They were not asked for this life nor should they ever fear or hate the beauty that they are. How is it that we have become the lowest life form on Earth. To continuously hurt our own kind and those we share the Earth with. We haven’t learned anything at all. Take thousands of years of watching your ancestors being held to the dirt and being made to work less than dogs without ANY love and compassion. I mean we ripped away their babies and sold them to other slave owners. That is who we are. That is who we will always be. Too scared to stand up for those that need standing up for. It is far easier to stand being the biggest shadow then to try and stand amongst your light.

To look into the eyes of a murderer as he publicly executes a citizen of the United States for what, a bad check? A bad check that wasn’t even bad…at a grocery store? Please, please help me understand what constituted that level of violence. I was only in high school when we watched the brutalized beating of Rodney King. Call me ignorant but that was the first time I heard of racism. I thought people hated each other for who they were on the inside. I mean at school if you were getting a beat down it was usually because somebody did somebody else wrong. Telling lies, cheating, stealing. Not because of what you looked like. I still don’t really understand that mentality. ALL people are capable of doing the most horrific things. That should be our focus. Let’s take our World back. We sat back and watched them execute any little good we had in this World for what? Power, Wealthy, Fame, Women. Let’s reassess our seven sins and what it is we are truly living for.

You can’t blame anybody for just being sick of it all.  I am not for the violence or looting that is taking place but in some sort of way I understand it. Watching the men who are paid to protect you, kill you with your tax dollars that give them a check there should be outrage. And yes maybe not like this but what else can they do? They have tried since the day they were brought over here to get their voices heard and what did you do? Suppress their voices with some mundane superficial BS that floods our airwaves. I don’t care who you are as a leader but your response should be to preserve humanity and ALL human life not those you deem worthy.  You can’t wash away this level of deep seeded hate. Inside each and ever one of them is the hate and fear that was their ancestors. In their blood they have all witnessed the hand of a heavy heart.  You can not fault their instinct that is telling them to fight back. Apparently they have their freedom but just how free do they actually feel? I am so embarrassed of my colour as these events unfold. Yes I am scared of the violence but I am more afraid for what each and every one of them feels fighting for not only themselves but their heritage.

Did you ever think that you would ever watch an American city burn to the ground like a clip out of a movie. I can’t help but think about the movie American History X. What is so historical about us doing the same things we did back then. I can’t help but feel scared for humanity. Our inability to feel any sort of compassion for anybody outside our immediate network. That if you are unknown to me your life is obsolete. In a World where we are all so connected how is it that we are so far from.

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