Are We Losing our Civility and Humanity

Please excuse my ignorance. I suppose now the term is white privilege. I am not minimizing any facts. My truth is I was born white of European descent on a farm in British Columbia. I had no idea we were supposed to segregate and be biased, categorizing our friends, neighbours and extended family. I tried to understand the nature of the suppression by divulging in all history. All races, all sexes, minorities, powers, religions. To me being born from one single cell was an indication that maybe somehow we were all in this together. The scars though handed down throughout history are like tattoos. Signifying their pain and lack of compassion as we always forget to try and understand what it is we are all fighting for. One morning we are all scared of a virus that is going to take us all. The true killer is our own self entitlement and ignorance to the suffering of others. My mind can’t comprehend the fear that is coursing through all my American neighbours veins. Who knew that the war we have been nervously anticipating began right here on home soil.

Do we even remember how this all started. A shop keep called 911 over what was believed to be a fraudulent $10 bill. You can tell in the call that the cop was ready for something. He needed to know the race of the individual even though he had the plate of the car. Why was it so necessary to do something so brazen. How is any of this justifiable from any angle. To kill a man with a knee that was the very symbol of fighting for equality just a short time before is the ultimate sign of disrespect and to me was an attempt to incite this whole riot to begin with. So as America begins to burn from all this pent up anger and hate that was brought to this land the very day they broke soil, I ask. Have we learned anything at all from the thousand of years that we have been a race? I try to find the words but it is so incredibly hard. My words will never stop this putrid built up hate that has coursed through this country. How can we begin to heal something that so many will never understand. I will never understand. I can try to imagine but my brain will not allow me to go there. It is our human instinct to survive and if I imagine a period in history where my ancestors were tortured and kept as slaves I would go mad too. If I watched one of my own get beaten in the streets by those that are paid to protect us I would go insane. If as a teenage boy I had to leave my house filled with fear that a cop may just see me walking down the street. If I was a mother of a teenage boy that couldn’t even walk to school out of fear they wouldn’t make it home. This is our World. This is the World that I cry over at night because I don’t know what it will be like for my son. I don’t even care about the pandemic anymore. That virus will take more than it ever dreamed possible as this blanket of hell tucks them all in good night. Maybe if I just close my eyes this will all come to an end.

I know our government, our leaders, our people in power are all failing us. Even we begin to fail each other has violent lashings continue.  There seems to be more of us wanting to put an end to this all if we can only believe that we all could possibly be treated equally. How can you fix this level of mistrust that has been ongoing for centuries? How can you possibly contain that level of anger and frustration? Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. You can’t trust in a system that is broken. You can’t trust in a system that still believes in a segregation of class. We can’t move forward till we all become equal before there is too much blood shed in the streets. Sooner or later there will be no going back from our lack of disregard and compassion. All beings deserve the right to live a life free of all this hate. Tell me where is the switch to spin those that are against us off into orbit. All it takes is a few bad apples to infect the whole bunch. When that bad apple is the leader of the free World….Look what is happening. This is not normal. Thank you for renouncing all the hardships and struggles in one 911 that we as humans have been fighting against since we took our first breath.

I am tired of watching the slaughter of innocent beings in this sick twisted game for power. How many more mass graves do we need to hide this flaw. People keep dying in the thousands to prove a point. Those leaders hide behind race exclaiming they are inferior because of (insert reason here). As sheep we go blindly and partake in the execution of those we are told are useless. Did you know it is estimated that Hitler himself was responsible for the genocide of 1.3 million people. 1.3 million INNOCENT people who did nothing more than want to live. So now not even a 100 years later when the US sent troops in to try and stop the insanity and stop this racists tyrant they have elected one to lead them on their own soil.  These cops are not “murdering” these men. They are executing them in public to exert their own power. What is odd is if you google last public execution it states that the last legal public execution occurred in Kentucky in 1936 yet it is more common now then it ever was back then. It is hard to watch your neighbours country burn. How can we help? I am so lost to know. My heart aches for what I can only imagine what they are going through. Me and my ancestors though have never had to live these trials and tribulations. All I can do is extend a sympathetic heart and be open to how it is I can help.

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