Before You Blink (living in our new normal)

Don’t blink. But you have to blink. I am telling you not to. Because when you close your eyes and open them there is no knowing the chaos that has been unleashed. Did you ever think that every nightmare, every storey, every Hollywood movie that used to keep us awake at night is now coming true? It doesn’t matter what you believe in but you can believe in this complete carnage and anarchy will ensue. There is no dignity left anymore and there are no sides. All that is truly left is where do you lie morally. I don’t care about the guy next to you, I mean you. Where are your lines? Where are you sleeping tonight? Can you even sleep? Is the chaos you are unleashing on the World the legacy you want to leave behind. I am pointing a finger at  you. I am pointing a finger at me. Where are we heading together as the human race. Let’s stop with the identifiers that divide us. The real identifiers. If we are the meat and potatoes of the bunch then let’s get together. I am ready to cut these puppet strings that they have to control us. What makes more sense complete anarchy or dealing with this where we have control. We have more control alive than we ever will dead. If too many of us sacrifice ourselves for the cause then they win anyways. Who the hell are they anyways? These next 7 days are for you the people. Just the people who are sick of all the bullshit they are using to keep us apart. I am staying off of all social media until June 7th. I am tired of my thoughts and mind being polluted by so much hate. There is no right or wrong anywhere. Just so much pain and suffering I need to redefine my own legacy because there is not one side I want to be on. When I think of the pain inflicted on one whole race I am disgusted that I can be categorized in something as sick as “white  privilege”. But here I am.

I can’t stomach the fact that some of us still think we are above anybody else. ANYBODY else. Like the Epstein’s of the World who use our children for their own sick games. The fact that we even had to have a #metoo movement to begin. I can’t decide if I want to fight for this World or just let it all play out. The only thing that I can see the US failing miserably at is they have ZERO human compassion for anybody.  Oh we suppressed you and your ancestors for 100’s of years? Here’s the middle finger and f the fact you want to make something of yourself. Let’s raise that confederate flag high and let those nightmares resonate into every generation that is to come. How awful is that? That is who we are? Instead of raising above we do what lower ourselves so deep down. You can’t sit there and say that what Hitler did was right. Hitler killed how many millions of people for what? Not even the colour of their skin. Just a hail Mary and a promise that you were Jewish or knew of anybody of Jewish descent and that gave us the right to torture you. You can not say you are any which way. You are either for the human race or you are against it and if you feel you are superior to anybody based on a physical attribute then I welcome you to walk the plank. Get to high stepping and get into orbit. I for one will like to live out my years peacefully and happily and the recipe for that seems pretty easy.

Have respect for yourself and your neighbours. We all serve a pivotal piece in each other puzzles. Without one we can’t have the other. Let’s call it as it is and get thing’s done. Questioning the importance or more so the value of a moment. We are who we become. Who we are destined to be. If we feed the beast then the beast wins. What happens after that battle? There is no way of knowing until we get to the finish line. So again just out of curiosity are you able to close your eyes when you go to sleep and feel peace. If you can’t. If you are constantly chasing demons how is it going to be any different on the other side. Some demons are impervious to everything. They don’t dream. They don’t need to. They have already been won over by the darkness so everything else becomes irrelevant .Who else can rejoice at the idea of carnage on the streets. Carnage as their legacy before the darkness finally takes them. Why does it have to be darkness that wins. Can we fight against it and use our light? Our genuine energy that emits from within. Maybe the pharaohs of Egypt were on to something. Yes we looted their finally resting site for our own sick perverse means but they spent lifetimes ensuring their persona would be known. They knew there was the potential for backlash and riots in the streets.  Our leaders allowed their own fame and superiority ride first class why everything else took a back seat. Where is basic human decency? Does anybody remember when that went missing?

So let’s give the World the moment of silence it so desperately needs. For every life lost tragically due to another person’s misguided notion of power and fame. We have ridden on the coat tails of those in power long enough. It is time to re educate ourselves. Stop allowing the polluted opinions of those who don’t matter affect our being, our character. We already know there is more of us than them so why not play that card wisely then what they are doing. If this COVID-19 thing is real we are about to find. With all that is happening the World this virus is about to take a hold of the US. I am staying away from the internet in the mean time. I will watch the morning and evening news. I do not condone complete ignorance. Just the ability to form your own free thought.

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