Impervious to Being Human

“Someone who considers religion or nation an important human category is in danger of severing the heart from its ability to act compassionately.” The Essentials of Rumi, Coleman Barks.

Can you imagine a World where we aren’t identified by the God we worship or the country we came from? We try to convince ourselves that we are so full of compassion for the World around us but that needs to hold true when we are in the presence of more than ourselves. It is not enough to weep in your pillow at the end of every night out of fear of where the World is heading. How can we feel like we are living free? We settled for one set of chains for another. We thought all that was needed to make up for the sins of our forefathers was to throw a lil bit of change at them and send them on their way. In the far South they just gave them their freedom. Imagine being one of those set free. You may have family still being abused and tortured. Or maybe it is just you. You have scars that tell your tale long after the abuse has ended. You can’t help but feel pain every time you look in the mirror. Your children will feel that pain. Your grandchildren will feel that pain. Look at all the suffering that has erupted into the streets because of the treatment of those that were deemed an inferior race by people we wouldn’t even respect today.

Nothing has changed over the years. We are just as calloused and insensitive as ever. We have learned absolutely nothing from anybody during this time. We have desensitized our ability to freely think by allowing our minds to be polluted with the opinions of others.  Maybe not so much the pollution of others but the pollution of men. Give men a little bit of power and it becomes a game to them. Prove me wrong. In all the years that a man has been in power what has it brought. War, crime, hate, racism, economic decline. Maybe it is time we had a woman in charge. There is a reason why it is called “Mother Nature” isn’t it? There is a left side and a right side. Maybe that is an indication that the left is the heart being the woman and the right is the men being the brain. We need both to be successful. We rely on the man to bring the much needed force and the woman to bring the compassion and order that we so desperately need. When is the right time ever for War? That is not fair to those that have to fight on the front lines. To have my child executed for this game of he said she said BS. We need a mutiny. But before that level of anarchy who would ever be the right fit for this job?

This is day two from my social media isolation.  I am staying away from social media until the 7th as it gives the voices that need to be heard a chance. Nothing I can say or feel will ever amount to the pain that our fellow beings are feeling. Their emotions no matter how extreme need to be validated. It is easy for me to sit here and think that by the eruption of violence that is taking place it feeds the fire that the man in charge was hoping for. A civil war that brings all those into the street allows him to exercise force under the vise of gaining back control. How is thousands behind bars or destined for the ground going to bring back any change. The biggest asset that we all have is each other. And yes I said we. I am on your side. I feel fear, disgust and outrage over the way your lives have been since your roots were forced to make that voyage all those years ago. I will always be on your side. My compassion has not been severed from you.  My opinion though really has no weight. All I can do is read and divulge myself in our World’s heritage. All of it. To discount any recount will be a disservice for me. I am trying to understand. I know I will never truly quite get there. Maybe on that day when we all get united as one…but if you take a path filled with violence, destruction and rage I fear we will never be reunited again. In those times when you fear the most read the words of Rumi. He has provided me much comfort and provoked my mind to expand it’s thinking.

Rumi foresaw the desensitizing of the World has being our biggest downfall. There used to be a time when people would gather and recite poetry. Not words already written but the words they would come up with together. They would each take turns creating imagery that fit into the storey that was being told. They knew divinity came only to those who practiced together. Like anything finely woven they were strengthened by each other’s bond and a deeper understanding of who each other was. We live in this incredibly beautiful World with this ability to finally come together and make sense of it all yet we don’t. We are too scared to find the answers that we have been so desperately seeking. It was never going to be revealed to us through science or math but through our experiences. When we look at how the only way we get ahead is when we all come together. No wonder why we are being punished. We just don’t get it. Maybe COVID was meant to bring us together although apart. But now here we are fighting like barbarians amongst each other while those in charge make fun of our reactions to a game they have always been winning. I wonder what it would take to have the power of the World relinquished and returned once again to its people. The people who care more about the living and the love that comes from intertwining in togetherness or if we will always be doomed to lay under the heavy fist of those impervious to what it means to be human.

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