Living a Life Oblivious

I like to think that my life has a deep soulful meaning. Don’t we all though. I love to dream and believe in a World that only exists in my mind. The day I stop believing in magic will probably be the same day I take my last breath. In a time where it feels like we are lost with no direction I try to find my own way navigated by my own thoughts. Although I do enjoy the Morgan Freeman interpretation of events from time to time.

Think of the term social media. It was designed to keep us in touch. To allow us opportunities that may not find us otherwise. Networking is so important to being successful in business and in some ways life. To much focus those can tip your scales to far in one direction. Life is about whimsical balance in a time where balance is more ab.out core stability than inner thought.

We have this incredible opportunity to not only learn from each other but to evolve into this incredible, compassionate being yet we decide that fame and fortune will serve our destiny further. Money is the root of all evil. We have heard this since the dawn of time. When it comes to money men will do unthinkable things  It is not enough to live comfortable, no. We have to surpass those that we try to convince ourselves we value. The only cries we want to here is our own laughter as we mimic the haunting laughter of those before us. Think how long the puppet strings have been dancing. How long have we lived in these images that were never designed for us. Our needs have changed yet the mold remains the same. How can I species evolve yet their thinking remains unchanged. Almost worse. To think how far we have technologically evolved yet our thinking has digressed. For the amount of free thinking minds we have in this Universe you think we would have better candidates to run our country.

What values do you embody and what characteristics are important to you? If you could guide your younger self in a direction to ease the learning curve on life what would you say? I wish I could tell myself that there was no such thing as heartbreak. All though there will be moments in our life that are incredibly painful we have this vast ability to feel and be loved. That the only thing that prevents us from experiencing true happiness is our own egos. Yes the World is a very scary place. Life is scary. You will meet more foe’s than friends but it is a roller coaster ride worth taking. Sometimes you will never know just which way you are going and the ride can snap back in an instant but if you just hold on and enjoy the ride I promise it will be worth it. I used to close my eyes and hang on for dear life. All that was happening is I was participating in these moments but never really absorbing the gratitude of the event. Yes from a top a 300 foot drop things look differently. But if you take a deep breath and open your eyes a whole new World begins to open up. Life doesn’t last forever. Just as in that roller coaster ride it seems you are just beginning to get the hang of it and it’s over.

Nobody likes to talk about it. The topic that quiets even the rowdiest room. Why are we so intimidated by the inevitable. Billions upon billions of made it to that gate before us. There are tragic accidents, moments of courage and just events we will never be able to explain. Our bodies becoming a state of non existence as time soldiers on. How I wish I could guide my younger self to live life to the fullest. Not to take uncalculated risks but to absorb the magnitude of just how great life can be. To bare witness to those that have had the opportunity to breath outside the womb. To honour all of our lives including that wriggly little 8 legged fiend.  To see ourselves as the World saviour then we all need to start acting as such. To give thanks to the Universe and all that it has given us. Over and over again.

Any life can have a deep soulful meaning dependant upon how you define it. You don’t have to end World hunger or put an end to poverty. You can though become the master of your own compassionate heart. Why do you need a million followers to change the World when the most important one is staring you right back in the face. Why control the beat of the drum when you can learn your own music to dance to. It isn’t about ignoring the needs of others. It is about being the one waiting on the sidelines to nurture those broken and to keep cheering when times are tough. My light only shines brighter when others are successful. My journey has never been about me. To much focus on the past and I am sure I will just crumble to dust. What people are capable of doing to each other is horrific. Aside from the World turmoil what we do to our families and those who love us is nothing short of disgusting.  That is just a generalized statement brought on by recent events.

I wonder if there is any harm in living a life oblivious. Not completely to the World around me but just enough so that it all begins to make sense. There is no sense in a World fighting over everything. We are like the two siblings who can’t get along. The government is the older, wiser brother content on keeping things out of our reach. We the regular folks are the middle child. Often forgotten and never truly realize our full potential. Maybe it is time for the babies of the World to rise up. The younger generation who because of it’s numbers has the whole family wrapped around their fingers. We are in fact an intrinsically wound clock. Together we work but apart time stands still. Life has no meaning with the absence of time. Something we are oblivious too with our own demands to control.

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