Just Another Day

What is incredible to think is just how delicate our lives truly are. Where to some it is just another day to some it is the beginning of the end. Life ends in a second. With not interference. With no warning. One minute you are here the next minute you are gone. There is no revival or prolonging the inevitable. When it is your time it your time. C’est la vie, last curtain call. There are those that are revived but it was simply not there time. You can not prevent our fate. We will all get there in one way or another. There is no race. No worry, no stress. Why is it though that we fear something that we can’t outrun. To look death in the face and acknowledge it as the bittersweet ending that we will all come to.  Something in me has always been a tad bit more comfortable with the ending. Not that I am anxious to get there but I know that it is what keeps us the same. Fear of survival and living a life well lived. Determined by who? Who determines the value of a life if not ourselves but who?

It truly is just another day. An average day where nothing happens. Work so seems common place and boring. The chores seem to add up to a level that is easier to ignore. Filth on filth is still filth so what is another day or two? In the back of my mind sometimes I think if something were to happen to me who would clean this all up. The idea that somebody in my family would come in and see the pile laundry or that unsightly ring around the toilet makes me clean. Odd isn’t it. I don’t want somebody’s last memory of me to be what a dirty lil piggy she was. All the clutter around my house I scrutinize. Would somebody judge me for holding onto this. What would my family think of a walk down memory lane. I think about family heirlooms that have been passed down then all of a sudden they are passed through hands that have no recollection of the original owner. The significance of the treasure forever lost. Life in the moment is so glorious and incredible until it is lost.

A part of me is a little bit excited to see what happens to us on the other side. There has to be something. My curious brain tells me it is impossible for it to be all over when we take our last breath. There are so many signs that indicate the possibility. One our bodies are matter but our intuition and instinct or not. The way I think and move is all energy. Something that is not seen. Just like Einstein said energy never dies it changes form. I wonder what form we take on next. If there is even a form at all. If all that is possibly true and we become formless in our new energy then do we become absorbed. With the lack of matter in the form of a body does our energy in fact become one in the same? That in itself would seem to not be fair. Think of the evil that walks amongst us in human form. Why would some of the greatest energies that have ever existed be forced to remain with sub par energies that inflict and torture human beings? Doesn’t make sense…

The Universe is so vast and infinite. What if all this is some sort of end game that is beyond our conscious thought. We do all have the choice for good and bad. Our ego’s and minds do all the work and lead us down paths we believe will serve us in this life and the next. There has to be more classes of energy out there then just the two. It doesn’t seem to make any sense that those that live a virtuous life free of hate and selfish thoughts would be rewarded with the incestuous torture of spending eternity with others of lesser faith.  There has to be a purpose to life grander then fame and fortune. Wealth of character and filling your cup from the inside seems to be the only true recipe for true happiness.  To worry and compete with anybody outside your true center will just bring you down. The World is so complicated and vast to try and control. Be humble and compassionate in your reserve. Never feel above anybody. Get involved for the love of what you are doing and not to try and beat out those next to you. Build your force with those energies most like yours. Without knowing what waits for us on the other side don’t we owe it to ourselves to strengthen our reserves now. Maybe if we can’t win in life we can win in death. To falter in character now will  only strengthen their army.

Now for the mother’s out there. If you think what is happening is just another day it is time to stand up and take notice. For every being that is murdered in our streets that was somebody’s baby. When we sit there and pain anybody’s character in the worst possible light we are taking away that mother’s light. There was a time when somebody looked down at the sweet bundle of joy and was filled with so much promise and hope. Looking down at the love that was created there was never a possibility that their life would be in vain. How incredibly selfish anybody of us are to look at a human life any life and amount it to rubble. Yes human beings are incredible of horrendous things. There was a time though when that being could do no wrong. When we publicly humiliate their life brought on by death we are poking fun at all their ancestors and family that have ever taken a breath. I don’t need the World to change I just need to say my piece. I am just as confused and hurt as so many of us with the way that life is feeling. For some it is just another day for others it is the means to the end and for the rest it is the source of great pain and confusion that I hope we can all help to put to an end.


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